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How to Install Applications in XAPK format on Android

Generally Android-specific applications have the APK format (Andriod Application Package), but currently there is another new format which cannot be read directly by cellphones, namely XAPK. Usually the file has a very large size.

XAPK is actually not a special format, but basically it is an archive file in the form of ZIP. Inside there are 2 types of files, namely APK and data at the same time. So there's no need to be surprised if most XAPK files have a large size compared to APK.

XAPK was first provided by the App website. it is a website that provides all kinds of games and applications. Everyone can download it without the need to enter the Play Store. And this article will provide a tutorial for integrating applications from the XAPK file.

How to Install XAPK Formatted Applications or Games

Although there are actually two ways to do this, but in this tutorial only provides the easiest method. That is with the help of an application called XAPK Installer. And the application is provided directly by the App.

So before listening to the procedure, you should first install the XAPK Installer application, which can be downloaded HERE.

  •     Make sure you have prepared the XAPK file.
  •     Open the XAPK Installer application and wait until it is detected.
  •     If the XAPK file has been detected, please press the Install option
  •     Wait for the installation process to finish.

By using the help of the XAPK Installer application, initially you will first install data from the application or game that will be installed, then in the next step will install the APK file. After that you can immediately open the application / game.


Overall, with the help of the XAPK Installer application you don't need to worry about the data that will be installed, because it will definitely be in the directory that should be. Actually it can also be installed manually with similar applications UnRar or Zarchiver, but it is a bit complicated to explain in words.

In addition, if the XAPK Installer application does not detect XAPK files on the cellphone, please press the option three button, and then select Scan SD Card, then wait for an instant and surely the XAPK file will appear and ready to be installed.

Hopefully useful and good luck

How to access Mikrotik Winbox via an Android phone

You already know what is Winbox? It is a program that can help control the proxy router very easily. Because almost all people use the Winbox program to manage almost everything.

The Winbox program is only available for computers only and actually Mikrotik has created an application for the Android version called Tik-App, except that the Play Store still hasn't indicated that the application was fully released. But as for the application for Android as a replacement for Winbox or Tik-App which has almost the same features.

The application is called Mikro Winbox. There are many features that resemble Winbox and the good thing is that you can edit it properly in Winbox, or with the intention of not only being used for browsing.

How to access Winbox via Android

For now there are many applications like Winbox on PC for Android, but the best is Micro Winbox. This is because the application is free and does not have any restrictions. The following are the procedures for accessing Mikrotik on Micro Winbox.

    Open the Micro Winbox application and press the PLUS (+) button at the bottom right.

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android
    In the Connect To column, fill in the router's IP address. By default it is usually

    For the Port section, make sure it is set as 8728

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android
    Fill in the login column with the username, by default it is admin

    Then in the Password column fill in the password that has been set, but if you have not previously set it up, just leave it blank.

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android
    The last step is to press the SAVE / CONNECT button so that the configuration is saved and starts to be connected.

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android

Once connected, you can start to set up the Mikrotik configuration just like Winbox. Like setting IP, Hotspot, Users, and so forth.

And one more thing, if you still can't connect, it could be that port 8728 hasn't been activated. And to activate it you can via Winbox on the PC first by going to Terminal and writing the command code below

/ ip service enable fire

After executing the command code above, you can start trying on Mikro Winbox on Android. Because basically the Micro Winbox application utilizes the API feature which is found on port 8728. So if the API is not activated, then Micro Winbox will not be able to connect and always timeout

Download Micro Winbox for Android

Mikro Winbox has two versions, namely free and paid. But the difference is only from the side of the ad. So when you buy the paid version, the ad will automatically be removed. And one drawback to the free version of Mikro Winbox is that there are too many ads that sometimes don't focus when setting up the router.

But still Micro Winbox does not limit all options and provides flexibility to edit everything. Unlike applications such as Tik-Tool or DroidBox that have to use the paid version to be able to edit something on the router.

To start downloading Mikro Winbox, please press on the banner below:


The link above directly leads to the Play Store for convenience and security to download the original version. And know that Blog Second does not have any ties to the application, or with the intention, this article is only for review and tutorial.

2 How to Enter Recovery or Fast Boot Without Pressing the Button

Recovery and fast booting are hidden places on Android phones, where their usefulness is like a workshop for the cellphone itself. The many tutorials on the internet teach you to enter recovery mode via the button, but actually there are other ways to do that.

There are two other ways to recover and fast boot without pressing the button again. Who knows, one of the operating buttons on cellphone doesn't work, that's why you have to use this method to get into recovery.

And take it easy, the method that will be shared here is completely safe and this is just like using a button. No need to worry about thinking about it, because everything will be fine.

1. Through the Help of the Quick Reboot Application and Terminal Emulator

So there are two applications that can help you to enter recovery easily without using the button again. Both have the same functionality, except that this requires ROOT access and it is better to choose the one that is considered the easiest and fastest.

