Tuesday, October 31, 2017

God of War Show New Short Gameplay

Kratos finally returns. Although for the moment no one knows how he could end up surviving his action in God of War 3 past, but the confirmation of Sony Santa Monica that he is the same character that we know is leaving an interesting mystery. Moreover, he has also changed. No longer like the "young" Kratos who only have a revenge mission with angry characters, he now ends up being a mentor to the child - Atreus. The same child he must guide to overcome the variety of threats in Norse mythology that is now the basis. Now a new gameplay is sliding for him.

On Sony's main stage for Paris Games Week 2017, Sony's concoction of Santa Monica is also introduced with a bit of new content that has never been shown before. This short video seems to be aimed at showing two things: a new battle system from shoulder cameras for battleground conditions, which turns out to end quickly. Second? Of course the role of Atreus who is in the position of the story as this trailer, seems to have been able to fight actively and help Kratos. He even opened a cinematic attack for Kratos through his arrow capabilities.

God of War itself is planned to be released in 2018, still without a definite release date, of course - exclusive to Playstation 4. Looks interesting in your eyes?


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