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Everybody’s Golf Review : Competition Full of Fun!

Golf along with volleyball, it is arguably, is becoming increasingly marginalized by game developers after its real popularity had skyrocketed in the early days of the gaming industry as the mainstream entertainment industry. In the past, when video games have no necessity to pursue "realistic" qualities, especially for the proper representation of sport, many games are turning them into super-competitive games. From volleyball that allows you to take out super shots, to golf games with a variety of unique characters that each have different capabilities. For this last product, almost all gamers seem to already know what Hot Shots Golf is.

Being a pretty phenomenal game in the Playstation era, Sony and ClapHanz themselves have never stopped releasing the latest Hot Shots Golf series, including in the era of Playstation 4 though. Only this time, to minimize the confusion that may occur due to the implementation of different names in different regions, they decided to make Everybody's Golf name as standard. So the new series with similar approaches and attractions is also offered by the title that is finally available exclusively for Playstation 4 gamers today. You who had tasted the golden era of PangYa which was popular in Indonesian PC gamers will also meet with a similar sensation.

So, what is Everybody's Golf offers? Why do we call it a game that offers exciting competition? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Sports games are not one genre that will make you pay attention to the stories that he offers. But that does not mean, it is not essential to ensure your action when playing solo offline, at least have a clear foundation why you want and have to compete. Of course, you can not expect a deep or emotional story in it.

You will be playing a new golf golfer trying to pursue a career at Golf Island, an island of golf enthusiasts who continue to compete to be the best among the best. At the beginning, you are nothing more than an amateur who has no track record to pay attention to at all and strives to gain popularity. And there's no better way to do that than to beat the best Golf team on the island - EG Team.

Divided into the core team and women's team, EG is ready to test your golf skills to be the best among the best. You must first prove yourself that you are capable, by completing a series of existing Holes, against the more powerful members, and then meeting the best among the best. Of course not only physically, each of them also has different abilities and skills. The further you progress, the more activities and parts of Golf Island you can explore.

So, what kind of challenges should you face? Will you be able to be the best among the best on Golf Island? All answers to this question of course, you can find by playing Everybody's Golf this.

Design as the Basis of Challenge

Unlike the Hot Shots Golf series you might have tasted in the first Playstation era (which is also the last series of golf games we tasted), you will no longer play the characters that have been determined and built from scratch for you. As a replacement? You are now given the freedom to create the main character you want, a character that will also be used for not only offline mode, but also online. No need to worry that you will be trapped with the design you chose at the beginning, because you can always change it, even up to the whole look though. No worries there.

In fact, with the variety of options they have, you can always "mix" your favorite characters, as strong as your brain's creativity. If Sony has shown Shuhei Yoshida as an avatar, you can even mix anime / manga / or whatever character you want through a series of options provided. Through the look of the face, so many different kinds of clothes and accessories, the color game for each of them, until just the height of the body will facilitate whatever you need for the character of the dream. In fact, we had met with users who managed to build characters such as Lupine and Arale from Dr.Slump at the time of online play.

So, what about the course you face yourself? Given that Everbody's Golf is not a golf game trying to pursue realistic quality, you will be faced with a "fictitious" course that is not only ready to spoil your eyes, but also a source of challenge that will complicate your journey. Dominantly, you will of course encounter a super wide green field as the main stage, complete with trees, rough grass, and some small sand pieces as a "trap". But on the other hand, the quality of light effects regardless whether you are competing in the morning or afternoon for example, can produce a dramatic effect in itself. Sometimes you will also be faced with a course that also shows views of the Alps in the distance until it is covered by the sea on the side there.

One is for sure, this design is not just formulated to be enjoyed from the visual side, but also a source of challenge that will test your golf skills. Alps are notabene indeed the mountains, for example, will certainly present the course with uneven ground. The final area to enter the ball into the hole (Putting), for example, is often adorned with super-sloping areas that greatly affect the motion of golf balls at various speeds. While other courses, for example, contain many areas of water that will naturally "swallow" your ball and produce a negative effect on your performance if you do not hit it with full calculation. There are challenges in the design.

Although taking the cartoon taste as a base, but Everybody's Golf remains a sports game that from the presentation side, still deserve to thumbs up. Of course, especially from his ability to facilitate your creativity for the sake of the dream character or how, the existing course design will influence what gameplay you will get. Not necessarily a beautiful matter, you can also create a frightening "monster" character like we do.

