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Destiny 2 Review : Improved All Aspects!

Hype that is too high? Or is the game quality too low? This debate had surfaced when Bungie and Activision released for the first time, Destiny to the market, a few years ago. As the first game after Bungie out of Halo, anticipation of this one project is indeed large. If only referring to what happened to Halo alone, then Bungie has a strong connection to the quality of not only gameplay, but also the story and mechanics that exist. Moreover, through a series of trailers and screenshots that had been released, he looks like a sci-fi game with content that is too dear to miss. But unfortunately, the first Destiny release just feels like a boomerang. Criticism after criticism surfaced, commenting on the poor handling of Bungie on several aspects.

Give up? Of course not. With considerable sales and fanatical fan base who do not even hesitate to enjoy the paid expansion pass content they offer, Bungie and Activision finally release Destiny 2 to the market. A sequel series that is claimed, will perfect a variety of problems and complaints that had occurred in the first series. Those of us who have read our preview article should have gotten a clearer picture of this second series, which, as far as we've tasted, shows a neat and better gameplay structure. That no longer feels like an exhausting and exhausting work, Destiny 2 exudes charm as a supposedly competitive / cooperative multiplayer game.

So, what is actually offered by Destiny 2 this? Why do we call it a game with perfection of all aspects? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Following the number behind the name that he stretcher, Destiny 2 is positioned as a sequel series directly from the first Destiny. You even have a chance to be a little nostalgic if you have tasted the first series and use the same character with it. He himself took a 1 year timeline since the event that occurred in the expansion pack - Destiny: Rise of Iron.

One of the alien races - Cabal decides to no longer wait and be quiet. Their elite force, known as the "Red Legion" decided to take active steps and attack the last city of the earth protected by a giant ball called Traveler on it. Effective attacks with so many troops and aircraft are successful, regardless of the active role of iconic characters such as Zavala, Cayde-6, and Ikora who seek to protect it. With technology that has never been seen by the Guardians before, Red Legion managed to make The Traveler was devastated.

They were led by a Commander named Dominus Ghaul who was obsessed with the power of light that emerged from the core of the Traveler itself. With the equipment he has, he tries to harvest the light source. The action also has adverse consequences for the Guardians, who are very dependent on this light to fight and fight against the various threats. Without light, they are present without power and can not be revived if killed. But something strange happened. Ghost - the little robot that accompanies you has managed to direct you to find your light back in a corner of the earth by using the Traveler's own piece.

As the only Guardians who still have light, it's your heavy duty to end this war waged by Ghaul. Accompanied by Suraya Hawthrone, a shrewd non-Guardian fighter, you begin to take steps, little by little, to help people recapture their last city. Of course, travel is not easy. Because not only Cabal alone, the destruction of the Traveler also provoked the attention of other races that are not less fierce like Fallen, Vex, Hive, until Taken each find his way to make your journey increasingly difficult.

So, what exactly is the plan of Dominus Ghaul this? Can you as a Guardians with light restore peace? What kind of war and adventure should you go through? All the answers you can get by playing Destiny 2 on this one.

The Presentation Nothing Much Different
One aspect that never seems to be left behind to be discussed every time a sequel series is released to the market, it is visual. With a "younger" age and the potential to implement more technology in it, gamers usually expect that sequel series (especially those released on the same platform) will end up with more beautiful visuals. Is there an improvement of this aspect in Destiny 2? Yes. Is it significant? No.

Comes with a visual approach and presentation style similar to the first series, the visuals in Destiny 2 do not look much different. One of the most significant differences is the light-effects approach that makes some battlefields look even more dramatic, whether you're tasting story mode, cooperative or competitive online. But for the affairs of texture and a great theme of the world that he stretcher, there is a sense of familiar that is so strong if you ever tasted the first Destiny series.

One of the most welcome improvements in terms of presentation is the design of each world that now looks much more complex and larger than the first Destiny. Earth you can now explore more freely, with a variety of remaining civilizations that are now beginning to age with the wild plants that accompany it. The concept of mission that now follows the format of the game style open-world where you will be able to find a variety of icons to trigger a variety of activities that do provide open space for gamers to explore it. Not everything is great, the world like Titan for example, looks smaller but with a choice of more dense activity. What is interesting is the gameplay design and mission that many of them, will encourage to enjoy the location of the world that is vertical or horizontal is, indeed more widespread.

