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Gran Turismo Sport Review: Driving in Luxury!

Gran Turismo, almost most gamers seem to know really well with racing franchises Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment racing this, regardless whether you ever trying or not. Since the beginning of his existence, he is already known as a racing game that brings the simulation experience into your hands. For you who are not too familiar, the core of a racing game simulation is to bring the experience of driving as real as possible through the gameplay that carried. That element of gameplay offered, from physics to modification of the vehicle will result in a different driving experience. Other things like weather to asphalt texture for example, can also affect it. With this approach, you are not a racer, can feel the pleasure of being a professional racer in a car with a technology worth millions of dollars.

Of course, this approach is different from arcade racing games such as Need for Speed ​​or Burnout for example, which is more built like a cinematic action game with the vehicle as the main focus. But there is something unique with what is offered Polyphony Digital with the latest series Gran Turismo which finally released to the Playstation 4 - Gran Turismo Sport. You who have read our preview article before seem to have gotten a picture of new features and visual approaches like what he has to offer. We ourselves fall in love with some of the features he offers, especially for Scapes mode that allows you to take pictures with a combination of three-dimensional model of the existing car with high-resolution photos that have been provided by GT Sport itself.

So, what exactly is offered by Gran Turismo Sport? Why do we call it a game that allows you to drive in luxury? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Remember, It's Not Gran Turismo 7!

One of the interesting phenomena we found in cyberspace during the review process for this one game is a complaint that Polyphony Digital "trims" the content for this latest Gran Turismo series. That is no longer like the previous series, like Gran Turismo 5 and 6 before, you will not find the appropriate campaign mode here. There is no longer a gradual challenge in which you must solve the various challenges, gain licenses as progress, and then deal with more challenges and tracks in the future. It should be clear that there is a valid reason why Polyphony Digital prefers to use the name "Sport" here and not Gran Turismo "7". Because regardless whether indeed the seventh series is being developed or not, or will slide in the future or not, Sport can indeed be called a spin-off series that formulated with the name of Gran Turismo. A new and different approach.

What will be pursued by Polyphony Digital with GT Sport is actually they have communicated since 2016 ago, like one of IGN articles that we have linked this. Speaking with IGN in May 2016, GT Sport has clearly defined themselves as a racing game that is trying to offer e-Sport sensation in it. That the sensation of racing simulation trying to represent the real world is formulated as a basis for matching the best "virtual racers" around the world in the same room, competing with their own flags. Polyphony Digital even took the official organization like FIA ​​to fulfill the dream, as well as designing the whole gameplay mechanism to push the action. The brain - Kazunori Yamauchi even mentioned that his ambition is to make GT Sport feels like World Cup Soccer, but in virtual format and car.

But it seems, at least to see the trend of discussion in cyberspace, many Playstation 4 gamers out there who seem to "skip" statements and information that has been released transparently by Polyphony Digital since the early introduction of GT Sport to the market. What happens now? Hope for a more deserving game bears the name "Gran Turismo 7" above a game that clearly bears the name "Gran Turismo Sport". Therefore, before beginning the review process, we want to take a clear point of view. Enjoy it as Gran Turismo Sport and not from the various features and expectations of what should appear in "Gran Turismo 7", as it seems to wrap many opinions today.

So as we talked about earlier, Gran Turismo Sport is a racing game simulation with an appeal that is more directed to the competitive. Although it offers single-player content that you can enjoy without having to connect to an internet connection, the focus is on encouraging you to compete online against players from all over the world, bringing the country's credibility, and bringing the atmosphere into a virtual format. Something we'll discuss later, along with the other cool features he's offering. But it should all start with one clear message: this is not Gran Turismo 7.

Pursuing the E-Sports Approach

So, what is Gran Turismo Sport? Like the name that he usung, he is a series of Gran Turismo is designed to pursue the e-Sports approach. A series that is designed to encourage you to compete with other "racers" from all over the world (of course, especially those in the same region) to find the best. Polyphony Digital itself divides it into several competitions, each of which has a significant level and of course, a different competitive aura. The best racer from one competition will be entitled to move to the next competition, and then, and finally race on the world stage. That is the foundation of gameplay design for Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo Sport even provides a separate "Sport" mode to facilitate it, which of course, should be sampled online. There is a serious competition with the "FIA" logo also embedded in it, but daily changing tracks are also offered there. In contrast to the racing games online mode in general that allows you to direct, wait, and race along with other players, Gran Turismo Sport applies a system closer to the real world. That to be able to enter and race to another player, you have to take the qualification time that has no time limitation, and record your best time. The best time for each track will end up being your official qualification time. The next step? Enter the actual "final" round or racing.

