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HyperX Alloy Elite Keyboard Review : Weight in Name!

The importance of whether or not the gaming keyboard for your everyday activities will actually depend on the fact whether you've tested it or not. Skeptical gamers often see the variety of features he offers beyond endless gimmicks that only increase the selling price and "pull" to gamers who just want to show off their identities. But most gamers who have tested the gaming keyboard, especially those based on mechanical switches, will usually agree on one or two major claims related to this one peripherals. That sometimes is not just a matter of function alone, it is also a matter of convenience. Something that HyperX is trying to offer with their latest gaming keyboard - Alloy Elite.

Design and Features

If you look at it from a surface only, you may come directly with two major impressions. You are not too familiar with HyperX keyboard so far it will probably see it as a keyboard with a design that is not too unique. A large conventional shape with all the extra buttons you need remains offered here. As for you who are quite familair with HyperX products, you will meet with a design approach that is not much different. A small logo on the top right with a fierce and clear keyboard impression makes the function a top priority.

With the position of the keys are quite high and steel frame as a base, it looks sturdy and reliable. A keyboard that seems ready to accompany your gaming activities consistently, for a very long time. The good news? You are pursuing the cosmetic side still get a design that might make your eyes a little pampered. In the midst of this unobtrusive conventional design, the HyperX Alloy Elite adds an LED bar on the top rather like a lava river that divides between two different areas. It reinforces the existing identity, although it is not reinforced with other LED color variants. True, this is not an RGB keyboard.

Along with this form, you'll meet an additional mechanism to add a palm rest at the bottom and a variety of additional buttons above the existing "lava river" to instantly access various functions. There is a set of buttons for multimedia functions and three extra buttons to enable / disable any other features we'll talk about later.

So, how in terms of the specification itself? What is actually offered by this HyperX Alloy Elite? This is it:

  • Switch: Cherry MX
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Backlight: Single Color, Red
  • Light Effects: 6 LED Modes and 4 Brightness Levels
  • Connection Type: USD 2.0
  • UBS 2.0 Pass-through: Yes
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Anti-ghosting: 100% anti-ghosting
  • Key Rollover: N-Key Mode
  • Media Control: Yes
  • Game Mode: Yes
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Cable length: 1,8m
  • Cable Type: Attached, Braided
  • Width: 444.00mm
  • Depth: 226.80mm
  • Height: 36.30mm
  • Weight: 1467g

HyperX Alloy Elite, How Convenient?

PC gamers who typically use mechanical keyboards will find it hard to go back to tasting the membrane keyboard, although not a few unique cases will deny our statement on this one. Admittedly, there are plenty of gamers out there who are always keen on testing out the mechanical keyboard coming from a trustworthy brand, with guaranteed quality and dependable reliability, but never having the courage to go in and start voting. Those who do not need a lot of cosmetic side and just want something that they can comfortably use for not only gaming activity, but also daily productive activities. Looking at the composition of existing design and features, this seems to be where the HyperX Alloy Elite is shining.

The decision to use the German Cherry MX - a switch with reliable quality and reliability seems to be a viable decision to thumbs up. Although the ends can not be sold for as cheap as a competitor's keyboard using another switch or even the "original" switch of some existing brands, Cherry MX is strongly associated with fantastic durability. Not just one, HyperX Alloy Elite actually offers three switch color variants - Blue, Brown, and Red each of them, of course offering a different pressing sensation. We ourselves get the Red version that feels like a proper Red switch. Although we personally prefer to "choose" Blue switches for daily work.

With a variety of other features such as anti-ghosting for example, you will no longer be faced with the risk that the quick command you injected will end up not being properly translated by this one keyboard. HyperX Alloy Elite also provides one USB 2.0 slot in the bealkang section to help you connect your other USB based devices, or simply to recharge the battery for your smart device.