Other presentation sections we think are better implemented also include overall sound design. Not only do we talk about the sound of weapons that are quite "melodious" and different for each category, or the "identity" of the voices of each race and its variants still coming back from the first Destiny, but also through the choice and injection of a more fantastic soundtrack. As if to better support your trip, the OST option for Destiny 2 will be enough to make some moments feel more dramatic and epic. When the sounds and music are hollow in the background, you know you will be faced with situations that will make you feel more heroic.

If only referring to the problem of presentation alone, especially from the visual side, Destiny 2 does not look much different than the first series. In fact, you'll get the same user-interface to set your character's equipment, although it's a little different when you start trying to explore the various planets. But if you dive deeper, you will find some positive changes that deserve to be appreciated. At least, you no longer need to be preoccupied with the necessity to go up and down into orbit which of course provoke longer loading time, just to search for and discover new activities. That is the best plus value.

Better Story Handling

What is the worst nightmare and source of disappointment of the first Destiny gamers? How Bungie Studio handles existing story content. Instead of using the same strategy and storytelling as FPS games in general, through cinematic and conversational scenes, they "throw" so much potential by relying on a card system called Grimoire to handle the background of the universe, race, to weapons that there is. There are many things that they can show before the ending release is changed and you can not find in the final version. The result? Instead of understanding, you actually get an action game with a line of stories that invites a lot more question marks.

The good news? They learn. Spicy criticism that continues to pepper these aspects finally began to bear fruit and look more solid in Destiny 2 this. The main storyline behind it is now presented in the style it should, through a cinematic scene and a dialogue that clearly describes what happened. The cinematic scenes that eat a rather dominant portion of course are well deserved, along with the handling of dialogue that not only feels more flowing, but also contains more information about what is happening. Although it must be admitted, the content of the story itself is clipped and you can predict from the beginning to taste it.

The story content for Destiny 2 is cultivated in higher quantity. Unlike the first Destiny whose mission feels like a grindfest without meaning, your alternative action beyond the main story will contain its own portion of the story in it. In fact, Bungie also ensures that you can get extra story content after completing the main story through a side story that will be available on each of the existing planets, giving you a broader perspective about existing supporting characters. You who really care about lore can enjoy it, while you who just want to enjoy "gift" equipment better can also plunge into this one side mission.

Regardless of whether you like or dislike the story content that he has, you still have to admit that handling for the side of the story of Destiny 2 does end better. No longer should you search and read for yourself to understand what is happening, you will now get a clearer story context through more conventional handling. At least, we now understand what is the main conflict, the triggering basis, and finally what the resolution is like.

RNG Shift from Focus

Is the first Destiny, vanilla version without expansion, is a shooter game that is "fun"? At the beginning, yes. But as the progress progresses and you have an opportunity to navigate the various modes, it begins to feel like a grindfest. For those of you who are not familiar, grindfest is the name for the games that make the process of grinding (looking for more powerful items and equipment) as the focus. Grindfest in a game with RPG elements is not something strange. However once it is combined with RNG in focus, all you get is frustration. You are like a hamster being forced to run on a spinning wheel that you do not know, when it will stop.

One of the worst was the fact that Bungie at the time, designing almost all missions, cooperative and competitive was not at all embellished with the concept of "Reward". That all the process of completing a mission that could take 20-25 minutes has no certainty will produce engram (lootbox) that is useful to strengthen your character. Even if you get engram, with the contents of an item that is also based on RNG (Gacha / Random), there is never a certainty that its content is stronger than what you are using now. Not enough? Even if you get more powerful items, there is no certainty as well that he was the item / equipment you've been looking for. In the first Destiny, these layers of RNG are the source of complaints and frustrations. Too many random elements, too few definite rewards. The good news? Destiny 2 does not do the same repetition.

Indeed you will still get the RNG element, especially from the side of what item or equipment you will get, but Bungie succeeds in creating more powerful games, especially from the reward side. The result is an FPS game with RPG elements with a reward system that is more satisfying and worth pursuing. In fact, they give a "reward" reward for almost any activity you run. Completing competitive mode will give you the equipment, completing the competitive mode of winning or losing will also lead to the same thing, or when you just explore the existing world without any mission. Progress to strengthen your character now looks more natural.

More cool? As if applying the system "There are many roads to Rome", Bungie also ensures that in Destiny 2, none of your activities will be wasted. Any activity that you do will always culminate in the chance to get better equipment. One of them? By converting all these activities into a certain currency (Token) which can then be exchanged for a better weapon variant. Did you finish Strike and get "trash" equipment? Destroy, then you will get material that if in certain amount, can be exchanged with Engram level "Legendary" in one merchant. Strike will also reward you a Token currency named "Vanguard" which you can also exchange in other Merchants and produce different Legendary equipment as well. That's just one example. The result is the sensation that none of your activities are in vain. And so far, the concept has been exceptionally executed.