A unique approach also takes place here. Instead of racing directly, Polyphony Digital designed this mode with a specific schedule. Each track will have an official racing time that will be adjusted to the hours in your respective location. As an example? You have just completed the qualification process on track A, for example at 17:00 pm. You will not be able to go to the final round and race yourself with other players until 17:15 pm for example, according to the schedule set by Polyphony Digital. This unique system allows gamers to keep looking for their best qualification time, as well as preparing what needs to be prepared to be able to race seriously.

More cool? Balancingnya process also deserve thumbs up. The qualifying time you take before competing online will serve as the standard for your own opponent balancing process. With a maximum of 15 cars in the same arena, the opponent you face will have a qualifying time with a difference of +/- 5 seconds qualifying time of your time, to create the right competitive atmosphere. So, you will not end up testing your speed with an unbalanced opponent, either ending better or more beginners than you. You will also only compete against "enemies" that carry the same racing configuration system as you. That gamers who play with Beginner level will be combined with Beginner gamers, and vice versa. One that is certain, the commitment to create a competitive atmosphere Gran Turismo Sport done very well by Polyphony Digital. At the very least, they are serious about trying to make it an e-sports space for simulated racing games, something not offered by other competing franchisees.

Of course, you who are not happy with this mode can still taste the other modes, which do not need to use an internet connection to open. One of its charms is the "Arcade" mode that allows you to race against AI in various Track available. Each track will be able to be subjected to three different levels of difficulty that each of them, will present a unique reward as well. In Arcade mode, in addition to racing with AI, you can also take other modes like Time Trial or Drift - which of course will measure how intensive you can make your car move tilted within a certain track distance.

In addition to Arcade Mode, you can also enjoy another mode called Campaign, which for reasons that are questionable, it can only be accessed when you are online. Campaign itself divides itself into three distinct categories: Driving School, Mission Challenge, and Circuit Experience whose purpose seems clear, helping you master the mechanics of Gran Turismo Sport simulation itself. Driving School will teach you basic things about driving, Mission Challenge - as its name encloses the "lessons" in the form of challenges you can accomplish with varying degrees of success, and Circuit Experience that allows you to jump into a specific track and just master tricks for every turn, gas, and brake.

Although the ultimate experience lies in the competitive scene that it offers, Gran Turismo Sport still ensures that you will end up getting the proper reward for every action you take. There are four resources that you can collect every time you finish racing, online or offline: points that move like a currency to buy a series of cars, Mileage Points to buy a series of items that can not be purchased using the previous resource, the actual Miles Points contain how much distance you have traveled in the day to complete the challenge of prize cars that continue to be reset per day, and of course experience points to the existing level. The level system will determine what kind of tracks you can taste in Arcade mode, considering it is locked behind this one system. You will get all four of these resources every time you finish the race.

So that's the main sensation that actually offered Polyphony Digital with Gran Turismo Sport. That he will be the space for the competitive scene of racing games in a serious e-Sports format, but at the same time providing space for you who just want to have fun. For this last affair, for the sake of a racing competitive experience without the burden that you just want to jajal for fun, either with your friends or strangers out there, there is a mode "Lobby" that will facilitate it.


If you include gamers who have been following JagatPlay for a long time, you seem to understand that we (in this case, myself) are countless "junk" gamers when playing simulated racing games. Minimal knowledge of the car, its specifications, and the driving sensations that should make this always end up being a challenge in itself. There is fear when first encountered with Gran Turismo Sport remember the big name that he stretcher is identical with the experience of intense racing simulation. Believe it or not, the good news, Gran Turismo Sport ended up being a very noob-friendly game.

