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Gundam Versus : Review Dream of Gundam Fans!

Bandai Namco, none of the gamers have never heard of the name of the Japanese developer / publisher on this one. Compared to other Japanese gaming companies, he is arguably one of the most active. Through their gigantic flags, memorable games such as Souls series or .Hack for example, glide. Instead of sinking, in the past year, Bandai Namco's popularity has skyrocketed. There are many anticipated game projects anticipated under their current control, including some series of anime / manga-based franchises that become an inseparable identity. No exception to the latest game series which is finally available for Playstation 4 - Gundam Versus.

Looking at the name, title, and gameplay of the sunglasses, we would not be surprised if many of you might be confused with Gundam Versus itself. At least of the genre that he usung. You can simplify Gundam Versus as a three-dimensional fighting game with appeal and mechanics similar to what you find in Narutimate game series from CyberCOnn 2 and Bandai Namco over the last few years. Not an action or musou, it's a series that demands you to engage in a simple mechanical fight, but with an inner layer that still needs its own mastery. This is a fighting game.

So, what is actually offered by this Gundam Versus? Why do we call it a game that will be a wet dream for Gundam fans around the world? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Without Story Mode

This may be information that may appear disappointing for some gamers who had mis-caught and associate Gundam Versus as a game of action style musou or the like. True, it comes without a story mode. That despite the fact that he loaded dozens of Gundams from a dozen series to be used in them, he simply would not fulfill your dream of enjoying the battle of these giant robots with this cool weapon in a clear line of story. So, does this mean he is present without a single player content at all?

Certainly not. Like most fighting games, at least for classic titles in the past, Bandai Namco inject ONLY single-player mode that you can enjoy in this one game, which can be called similar to the Arcade concept. Called as "Ultimate Trial", it can be played offline, this mode will require you to complete a certain number of enemy waves. The higher the level of difficulty you take, the more resilient the enemy is facing and the more waves you have to finish before reaching the end point. Unfortunately, he is not wrapped with a story element at all. You will only be dropped on a particular battle arena, required to survive, without wrapping a story for background or cut-scene though. The cut-scene you get is just a bit of a zoom cut to the boss character that you'll face every 5 waves once.

But what's interesting? Although it does not have any concept of the story at all, Ultimate Trial mode also includes a co-operative online mode simultaneously in it. Not shoulder to shoulder to complete the existing wave online, but through extra challenges that will appear randomly in the game. Sometimes it appears as a Raid mode, sometimes just cooperative to destroy enemies that are superior in quantity, this so-called "Extra Wave" mode is an extra surprise that you can enjoy when choosing the online mode for Ultimate Trial itself. Of course, there are rewards to solve them.

The absence of story mode d in Gundam Versus, in our private eyes, is quite disappointing. Because of the quality that we will talk about later, it actually contains potential content to make story mode, especially with the epic Gundam anime flavor, which can bring the appeal of this game to the next level. Building a "reasonable" story and universe to merge all these Gundams in the same space with each character's specific interaction, to build a CGI-based cut-scene will make it feel and look fantastic. But in the end, we have to get back to the bitter reality. That, he is present without the appropriate story mode.

Gundam Fan Dream

So, what is the main attraction? Before we dive deeper into the mechanics of gameplay and its appeal as a three-dimensional fighting game, we'll talk about content. Indeed, he does not have a cinematic story mode ala Injustice 2 or Street Fighter V, or Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite for example. Indeed, it has no clear foundation from the plot side that explains why the Gundams of these various series appear in the same place. But in the end, he remains a new series of Gundam games that are ready to make gamers who love the battles of giant robots, ending with their best wet dreams.

This wet dream is rooted in three main things. First? Of course the number of roster is there. No kidding, Bandai Namco injects about 90 Gundams from 17 series during the existence of this one franchise for you to taste. Each Gundam will come with its own unique identity, not only from the surface design but also unique capabilities and weapons to different attack animations. Not only that, this game also provides more than 100 characters Striker or Gundam that you can call as support when fighting, although you can not control in full. With numbers like this, you - especially gamers who are also fond of Gundam - will likely fall in love from the first sight.