Even for level level affairs though. With character stuck at level 20, the experience you get now turns into the potential to get a new engram variant named "Bright Engram". Like the general level rise, Bright Engram will be earned every time you get a level above level 20, which can be redeemed for a variety of cosmetic items that do not have too much effect on gameplay. Not happy with this process? Do you remember the side mission we talked about before? There are unique exotic weapon gifts as well to strengthen your character there if you intend to finish it. With all the content and mechanisms like this, Destiny 2 really ensures that you will still have fun and be satisfied with whatever activity you go through.

Moreover, they also implement a mechanism that we think is quite genius. As if to understand that there is always a chance that you fall in love with the same weapon, which has a great chance of ending up irrelevant as your character strengthens, you can strengthen them in an easy way. How? You just need to make your favorite equipment / weapon "consume" equipment / weapons more powerful just to absorb its status by simply using some in-game money. For example, you fall in love with the Auto-Rifle "A" weapon with 100 attack capabilities. Along with the character's progress, regardless of how comfortable it is to be used, this 100 number can no longer be used to complete the mission because of weak damage. You then accidentally found an Auto-Rifle weapon "B" which turned out to have 200 attacks, but had a different firing sensation. Instead of fighting and expecting the RNG to drop the weapon "A" in better condition, you can now make "A" consume "B" and absorb its status. The result? You get the Auto-Rifle weapon "A" with attack 200. With such a system, the grinding process can also be reduced. You can continue to taste the game with your favorite weapons and equipment, while utilizing a variety of drops that you may never be interested in using.

So with all these combinations, RNG is no longer a focus and just a secondary mechanic that will no longer be a source of frustration to strengthen your character. Moreover, with so many paths to getting better new equipment, then of course the value of the created RNG percentage is higher, and the chance to get it becomes something more rational. Praise also deserves to be directed at the Bungie balancing process which is also solid for the initial release of Destiny 2, which makes almost all weapons have their own effects, advantages and disadvantages. Then you no longer see shouts and attempts to pursue only one variant of the often-concluded, essential weapon.

We're just talking about RNG. We still have not talked about a variety of other changes that we think also make Destiny 2 better. Such a change to make heavy weapons such as Sniper or Shotgun is now a Power Weapon - a powerful super-weapon variant that needs a limited special bullet for use. This of course makes many gamers no longer trapped in overpowered weapons combinations, and results in a more dynamic combination, whether used for co-operative or competitive. Each character now also has one main class (Hunter, Warlock, or Titan), and three sub-classes with different roles and abilities. With this combination of two things, then the build for your character would be more varied. Choosing and deciding which one suits you will be the initial task to enjoy Destiny 2.

Not Problem Just "Thick"

Along with the higher level of your character and the more activity you can go through, you will get and enjoy the gameplay transit of Destiny 2 itself for your character. From just enjoying the story alone, it turns into an effort to prepare it to handle the many new challenges that arise. From completing the Strike mode, Nightfall, to the ultimate goal - Raid to be taken with 6-member team members. We've been talking about the strategy change about RNG that makes your action can be enjoyed more. But what about the content itself?

Just like the positive impression we found in the fact that the RNG is beginning to shift from focus, the same thing happens in the design of the end-level missions you find in Destiny 2, especially from Nightfall and Strike. Strike in the first Destiny vanilla version (considering we were not interested in buying expansion packs at the time) changed from a fashion that should be fun, a "job" that is boring. What is article? Because apart from all the variants he offers, he always culminates in a mission with three main tasks: kill all the enemies encountered, do it over and over, and fight the boss with super-heavy HP which sometimes takes 30 minutes alone to be subdued. Imagine if the same process should be repeated constantly to get better items. The fact that you can also choose which Strike missions to sample also makes many gamers choose and only play certain Strike missions because they are faster, easier, and ultimately faster gaining certainty whether they will get Engram or not. Not a fun concept.

Fortunately, back like the RNG system we were talking about, Bungie fixed it up in Destiny 2. Strike now can not be selected and offered in the Playlist format, whose contents are, of course, random and determined by Bungie herself. But that deserves thumbs up is the change in content formats in it. That it is no longer just killing an existing enemy as quickly and effectively as possible before encountering such a thick and torturing boss, you are now faced with a more varied challenge.

On one of the Strike missions, there are platformer challenges that contain lasers that are ready to kill you if you do not pass through smoothly. It will also require you to activate the platform before it can move to other new areas. In another Strike mission, there is a gigantic super-drill that will block your action from moving into new areas, which of course should be avoided. Others demand that you bring a kind of lightbulb to unlock the enemy's defenses or even, destroy enemy variants that will not be hurt by just bullets.