Polyphony Digital seems to understand that there is always an opportunity out there that Gran Turismo Sport will be the first Gran Turismo game for Playstation 4 owners who have now penetrated the number 60 million worldwide. Or there will always be gamers interested in Gran Turismo Sport, happy with the visual details and sounds he produces, but never had the skills good enough to compete with him. For people like this, Gran Turismo Sport blended noob-friendly. Those of you who want a real simulation sensation can taste it at the "Expert" level, which will come with no assists for the brakes, gas, and also the stabilization of the car while speeding. There will be so many modifications you can also make to move your car the way you want it. But for some newcomer gamers, the option to just go in and go is also available here.

Gran Turismo Sport provides two Driving Options under "Expert" for gamers who want to enjoy GT Sport both from visuals, features, and sounds without dealing with challenging levels of difficulty. They are "Beginner" and "Intermediate" modes. For Beginner mode, you can simplify it as full assist racing. You can even finish any tracks by simply pressing the gas button and turn only, because the process of braking and stabilization of the car, even with the road marker for the best route will be available to you there. While at the "Intermediate" level, following the arcade racing concept, it will offer a more manageable experience. Assist remains present, but not intense, as well as complete with notification when exactly you should hold the pace of the vehicle when turning and the like. This difficulty level will be suitable for arcade gamers who want to plunge into GT Sport, like us.

But keep in mind, although it becomes easier, you can not just close your eyes and hope that the driving style option will instantly allow you to complete the track just like that. You still have to set the maximum turn angle, for example. Even for a special track that represents Rally / Dirt Road, you are still struggling in Beginner - Intermediate will still be faced with challenges that are not easy. Difficult car controls, the ability to turn at the right angle, to the speed of the gas affecting the stability of the car will be felt there. One thing is for sure, it will not be enough to frustrate you.

We ourselves include gamers with open arms, with our limited racing simulation capabilities, welcome the presence of the options offered by this Gran Turismo Sport. Sony and Polyphony Digital know very well that there are a lot of gamers out there who love this franchise beyond the simulated sensations he offers, how odd it sounds.

Elegant Presentation

Like being faced with a fancy racing game, this may be the first impression that comes to mind when you see Gran Turismo Sport for the first time. As a game that since its inception known as racing game that can squeeze the ability of Playstation as a console in every generation that exist, expectation for this one game of course high enough. Gran Turismo Sport is the first Gran Turismo for Playstation 4, and it will be proof of what the Playstation 4 can produce with it, especially if you have the Pro version. The result did not disappoint. There are some critics, but the outline, you will fall in love with the presentations.

Looking at the menu that he offers alone is enough to leave the impression that you are dealing with a super-elegant racing game. Deciding to organize the menu in the form of a small icon that circles the main screen, at the beginning you will be directly faced with a series of photorealistic screenshots of cars that you can use in various iconic locations of the world. Entering more deeply, setting the color until the selection of letters also strengthen it. The one that made us fall in love? Is a live-preview that is offered when you are enjoying or choosing a car for example. Instead of just static with a twisted car in a standard showroom, you can see the action of this car is moving in places to spoil the eye. More cool? The color change for each of these cars will be applied in real-time, even though they are moving.

So, what about the visualization itself? Spoiling the eyes is the word we will choose. Details of the car still deserve to thumbs up, to detail the lights that you can zoom with Photo Mode is indeed one of the mainstay features. Along with the existing light, you will find a dramatic racing moment. The details offered deserve thumbs up, including when you find the dashboard reflected in the windshield of your car will be influenced by the light and direction of light when you enjoy the race from the eyes of the first person. Although we ourselves can not try it directly, but imagine to enjoy this game on 4K television with HDR capability will likely make this visual experience even more fantastic.

But unfortunately, there are some "modern" presentation approaches that he does not present for any reason. No day-night dynamic changes for example, where you have to determine your racing time up front. There is also no dynamic weather system that allows racing weather to change from dry to rain and vice versa, for example. Weather you have to choose when choosing a track without any chance of change. Although it minimizes the enjoyment of the presentation side, the option to maintain this weather at least makes the existing competitive atmosphere more stable. At least your wins and losses when racing will not be influenced by external factors such as weather which of course, can end up sucks. Gran Turismo Sport also does not carry a system based damage physics on the car that can make it a dent and the like. Most likely, this is a side effect with deal along with some existing manufacturing.

