Tuesday, October 31, 2017

DOTA 2 Recommend Two New Hero - Pangolier and Dark Willow

Stagnan, it seems like the right word to explain the super popular MOBA game from Valve - DOTA 2. After the International 2017 event which again broke the record as an e-Sports tournament with the biggest total prize, DOTA 2 did not get significant content updates. Although already confirmed about 7.07 update which will also contain two new heroes in it, patches that never came after months had made the scene sluggish. Moreover, hero meta "spins" in the same character. But all that frustration will eventually end tomorrow. Valve has even released patch notes for the update "Dueling Fates" starting today.

Two characters that appear is certainly carry the name of Pangolier and Dark Willow. Pangolier is positioned as a carry character, while Dark Willow is a support character. But not only these two characters will be "higlight" for 7.07 update this time. IceFrog made significant changes in some aspects of gameplay, from removing and adding new items for use, to adding "Refresher" items to Roshan who had been killed for the third time for example. Some heroes now also get enough new Talent to make it end more deadly, like Bane for example.

Of course, like the big DOTA 2 patches in general, it would be wise for those of you who are still "stuck" with this game to start reading and studying super long patch notes here. This update will slide tomorrow, although it is not yet clear how much update size should be downloaded. How about you? Ready to get back to DotA 2 or you, maybe including gamers who never left?


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