Quick Reboot
This application only focuses on the reboot process on the cellphone, and for now there are around 6 options that can be used to replace the keys on the cellphone. Some of that can be used to turn off the cellphone, restart as usual, and not forget is to go into recovery and also fast boot.

Terminal Emulator
Unlike the Quick Reboot application, Terminal Emulator is actually an application commonly used to execute a code or script. Often used by developers to do testing or other things.

To enter recovery mode, use the following command:
reboot recovery

And to enter fast boot mode, you can use the following command:
reboot the bootloader

After typing the command, the user just simply press ENTER on the mobile keyboard and the phone will automatically restart and go to recovery or fast boot.

2. Through Computers with ADB Orders

This method is almost the same as using a terminal emulator application, it's just that to do it has a different command. The first is to make sure that the computer has ADB Driver installed. The second is to make sure USB Debugging on the phone is activated.

If both of these have been fulfilled, just immediately plug the USB cable into the computer and cellphone. Then open Command Prompt (CMD) on the computer and type the command below.

  • Enter Recovery
  • adb reboot recovery
  • Enter Fastboot
  • adb reboot fastboot

After writing one of the commands above, immediately press the ENTER button on the keyboard and after that the phone will immediately restart and enter recovery or fast boot.

In certain cases, someone who experiences the command code above does not work and the phone does not immediately reboot after pressing ENTER. This can be because the cellphone has not activated USB Debugging or the cellphone is still not read on the computer.

To find out whether the cellphone has been read, you can use the adb devices command and if the result is not empty, it means that the cellphone has been detected by the computer and can use ADB commands.


Have you found the easiest way? And if you want advice, you should use an application called Quick Reboot, it's the easiest because you don't need to type the command again and just press the menu.

But if the cellphone is still not rooted, it is forced to use the second method. If anyone wants to be asked about above, or even you have other suggestions except for the two methods above, please comment.

How to access websites offline on Chrome Android

Can you open a website without using the internet? The answer is as usual as "can't". But everyone can save the website to read later offline. All you need is a browser that can do that.

In the Google Chrome browser features have been provided to save pages on all sites. This feature is very useful if you don't have enough time to read the content on the website, so you can read later in all places even if you don't have an internet connection (offline).

This does not mean you can access all pages on the website that are read now. But only save one-by-one page on the website. And no need to worry, the saved page display will not be messy and will be the same as before.

How to Save a Website Page on the Chrome Android Browser

If the computer can be done very easily just by pressing the CTRL + S button, whereas on Android phones there is a special way for Chrome to save pages. This is almost the same as downloading files on the internet. The rest, please refer to the full method below.

  1.     Open Google Chrome and go to the website page that will be saved.
  2.     Press the Option button (colon) at the top right.
  3.     How to Save a Website Page on the Chrome Android Browser
  4.     Then select the download navigation icon at the top.
  5.     How to Save a Website Page on the Chrome Android Browser
  6.     Wait until the download is complete.
  7.     How to Save a Website Page on the Chrome Android Browser
  8.     When it's finished, just open the Download menu in Chrome and there you can see the page you just saved.

How to Save a Website Page on the Chrome Android Browser

The most important thing from the procedure above is step 3 where you have to press on the navigation icon download instead of the download menu. If there is no download icon, we recommend that you first do a Chrome update through the Play Store.

How to delete or share a saved page?

As stated above, this is almost the same as downloading files on the internet. And it will be stored in the Download folder on the cellphone. But users can also manage these pages through Chrome such as reading, deleting, or sharing to other phones.

To manage saved pages, please go to the Downloads section of Chrome, then press on the option button (point three) on the page that was saved earlier, then the option to delete or share will appear.

Hopefully useful and good luck

How to Change Text Size on an Android Phone

Many uses that can be done on an Android phone. Not only as a communication tool, but also can be used for many things such as sending money, watching videos, and reading e-books. In addition, the operation on Android phones is also fairly easy and simple.

But every Android phone doesn't have the same specifications. For example, from the screen size side. Sometimes there is a larger screen size like a tablet, and that will make writing on the cellphone smaller than before.

Smaller text or writing size will make it difficult for users to read well. Although there is already a magnification feature, but if you use it, the writing will be too large and not standard. And this article will show you how to change the size of text on Android.

Tutorial on Changing Text Size on Android

All Android phones have features to do this. The procedure is almost the same as changing the font or writing style, it's just specifically to change the size of the text and you can choose the size / size as desired.

  1. Please go to Settings, and then press on the Display menu
  2. Tap on the Font Size option
  3. Then please choose the desired size

After doing the steps above, the text size will change immediately without the need to restart the device. There are several sizes that have been provided by the system. And as a suggestion, choose a size that is considered most comfortable for reading text on a cellphone.
Why Text Size Doesn't Change in an Application?