Simple, But Complex

Simple and complex should be two opposite words that can not be matched in the same sentence. But believe it or not, this is what you will feel when tasting Everybody's Golf this. Why? Because to lift the controller for the layman though and instantly tasting this game is not difficult. With a three-tap system of Hot Shots Golf-style games over the years, it's not hard to recognize and learn what you have to do to just hit the ball farther than the previous spot. This three-tap system itself consists of a single tap to start the power bar, one tap to determine how strong the power bar is, and the last pressure to ensure how accurate your blow is. For this last emphasis, there will be a small space to bring the effect of "NICE SHOT!" Which means that you have produced not only fast balls, but also accurately in the direction you want. Timing plays an important role here.

Easy to play and enjoy, but complex to completely mastered. That regardless of the fun cartoon approach he offers, Everybody's Golf still contains enough elements and content to pay attention to for a more perfect performance. Simple things like wind direction and speed for example, which of course will affect the direction of motion of the ball. The weather also produces significant similar influences. Hit your ball when the sun is shining bright and when the big rain hit the air ball and wind of course different. We're just talking about the weather, and not yet the gameplay itself.

Another thing you must understand is the ability to maximize every golf stick you carry along with the existing ball. Although carrying the required standard variants, as with previous games, there will be plenty of golf stick variants (Clubs) that will affect your performance. Some offer more control, while others focus on offering further blows, but with more difficult timings. Likewise with the ball offered. There are standards, but some are more easily controlled or simply, more easily hit if accidentally trapped in tall grass. The choice depends heavily on your style of play. We ourselves prefer Gear which makes it easier to control, rather than just chasing the advantage of a further blow.

Unlike the older Golf Hot Shots series, the more often you use a particular Clubs variant, then each variant will get exp and increase the level. The higher the Clubs level, the more effective it is used. You can get a further blow, better timing control, to a variety of effects such as "Backspin" is more qualified, for example. For this last affair, if you feel not quite complex yet, you can also control your position of hitting the existing ball for its own effect. Hitting the ball slightly down for example, produces higher reflections, but is vulnerable to wind effects. While hitting him in a somewhat upward position produces a lower, faster, yet more vulnerable "bump" with design course challenges such as grass or trees, which of course, will keep your ball going.

In the end, however, the attractiveness and difficulty level of Everybody's Golf will be determined on how well your decision is in the end. For those of you who do not really understand the rules of Golf, the winnings will be determined by the number of strokes you take to insert them into the available holes. Each Course will have a standard number of punches called PAR. The smaller the number of strokes you take to enter it (under PAR), you will get a negative value depending on the stroke taken against the PAR standard. On the other hand, you will get a positive score. The smaller (the more negative) score you get, the closer you are to victory.

For example, for a Course that sets 4 strokes as PAR, you successfully enter it in 2 strokes only, then you get mendaptkan score (-2) or often referred to as EAGLE. For the Course that sets 6 strokes as PAR, you will get (-1) or BIRDIE if you successfully put it in 5 strokes. And of course, you will get a neutral value (+0) if you successfully enter the ball in accordance with the number of predefined PAR numbers. As simple as that.

What's interesting, is that most of the lengthy Course that asks you to hit more than 4 or 5 strokes for PAR will usually offer a challenge and its own dynamics. That's right, throwing you at the need to make a decision. Because not infrequently, most of these courses always have so many ways to be solved. Do you have to play it safe and use 4 strokes in the beginning just to reach the point of the hole safely? Or are you going to take the risk and take the stronger Clubs for an extra blow away to minimize the number of strokes, but have to pass a big lake, unstable winds, or maybe tall trees and leaves ready to stop your ball pace? Which strategy is more interesting will depend on yourself. Big risks do generate great rewards, but on the other hand if you fail, the consequences themselves will be fatal.

After all, not all courses will have the same level of difficulty, especially regarding the hole that becomes your final destination. You will meet with a tournament with a normal hole size which of course requires more precision calculations about the slope of the field when the Putting process is done. However Everybody's Golf also provides a variety of other types of holes. There is a "Mega" that is much larger than the average, there is a "Tornado" ready to suck the nearest ball that leads to him until the Putting process is easier, until there is a "Tiny" which means the target hole is even smaller than normal, making it more difficult and prone to error.