While the other functions? As you can predict from a gaming keyboard. Beyond the additional keycaps for you that do replace some specific buttons that we think are insignificant, HyperX Alloy Elite does have one weakness that we feel is quite big - carrying a name that is too "heavy". Why? Because with the name of Elite that he stretcher, you may anticipate that this keyboard will offer something so unique and different. But in the end, all the features that he offers as a gaming keyboard is not so crisp it.

First, unlike other gaming keyboards, HyperX Alloy Elite is not supported with additional software. So, you will not get additional features and functions like macros for example, to adapt to any existing gaming genre. Second, in terms of cosmetics, the option to include only red LEDs is of course countlessly amid the flood of gaming keyboards that are now beginning to look like rainbows. HyperX Alloy Elite also does not offer a specific feature or function that really makes it feel different as a gaming peripheral. But REMEMBER, we did not mention that this product is bad. It's just that, from what he offers, the name "Elite" actually more inviting than to reflect what you will get. Potentially misleading. HyperX should be able to come up with a more appropriate name, leaving this word "Elite" for a variant that may offer more full and complete features in the future.

In the midst of these limitations, HyperX Alloy Elite is still offering a variety of extra features that strengthen its identity as a gaming keyboard. You can not change the color of an existing LED, but there is one dedicated button dedicated to offering various lighting effects for it. You can get effects from Breathing, Static, to Wave. While one other button is intended to adjust the intensity of the existing lighting, whether you want it to be darker or brightly lit, or even, to die altogether. In addition to the two buttons located on the top left of this keyboard, a button appears to activate Game Mode, which is also a function that seems to be starting to offer the layman.

But for the affairs of performance, you need not doubt the ability of this one keyboard. The quality of CherryMX switches and the existing anti-ghosting features, HyperX Alloy Elite will "devour" any type of PC game you've targeted, especially if you do not need a lot of macros. After all, you're dealing with a conventional gaming keyboard that carries almost any button, which, of course, can facilitate the change of control scheme you need via the in-game option. We ourselves tested it with two different approaches-PUBG and Divinity: Original Sin 2 each of which has a different charm. The result? No more doubt.

The Ultimate Points: Simplicity!

It's a bit strange that we call "simplicity" the appeal of a keyboard that carries the name "Elite" in it, the same reason that makes us choose focused subtitles to comment on the name being promoted. Because in the end, like the gaming keyboard in general, HyperX Alloy Elite is more designed for gamers who prioritize the convenience and standard functions of a keyboard in general, either for gaming activities or just a productive activity rather than cosmetics. And it is clearly visible in terms of design and features.

With all the "innards" he has stretched, from implementing CherryMX technology, anti-ghosting, to a variety of extra buttons to instantly access his LED cosmetics, this is a keyboard that you can taste instantly optimally once you connect it to your gaming PC . There is no trivial software that you need to download beforehand or a solid manual you have to learn to master the functionality. Just install it, and the "lava river" at the top of the keyboard will instantly light up to greet you. You are not too familiar with the gaming keyboard though, also have the freedom to test this function without fear of making mistakes.

Maybe we misunderstood the word "Elite" that he wanted to offer, but our HyperX Alloy Elite jajal is indeed carrying all the things you need from a gaming keyboard without the rush to prepare and master everything.


So what can be concluded from this HyperX Alloy Elite? That despite the fact that we are commenting on the weight of the name he wears, he is a capable gaming keyboard. Simple, comfortable, with a side of cosmetics that is not excessive, this is a mechanical keyboard that is ready to meet whatever your needs, either when completing a job or having fun with your latest PC game.

The anti-ghosting feature and alternate switch options will facilitate that. But again, the name "Elite" that he stretcher does cause a lot of question marks. Probably because of our interpretation, but we will be hard to imagine what kind of name HyperX will bring when releasing a new variant in the future with more complete features, including RGB to software support for macro functions and the like. Because ultimately, Alloy Elite is actually a rational alternative for new PC gamers wanting to taste their "favors" of a reliable mechanical keyboard.


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