Second? Of course from the visual details, especially the presentations. Although we personally are not big fans of the anime Gundam and understand all the variants that exist, but the visual approach offered by Bandai Namco in Gundam Versus deserves a thumbs up. Details of the curve of the metal material that wraps it, the color combination, until the standard posture for the existing variant is presented so well. For some series that are familiar enough for us such as Iron-Blooded Orphan for example, you can see the details of Barbatos - the "main" Gundam who appear dazzling here. Although you will rarely get a zoom-shot to enjoy it, but the details will still radiate clearly during the gameplay.

Third? Is the detail. There are two things worth talking about from this one aspect: music and the arena of battle. As well as the details that they inject for the existing Gundam design, the design of the battle arena that will accommodate all your actions is also worth getting clicked on. With the inherent atmosphere of the Gundam franchise itself, which will probably be recognized for you who love it, this battleground will be enough to make you feel involved in a major war between the two factions. More cool? If there is a building within this arena, you can also flatten it with the type of attack available. From the music side, it also contains a lot of Gundam cross OST series over the years. Bandai Namco even includes popular OSTs like INVOKE from T.M. Revolution in it.

With all the content he offers on the surface, it does not seem excessive to mention that the Gundam Versus does contain enough content to be a wet Gundam fan dream over the years. Although they do not enjoy the gameplay that he offers, the content offered will probably meet what they want. But unfortunately? Beyond all this potential, Bandai Namco does not include the "MODEL VIEWER" feature in other games, allowing you to pay more close attention to the characters in more detail. Why Namco Bandai does not include this feature? We also question it.

Fighting With Online Focus

In the previous session, we talked about Ultimate Trial - the only mode with challenges you can enjoy solo. A fashion that is ready to make you feel busy with a bit of cooperative multiplayer elements in it. But of course, the Gundam Versus is not built by making the mode the main attraction. The focus of this game is the online competitive mode that it offers. As we stated earlier, this is a three-dimensional fighting game.

Can fight 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3, then like game fighting in general, then the focus is to subdue the other team opponent. But for the balancing process, Gundam Versus implement a fairly unique system. Given that each Gundam has different powers according to its anime version, each Gundam is divided into categories of numbers in the hundreds, from 200-500.

You can call it a power category, but it has a bigger effect in the fight. These numbers will represent the numbers to be deducted from the total team / HP team value each time your Gundam is destroyed when fighting. With the limit of HP 1000 / team, then if you use the Gundam 500 type, then you are only allowed to twice die. While if you use Gundam 200, although weaker, you have the chance to return at least 5 times before losing. The balancing process is rooted from there. The significance of this figure also has an effect on the competitive battle system online.

Among the three modes, 2 vs 2 battles, either Casual or Stylish, are the most popular modes on Gundam Versus today. More exciting than 1 vs 1, but still manageable and mastered compared to 3 vs 3 which often end up screwed up, this mode requires gamers to join berstrategi. The choice of Gundam used for fighting will usually determine the course of the battle. As an example? If you meet an enemy Gundam with a unit value of "500" for example, it will be rational for you and your friends in your team to pursue and destroy it as soon as possible. But on the other hand, the fact that it is a stronger Gundam type, then the risk will also be high.

While from the side of gameplay, such as Narutimate three-dimensional fighting game, the complexity is not in command execution and the like, but on strategy and timing. When to attack, when to avoid, and when to help your friends or just block other enemies to pursue them. Each Gundam will be divided into at least three categories, focusing on melee attacks, focusing on range attacks, or balance. Each Gundam will be equipped with melee and range attacks, as well as supporting weapons that you can simplify as a cooldown-based skill. The point is to take advantage of all these aspects, plus the boost ability, to subdue the others.

At the beginning, he looks simple. You are equipped with weapons and power that can be accessed with different buttons. That everything is based on timing only. But when entering into online battles and meeting users from around the world, you will realize that there are more complex levels of strategy there. Your range and melee weapons are easily accessible, but the question now is, how easy can you make it "go in" for damage? Each Gundam has the ability to boost in limited capacity, and the ability to move as freely as he wants in the arena of considerable fighting.