Basically this method only aims to change the size for system applications only. So this will affect the text in applications such as contacts, messaging, calendars, and so on. But it does not rule out the possibility of working for other applications.

If an application uses the standard font used on the cellphone, the text size will also change. But if an application does not use a standard font, the text size will not change. It's as simple as a Facebook application that uses its own font, but you are still given the option to change the size of the text in Facebook settings.

Surely now you understand how to resize text on an Android phone. But you know, some applications expect users to choose the text size from the application settings themselves, or with the intention not to be in the cellphone settings.

Again, for example, like Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, and others. While applications such as notebooks, usually do not need to set something to change the size of the text, because users can immediately shrink the screen or widen to control the size of the text.

How to Overcome Late Notifications Enter on Android

Notifications or notifications that appear on Android phones can come from all kinds of applications. Whether it's from chat applications, social media, or even games. What is certain is that this notification is very important to get on time.

Currently there are several Android phones that have problems with late notifications. This is almost the same as there is trouble operator when the SMS is late, only the difference this time is the notification of all applications.

Usually those who experience this problem, Notification will enter only when the user opens the intended application. Of course this is not normal, considering who knows that in the event of an emergency event and notification, it is even late. But don't worry, because this article will discuss to provide a solution to overcome it.

What Makes Late Notifications Enter?

There are only a few things that make notifications until late. As long as this doesn't affect the system on the cellphone, everything will be fine. But if your cellphone is already rooted and is using Custom-ROM, maybe the cause is from the ROM.

The following are the few things that cause late incoming notifications:

  •     The application does not run in the background
  •     The cellphone is using an additional notification application
  •     Autostart from an application has been turned off

Of the three things above, it still has a solution to overcome. So for now take a little time and then follow the steps below, starting from the first.

1. Lock Applications on Recent Apps

If you usually clean up recent apps, maybe that's when the application in the background is also erased. So in order not to be erased when cleaning it, please lock an application.

To lock the application, each cell has a different way. But this can be done in the Recent Apps section itself. Try to move an application to the right, left, up, or down, until a lock icon appears which means the application has been successfully locked. The following is an example of an application that was successfully locked in Recent Apps.

After the application has been locked on Recent Apps, the next step is to ensure that notifications can be entered on time.

2. Turn on Autostart on an Application

The Autostart function is useful for automatically starting application tasks in the background. If it's blocked, then the application won't run automatically. Just like setting notifications, it also requires a task that runs in the background.

Activating autostart on an application is very easy. Please go to Settings -> Applications, then press the Options button and select Auto Start Management. The last step is to tick an application that requires timely notification.

3. Turn off the Application that Requests Notification of Access Permissions

Sometimes there are applications that suddenly request permission to access notifications, and you unconsciously activate them. And it allows symptoms of late notifications to occur, because each notification is managed by another application.

To view and turn it off, go to Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Access Notifications. After that, do not check all applications that appear there.

That way, notifications now will no longer be regulated by other applications and can immediately appear without being late again.


There are three ways you can do it, try one by one and if one has succeeded, then the other ways may be ignored. Actually this will not take a long time to apply the three methods above, and what is needed most is patience. If anyone wants to be asked or maybe you have a solution other than the above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck

How to display hidden folders and files on Android phones

Sometimes we are never aware of all the files stored on the memory card. For example a file added by an application that is installed on his cellphone. Because most of the files will be hidden and cannot be seen through the File Manager.

Basically a hidden file or folder on an Android phone will still be legible when viewed through a computer. Because the system on Android only applies this to files and folders that have the name symbol prefix.

But there is a way to find out all the hidden files without the need for a computer. That is through the help of a file manager application that has special features to display hidden files.

Tricks Showing Folders or Hidden Files on Android

There are lots of applications that can display hidden files or folders. But in this article, it will show you how to do that using an application called X-Plore. It is an alternative file manager application that has many features. Here is the procedure.

  1. Open the X-Plore application and press on the option button (3 points)
  2. Tap on the Configuration menu
  3. At the very top, check the Show hidden files option
  4. Finished

After doing the steps above, all hidden files and folders will immediately appear. But that can only be seen in X-Plore. From now on you can manage hidden files or folders such as deleting those that are not needed to save memory or internal card capacity.
Why are there so many hidden folders?

Maybe some people will ask this. But know that there are many hidden folders that are normal if your mobile has many applications or games installed. Usually the folder is created automatically and will be lost if the application / game is uninstalled.

And as a suggestion, use a garbage cleaning application like Clean Master or CCleaner. Such applications can also delete junk files in hidden folders without affecting the application / game.


The essence of this paper is to display files and folders that have names with prefixed symbols. Sometimes there is also a default mobile file manager that supports displaying hidden files. So there is no need to use an alternative file manager application. If you have problems with the above procedure, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck


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