Monday, October 30, 2017

Boss Xbox: The Single-Player Game Economy is Rough!

If you have just followed the game industry information in cyberspace for at least the last two weeks, then you seem to have read about the concern of the death of single-player games in the gaming industry. This concern was triggered by EA's decision not only to close Visceral Games, but also to change the directors of Star Wars game development that was about to be formulated with Uncharted style. There is speculation that the Star Wars game codename "Ragtag" will be blended with the style of Destiny style. Not only that, the rise of the presence of microtransactions and lootbox in paid games also seemed to reinforce these concerns. Xbox Boss - Shannon Loftis who heads up Xbox Publishing speaks.

According to Loftis, this phenomenon itself can be understood because the economy for single-player game he mentioned, the more complex. The demands of gamers for a single player experience is getting better, from the technical side, visual, or performance to make production costs swell.

This makes publishers even more afraid of pouring money to finance games like this, because it is uncertain to get their money back guarantee, especially from the fact there is no more "source of money" that can be obtained after the day of release. Therefore, many publishers are beginning to switch to microtransactions and lootbox systems. But Loftis insists that he himself believes that single-player games will continue to live.

This concern is a bit unreasonable if you look at the number of quality single player games that still arise from AAA developers, especially those that appear as exclusive products for Playstation and Nintendo. How about you? Are you a gamer who agrees with this Loftis opinion?


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