True, Strike is now spiked with far more complex and rich gameplay mechanics. More cool? Instead of just bold, the boss you fight against on these Strike missions will also have their own identity and strength. Some are capable of disappearing, some are able to bind your character with a dark force, there is a cover behind the shield and you can not hurt until you kill the troops that he brought, until just that you need a certain action to open their unique shield. The result is a challenging, exciting, and non-monotonous fashion sensation. No longer just trying to reduce the life of a boss who takes 30 minutes alone, with the same challenges.

The same change also occurs in Nightfall, which you can simplify as Strike mode is more difficult. Changed weekly, Nightfall will offer modifications to the Strike missions you've been familiar with, and then add new mechanics that will make it more difficult. You'll find a new, mechanical deadline that allows you to add extra time, a more difficult and deadly enemy you will not find in the usual Strike mode, until different terms and conditions are required to complete. Not always negative, sometimes modification of this condition also benefits you. As in Nightfall at the time this review is written, you will be equipped with more difficult enemies indeed, but also with a buff that allows the cooldown time of your skill to be much faster than normal mode in general.

And ultimately, the "final" goal of Destiny 2 itself - Raid. Unlike Strike or Nightfall which contains only 3 people in Fireteam, you need 6 people to complete. And there is no more fantastic mission design in this Bungie concoction game in addition to the Raid mode they offer. It will test almost everything you have, from effective communication between members, the strength of your character, an understanding of the mechanics, to coordination. Divided into sections, each Raid will require you to think and cooperate. It's not just just killing the enemy.

Like Raid Leviathan for example, in Gauntlet mode, everyone of these 6 Fireteam people will have the task of completing a single puzzle that will test not only your coordination, but also your dexterity. Had to run past the challenge, 2 people had to run carrying the ball, while 4 others had to shoot the button to remove their roadblock wall. Everything is done with the need for precise command execution. Worse yet? To be able to do so, these four people must stand in different locations, each of which must fight the enemy and the boss in advance to do so, which of course, test their character abilities. Not giving a great tolerance to failure, even a super little error would be enough to get you to repeat the same process back from the beginning. Our struggle tasted this mode for almost 3 hours, culminating in nil results when this review was written. As difficult and complex as that.

With changes like this, Strike, Nightfall, and Raid play a fantastic role as an exciting, unique, challenging, endless and ending "ending" mission. Making every enemy and boss rationally subdued is a decent Bungie move to thumbs up. That challenge not only lies in the bullet and the enemy's HP, but also your coordination and ability to survive the existing platforming challenges.

More Friendly to Solo Gamers

If you had time to read our first Destiny review in the past, we would personally advise you to choose to buy / not this game based on one thing - whether or not your friends tasted it. The fact that the frustrating grinding process at that time will indeed be much more enjoyable if you continue to communicate and joke with your friends. Moreover, some missions at the time was also designed to only be enjoyed if you have a team. No team is a nightmare in Destiny first.

So, what about Destiny 2 itself? This is also an aspect that Bungie has corrected itself. Good news for those of you who plan to play this game solo, he is now much more friendly if you do not have friends. There is so much room to enjoy the full content, while enjoying the full experience of Destiny 2 that you should, even if you do not have a team to taste it together. You who are solo gamers will love Destiny 2.

There are many significant changes, but one that we find interesting, is the way Bungie handles a mission called Public Event. You can call it the "Strike" mode that happens and is accessible to everyone in the open-world format. Marked with a clear logo that also contains the time when it will be triggered, the Public Event will contain an epic battle with challenging content to be completed by the players together without having to be incorporated in Fireteam. You who play solo can always pursue this one mission and enjoy epicnya fight along with other players. The good news? There are interesting prizes that can culminate in interesting equipment that you can choose here.

As we discussed earlier, that there is no useless activity in Destiny 2, one of the NPC characters will also give you a "gift" that is interested in re-playing some of the story's missions, which of course you can go alone. You will get rewards in the form of loot and Token for every repetition of the main story mission you complete, at which point you will be able to redeem the items and equipment better. A concept that now allows you to strengthen yourself without having to plunge into a competitive mode though.