Although it does not look so luxurious when in the gameplay, especially from the detail of the environment around the track that sometimes looks quite "fake" especially when it comes to trees for example, but as far as the eye can see, you will still be pampered with the visualization offered by this Polyphony Digital racing game . But to enjoy the true visual power of GT Sport, the next mode we will be talking about is its main attraction.

Exceptional Cool SCAPES!

An innovative feature that we believe will be followed by a competitor's franchise in the future, there is no longer a good word to explain how cool SCAPES mode is offered by Gran Turismo Sport. He is ready to evoke an artistic aura that you never know, especially regarding automotive photography. This game provides three elements that seem to be hard to get in the real world: expensive "photographic tools", expensive cars, and locations around the world that can serve as your game background. So what is SCAPES?

To simplify it, you can call it a Photo Mode on a much cooler scale. The heart of SCAPES is the melting of two-dimensional photos prepared by the Polyphony Digital team with diverse backgrounds that have different themes along with your three-dimensional car model. From the white desert, shopping areas in Hongkong at night filled with super bright fluorescent lights, Berlin with typical European regions, to Tokyo with the busy people in it. Making it a background, all you need to do next is enter the car you want as the main object. Like having an unlimited photo studio of your own, via DualShock 4 controller.

With a maximum of 3 cars that can fit in the same frame, you can build so many different types of photos depending on your creativity. Why? Because the modification features offered by Photo Mode on this one is fully calculated. From the zoom in-zoom out process that keeps the two-dimensional image on a sharp base, adjusting focus, changing the color effect, lighting, to a variety of "instagram" effects to close it if you wish. The rest is to use your creativity to mix a dream photograph you want with as simple as pressing just one button. And the result? Fantastic! You can enjoy what kind of results from the pictures we include in this one session.

More cool? Not only the standard car, it also supports the car that you have changed the visuals with Livery Editor which essentially is a feature to modify the look of the car. Whatever new visual form you have injected in Livery Editor and apply it to your main car variant will be used directly in Photo Mode, to produce a photo that feels more natural and personal, for you personally. This feature becomes even more essential considering that background conditions also have a dynamic lighting and shadow effect with the photo objects you place. So it's not unusual if a car with a certain color for example, looks more beautiful in background conditions with specific lighting. Changing car colors with Livery Editor allows you to explore these options further.

Of all the features offered by Gran Turismo Sport, SCAPES is the most phenomenal. We are not aware that such technology exists in the gaming industry, and is excited to see what other people's creativity products look like with it. Fortunately, Polyphony Digital also released a separate social media technology for this SCAPES mode in the GT Sport itself, until you can see, give Like, comment etc in popular photos around the world. More cool? You who already have a design that is not offered this game can upload the design in the .svg file format to the official site Gran Turismo, to directly apply it as a decal in your car.


Gran Turismo Sport is an elegant, eye-popping and exciting racing game at the same time. He is not the main series Gran Turismo and trying to offer a more competitive sensation as a space racing simulation e-Sport via this one feature. But beyond the consideration that there are some essentials that the main series did not take to the spin-off series, the content itself is enough to make you fall in love. From just a quality visualization, sound, balanced and serious online gameplay approach at the same time, to the implementation of SCAPES-style features that we never even imagined before. By combining these elements, you find a racing game approach that feels familiar, but also different at the same time.

But of course, this produces its own negative consequences. One is the limited features if you are not connected to the internet. For you who have unstable or limited internet, this would be a problem in itself. The absence of weather changes and the time that should start binding modern racing games is also questionable. Although they can make it absent in a serious online competitive mode, for example, this feature should add atmospheric strength and minimize repetitive when you drive a vehicle against AI in Arcade mode.

Our other small complaint is the music problem. Although now more diverse and no longer just "jazz cafe" like the previous series, but not a little implementation of this music ends are not suitable and in accordance with the racing mood that you are enjoying now. Another note is the VR mode which, unfortunately, does not meet expectations. VR mode is divided into the concept of the race against only 1 AI only, and is focused to make you enjoy the existing environment. Although the details he offers are good enough, it is rather confusing to see Polyphony's decision not to inject real racing modes in VR mode, or even allow you to compete online with it. It ends, back to nothing more than a tech demo. It is unfortunate.


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