With the combination of all these elements, Everybody's Golf is a simple game to play / taste for fun, yet complex enough to be mastered given the wide array of elements to think about and consider just to make the ball go to the target hole you want. More cool? AI that you must face in campaign mode also can not be underestimated. Not surprisingly, if you meet an AI that does not seem difficult to print negative numbers for the other negative numbers.

Unique Multiplayer

The good news? With all the competitive appeal that it offers, Everybody's Golf seems to understand its status as a fun game that gamers can sample together. You who have guests or friends in the real world who are still actively playing games can compete offline, using 2 controllers here. But not limited to just there alone, it also provides online mode for tasting.

With existing internet connectivity, you can compete with and fight against many people. There is a "Game Room" that will allow you to compete with your PSN friends specifically, without any complicated user-interface. You just need to create a Room, set the type of tournament and variety of effects and weather, and then just invite your friends away. Or vice versa, you who want to join your friend's room can directly search for it from the list of friends that exist, and voila! directly compete to find out who is greatest than the greatest.

Everybody's Golf also includes two other online modes: Open Course and Turf War. The Open Course is like a Golf in general, giving you a variety of Holes to complete, while competing against other online players' scores that often end up phenomenal and difficult to subdue. While Turf War itself is the "real" competitive arena. Joining in a team and against other teams, both teams must race to score the highest score in various Holes in a very limited time. The team that wins over a certain Hole will be entitled to raise their flag banner there and get closer to victory. In the end, the team that won the most Hole will be categorized as the winner. Rewardnya of course extra money to you can spend for your character cosmetics.

Turf War itself ended up more exciting than we imagined. Given the fact that you are being chased for the time to finish each Hole, the demand to contribute significantly to team performance is a burden of responsibility that continues to spur your adrenaline. After all, there are elements of strategy that you can always apply here. Do you want to set a score for Holes that the opposing team may have not yet touched? Or do you want to keep fighting to score in the same Hole just to make sure the opposing team can not win there? Or are you a more sporadic gamers and trying to finish every Hole you find? Everything will depend on your own choice.

But it must be admitted, multiplayer mode also opens one of the biggest weaknesses of competitive Everybody's Golf itself. Absolutely, the need to do grinding to produce better performance. Given that the increase in the level of each Club you use will affect control and blow distance, long-established gamers and continue using the same Club, it will be difficult to subdue, especially if you have not tasted offline mode and jump right into multiplayer mode. How significant? When you are at the beginning level only hit 220 yards for your furthest Clubs for example, a gamers who are "rusted" with old flying hours, can break the 310 yards with the Club away without difficulty. Different 80 to 90 yards in the initial blow course is not, a good sign.

Beyond these weaknesses, Everybody's Golf's online competitive mode remains exciting, fun, and exciting. The moment when you try to hit as perfectly as possible may be combined with hopes and condemnations that your opponents will end up making such a fatal mistake, that they themselves raise their hands. Tasting it offline with your friends seems to be a spice for its own excitement in the living room.


Worthy to be thumbs up, no more appropriate reaction to be directed at Everybody's Golf. As a gamer growing up with Hot Shots Golf in the first Playstation era, having fun and spending time with her, Everybody's Golf offers all the things we want for a super fun golf game in the era of current generation platforms. Not trying to pursue a realistic sensation, Everybody's Golf offers an easy-to-enjoy and tasted mechanic, but takes extra time to master for fantastic performance. A challenging level design, a character that will be ready to facilitate all your creative needs, to an online mode - the innovative Turf War makes it one of the most fun sports games we've tasted in the last few years.

However, of course, that does not mean this game comes with no shortage. The need to perform the grinding process to be competitive in multiplayer mode becomes a slightly questionable format, especially considering the significant performance difference. Another disturbing complaint is also rooted in the slow progress of the story that you have to go through to complete the existing single-player mode. The fact that you have to defeat the three main antagonist characters in each phase, where each new character is available when you have finished at least 2-3 18 Hole tournaments, we think it is too long and convoluted. It is not surprising that you will end up feeling tired if playing it for prolonged periods.

But beyond those flaws, Everybody's Golf is a golf game that ends up meeting what we expect. Identity Hot Shots Golf that flows in newer generation formats, both from just gameplay mechanics to the complexity that exists. Something is enough to keep you entertained, but also challenged at the same time.


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