But if you are interested in playing a final level mission including Strike, there is always a matchmaking process there. You will connect with two other foreign players to complete Strike mode, which is to be recognized, does not need much coordination. A separate loot system between one character and another will also make your trip feel safe, since there is never a chance to fight each other. You also do not have to worry about the action of "trolling" that you will be kicked before the mission is over and the like, because Bungie has also implemented a reporting system to help you report those "mischievous", as well as one other merchant named "Postmaster" who will collect automatically all equipment and engams that you can not take manually after completing the mission though. This means, even if you are kicked after boss fight, you will get the rewards that should, for sure. This makes for a more solid matchmaking experience.

If this is not an interesting process for you, you also have the opportunity to join other new features offered by Destiny 2 - Clan. True, you can now be incorporated into the clan you choose to not only see which of the clan members are more active, but also eliminate the awkwardness to join their Fireteam. More good news? The clan you choose will also offer its own advantages. In addition to easier access to get Fireteam, you will also get buffs and perks depending on the clan level that exists. At the end level for example, the clan will even give you a greater percentage of falling engram if you complete the mission along with other clan members. A feature that of course, you do not want to miss.

What if your character grows stronger and Strike is no longer challenging? Extra good news, Destiny 2 also adapted a new system called "Guide". This means that gamers who have already completed the more difficult modes such as Nightfall or Raid, can now act as "Guides" to help other solo gamers enjoy the same content, at least in Nightfall. You who play solo will be assisted and guided by two guides who are more experienced this, until you can complete the mode Nightfall "alone" with a commensurate reward as well. The in-game chat feature will make this process easier. As for Guide mode Raid, you have to collect extra members 2 people to be guided by three other Guide guides.

With all the new things they implement, it does not seem excessive to mention that Bungie managed to re-experiment for gamers who prefer to play solo. Instead of being alienated, there is so much new content and features that now include them while providing an opportunity to experience the true and true Destiny 2 experience.

Competitive Space

And of course, Destiny 2 is not cooperative. As with Destiny 1, there is a Crucible mode designed to ensure gamers who are more interested in competitive modes that exist to be able to enjoy this one product. Interesting again? Action containing 4 vs. 4 battles in these different modes will be positioned with the same weight as competitive mode. This means, through it, you can get experience points, drop equipment, rewards for rare items, to Tokens to be redeemed for better items and equipment. Shared into many worlds designed to spoil the eye, you who love competitive fashion will be able to enjoy this mode without any problems.

Crucible itself is divided into two main categories: Quickplay for fun and Competitive for you who want to explore it more seriously. You will find many different modes again within each of these categories. Quickplay is positioned as a category that does not require solid coordination and cooperation to win. By simply relying on your personal abilities and understanding of the design of the existing battle arena, you can contribute significantly. There is a mode that only asks you to finish off the other enemies, some of which ask you to collect light bulbs from their corpses and collect the points, until a standard mode such as mastering a certain area within a specified time limit. While the Competitive category, as the name implies, will require you to keep coordinating because of its crucial role. One of the modes offered is arranged in a competition to install and protect Counter Strike-style explosives: Global Offensive.

You yourself have a chance to enjoy this competitive mode as the focus, without touching the cooperative mode at all. Bungie opens the room wide and provides an option for gamers who do not like PvE to jump and sink in their PvP mode with no thrill of being left out of the reward. A decision worthy of thumbs up.


So, what can be inferred from Destiny 2? We will without a doubt call it a refinement of all the weaknesses of Destiny 1. The hate, frustration, anxiety, and fear that had occurred in Destiny 1 vanilla versions we tasted in the past are resolved here through the construction of gameplay mechanisms, features, it is much better. RNG is no longer a focus with rewards consistently emerging from almost all emerging activities making the essential grinding process to enjoy end-level content fun and does not feel like a "job". For solo gamers, there is room to enjoy it optimally, from just matchmaking process, clan, to guide. As for those who tasted it with the team, it's still a multiplayer-based game that will get you challenged on the one hand, but it's not hard to create an epic or joking moment that will end up memorable.

However, it does not mean this game has no shortcomings. The two complaints we talked about earlier seemed to be the only thing worth talking about: the visual quality that did not increase significantly and of course, the story mode that, although clearer, remained unattractive. One thing we should note also is the fact that it offers an inexperienced playing experience, is not much different than Destiny 1. Innovations that come more designed to perfect the formula in the previous series, instead of injecting a new formula that changes what you know of the previous Destiny series.

But beyond those shortcomings, Destiny 2 is a great game. Never imagined that we, who had enjoyed the trauma and terror of a disappointing vanilla Destiny 1 release, came to this conclusion. That we with no hesitation, recommend it for you to taste, regardless whether you had a chance to taste Destiny 1 or not. This will be an FPS game with RPG elements that steal your heart, regardless of whether you play alone or together with other friends.


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