The result? Attacking them from long distance or close range is not something easy. Something that is just about timing now goes into a new layer, a prediction. That you now begin to have to wonder what your enemy's strategy and movements are, and then determine when to attack the right time. Because as fast as any laser or grenade launcher you throw, boost to the left and right will immediately make it no longer relevant. The level of strategy based on mobility begins, especially if you are dealing with enemies who keep shooting at you from a great distance. Seeing the right people play Gundam Versus, you're like meeting a giant robot not designed to fight, but dancing as effectively as possible in the rain of lasers around them. There is something that still needs you to learn, especially with 90 different types of Gundams that each have the ability and identity of different attacks.

If you have to talk about complaints, then the way they handle players with unstable internet connectivity is quite questionable. If in other competitive online games, slow internet connection only affects the gamers who experience it, in Gundam Versus, it will produce negative consequences for all users who are in the same space. The fight is slow, broken, and difficult to enjoy just to accommodate one of the users' unstable connections. The same thing that also makes a lot of gamers, not too interested dengna 3 vs. 3 mode which indeed enlarge the potential.

In short, for gamers who are not too fond of Gundam though, Gundam Versus still feels and looks fun. He will provide much more tempting value for his anime series fans, but the 3D fighting game experience is still appropriate for gamers like us, who might just have tasted only a few series.

Limited Content, But Full of Collectibles

Somewhat quirky indeed that with only at least, two series of reviews only, we've covered the overall content offered by this Gundam Versus. Gameplay content that you can enjoy is really limited only in between Ultimate Trial containing enemy waves and can be tasted alone or Online Competitive which is the main attraction of this one series. However, for those of you who really love the weight of this series and want more "content", there are a myriad of collectibles that you can open.

A task that is not easy, why? Because all this extra content is connected to each Gundam based on the number of experience points and the existing level. Through this system, you can unlock more content rooted in your existing Gundam series, from opening a new character as a pilot or navigator, getting a new emblem for placards when fighting online, up to the latest Striker (Support) type can you call when fighting. But again, the progress to unlock each of these characters is locked on each Gundam. So to open all the collectibles that exist today? You should at least, ever play every Gundam of the 90 roster provided, reach the required level, and then buy it.

The good news? Information about what kind of content you can open will be available clearly when you select the specific Gundam, so you can determine whether you feel it's worth chasing it or not. Levels and coins to buy each item yourself can be obtained in two ways - play the Ultimate Trial mode offline / online co-op repeatedly until you get exp and level enough, or fight online and get it gradually regardless of whether You win or lose. Progress that you can enjoy while having fun to test a particular Gundam as a fighter character.

For Gundam fans, this might be a "task" worth pursuing. But for those of you who are not too familiar with it, this could end up being boring repetitive content, especially if all you do is enjoy Ultimate Trial mode, wave per wave, without any variations that make it feel refreshing.


So, what can be deduced from Gundam Versus? Shocking, is the word we will choose to explain the overall experience. That despite the fact that we left not as a huge fan of Gundam and only knew and had completed a series of series, he still ended up being a three-dimensional fighting game that remains fun and has its own depth to master. Of course not in terms of mechanics, but rather learn about strategy and exploit timing of existing attacks. The battle can run fast enough and chaotic until he can ensure adrenaline continues to pump in your body. With more than 90 Gundams emerging from 17 series, each of which comes with fantastic visual, attack and animation details, this is a game that will fulfill the dream of Gundam lovers all over the world.

However, of course this does not mean the game comes without any deficiencies. The absence of Story mode that injects cut-scenes or lines of story is certainly unfortunate, because of the potential that in our eyes, can catapult its appeal to a higher level. Limited content into two major modes is also questionable, although quite rational, considering its status as a three-dimensional fighting game. We also deeply regret that for as many and as big roster as this, Bandai Namco does not look tempted to exploit this attraction further. And with features like Photo Mode (when playing offline in Ultimate Trial mode) or just a Model Viewer will improve it.

But regardless of the shortcomings, Gundam Versus remains a three-dimensional fighting game that deserves thumbs up. For gamers who are not present with a love of death for Gundam, he may not look like a mandatory fighting game, despite having the mechanics presented, to be admitted, quite exciting and fun. But if you love dying in the epic battle between these giant robots with this intense political content and keep following from series to series, this will fulfill your best wet dreams of Gundam.


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