Monday, October 30, 2017

Assassin’s Creed Origins Preview : Back In Love!

Assassin's Creed, hearing this one name only, you seem to have understood the appeal of what he has to offer. At the beginning of its existence, it offers the flavor of stealth-based gaming in an open-world scheme, complete with the main story that takes you in amazing historical times. Though the stealth taste is fading through the decision to give freedom to gamers to choose and enjoy the method of gameplay that they feel comfortable, the taste of history is even more perfect. New engine implementation and generation console performance pushed the leap that first appeared through Unity, followed by the Syndicate. However, criticism due to content issues ultimately prompted Ubisoft to rest this franchise for one year. Now through Origins, he returns.

First impression

After the last two series are not exactly special, Assassin's Creed Origins comes with one main mission: to make you fall back with this one franchise. Believe it or not, as far from the time of this gameplay, they seem to manage to do it. Handled by the same developer team that handles the fourth series - Black Flag, the journey back to the Ancient Egyptian era presents a world with a fantastic atmosphere. The desert, the sunshine that shines unhindered, until the animal ecosystems that live in it make you as if absorbed into a culture that is not only old, but also luxurious and spoil the eye at the same time. The good news? Not just visual, they also fix some mechanics who had complained in the previous series.

As they had applied to Watch Dogs 2, Assassin's Creed Origins finally appeared as a real open-world game. The Tower system is no longer positioned to open the area, but no more than the Fast Travel system for the Origins world that is really wide. It becomes important because moving across it by just running or using a horse / camel that you have will still take its own time. One of the significant changes we welcome with open arms is a sidetrack side mission design that is now more solid. No longer just asking you to collect a variety of items or complete a simple puzzle, Origins takes a side missionary style similar to The Witcher 3. This means, they will be inserted with stories, characters, until the cut-scene of its own. The combination of a wide world and mission design like this makes it offer a long gameplay time.

Another change that can not be ignored is the shift gameplay into a mechanic that resembles RPG action games in general. No longer like the previous Assassin's Creed series that relies more on rhythmic counter systems and swing swords, it now adopts a more personalized combat system. The battle is done with 1 vs 1 point of view, even when you fight against the crowd though. Striking, defending and dodging with roll will be the key to victory, especially when fighting with higher level enemies. Of course, you are still given the freedom to taste this game in stealth if you want a minimum risk of gameplay.

While waiting for a more proportional time to review, especially considering we have not even "touched" half of the world on offer after playing it for over 15 hours, let us throw a load of fresh screenshots from this oven to help you get a clearer picture of what Assassin's Creed Origins. Welcome back, Assassin's Creed!


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