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Review Marvel vs Capcom – Infinite: Full Question Innovation!

The genre of fighting is always focused on trying to subdue the opponent standing on the other side. Although it sounds simple because the focus is very centered on winning, this genre gave birth to so many different franchises with their own unique charms. There are two-dimensional fighting games, two-dimensional, three-dimensional martial arts use as the basis of animation, weapons, to magical attacks with destructive levels that spoil the eye. Some were born as adaptations to other creative products such as anime / manga, but not a few were born from the game industry, and then move towards the adaptation of anime, manga, to the big screen film from Hollywood. Among all the games, there is one name that can not be missed - Marvel vs Capcom.

Over the course of the generations, Capcom's courage to meld the Marvel universe filled with popular and iconic superhero and villain paid off nicely. The fighting concept that also makes Capcom's characters to start fighting with this excessive ability continues to achieve success from one to another, eventually, leading to the latest series being released for the current generation platform - Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC . It has always been known as a fighting game with a pampering card-style visualization, as well as complex mechanics that make combo the main attraction. Something that keep trying to be offered Capcom via the latest series - Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.


Like the strategy they could offer on Street Fighter V, Capcom also inject Story Mode for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite this. That is no longer limited to the arcade mode that only asks you to beat up some enemies before ending to the last boss, Story Mode is presented as a cinematic film with a clear story line. This time, you will be faced with a combination of two villains of the worse world of Marvel and Capcom - Ultron and Sigma (Megaman).

Can this series be called a sequel? If you look at the existing line of stories, then it seems not strange if called this series as a continuation of the original fighting game - Marvel Super Heroes (1997) because of the story thread and the existing gameplay mechanism. Ultron and Sigma decided to work together by joining them into the same entity, with two Infinity Stones in their hands. Infinity Stones itself is an artifact of the universe that is divided into different pieces of stone each of which has different abilities and effects. Ultron Sigma owns Infinity Stones for Reality and Space.

Easily destroying the various worlds that exist and intending to destroy the entire biological life in the universe, our heroes can not remain silent. Under the leadership of Captain America and Iron Man, the most rational solution today is to look for the remaining Infinity Stones to rival the Ultron Sigma power itself. The journey that splits into several groups begins to gain Time, Soul, Mind, and Power. Not only to strengthen themselves, this is the best way to ensure Ultron Sigma's own strength, not growing stronger until the limit can no longer be subdued.

At a critical moment, this superhero team even had to rely on the power of Titan that they had subjected to Marvel Super Heroes - Thanos. Thanos who was confined ended up being released to help fight the existing. Titan who likes to kill and destroy the world itself does not have many options, given the ambition of Ultron Sigma to eradicate all biological creatures in the universe means negating more targets for him to be killed. If there is nothing else he can kill, then he can no longer attract the attention of the idol of the heart - Death.

So, how do they struggle to overcome Ultron Sigma? Can all Infinity Stones be saved? Who else is the actor behind this deadly conflict? All answers to these questions you can get by playing Story mode game on this one.

Unbalanced Visual Quality

With its Unreal Engine 4 base stretched, the same engine Capcom uses to mix Street Fighter V, you might think that the Japanese developer and publisher should have understood and understood how to use it optimally. But the hope of getting a fascinating fighting game from the visual side was slightly injured by the weakness that had actually been complained about in beta some time ago, but not much improvement.

True, we are talking about the details of the human character that he usung, especially those who clearly have faces like Dante, Chris Redfield, Chun-Li, to Ryu though. Although the visuals for costumes, animated attacks, until just the colors for their clothes are executed appropriately, it's hard not to criticize the details of the face being carried. Looks strange and resilient with shadow effects that are also confusing, these characters seem to have substandard presentations. Dante who should look cool as a character actually shows a half-hearted face that does not look handsome, regardless of the fact, that they base the design of the young version in Devil May Cry 3. Not only Dante alone, the same problem also occurs in all human characters with faces , even for Dr. Strange, who now looks like PikoTaro with the PPAP song.

The opposite scene actually happens for all faceless / non-human characters that all look fantastic. Can not believe it? See how they handled costumes for Black Panther that had appeared as characters in Story Mode, or materials that clearly wrapped around Ultron's body that looked cool and shiny. Without a face, characters like Strider Hiryu also look much better than other protagonist characters. Fortunately, in terms of presentation, the ability of Unreal Engine 4 looks gorgeous with a fantastic battle arena design. Charming texture, the effects of destruction that make the fight feel dramatic, you can also see a variety of character actions on the back screen. Although ultimately, there is no level of interactivity there.

One side of the presentation that also makes us fall in love is the color choices as well as the various effects of the existing attacks. Color games make the attack effect look brighter, pamper the eyes, and dramatic at the same time. The characters that have a protagonist role are usually supported by a brighter color attack, compared to villain character dominated by dark colors such as black and red. Although without the particle effects that seem to define many fighting games today, the combination of attacks, especially when the projectiles are released, makes the Infinite series feel more modern. Animations for a variety of ultimate attacks that are carried also deserve a thumbs up own.

Will Capcom have room to "fix" the faces of the human character Marvel vs Capcom: This Infinite in the future? Currently, no one knows. But it must be admitted, the weakness is enough to make your experience from the visual side, slightly injured. Especially when you taste Story mode that often focuses on their face from close range when talking to get a cinematic effect. If you feel Dante's face is sad, see what they do with Morrigan.

Now, 2 vs 2

Marvel vs. Capcom's identity as a fighting game that relies heavily on strategies to execute deadly long combo combos is retained by Capcom in the Infinite series. But one different innovation, no longer present in 3 vs 3 format like the previous series, they now contain 2 vs 2 battles.

However, the sensation itself remains the same. In fact, to ensure newcomers can jump right in and enjoy it without having with complex mechanics, Capcom injected some mechanics "Easy" in it. There are two things you can do easily, even though you are not a fan of fighting though, ie do combo and issue a special attack stance.

With this "Easy" mechanic, gamers can do a combined attack of about 7-8 hits from ground to air by simply pressing the Low Punch button repeatedly. While pressing the High Punch and High Kick buttons simultaneously will make the character issue a special attack. These two "Easy" mode combinations will be enough to make newcomers even, to complete Story mode to compete online for non-ranked mode.

The good news? You who are already "veterans" with this franchise need not worry. Despite the fact that you are now dealing with the 2 vs 2 format, you can still perform a variety of even more fantastic attack combinations with the roster of characters provided. Thumbs up is worth aiming at Capcom who is able to offer a layer of complexity that is enough for the veteran gamer to explore and master it at a higher level. Through a series of existing manual attack combinations, combined with precise attack timings using either a simple attack, special attack, or even character turnover, you can continue to attack to finish off the enemy's HP bar. Juggling process that was so Marvel vs. Capcom identity is still maintained in the Infinite series, although now only with two characters only.

The characters offered are of course not just different from the visual side, but also different from the characteristics of attack and survive. Characters such as Rocket Racoon for example, have a low body, which means making it ineffective to be attacked with high attack animation. While on the other hand, he is able to move quickly and requires the enemy to adapt to his height. Then there are characters like Hulk and Haggar that although slow when moving, but capable of generating massive damage. Then you are also likely to encounter Spiderman, Gamora, Dormamu, to String Hiryu who have a high speed of movement, a combination of fast attacks, although ends with an HP bar that is easy to "hurt". The character turnover system offered by tenut is not just to extend the combos, but also to provide an opportunity for the resting character to recover.

Although this game is easy to master offline, your most important experience and learning about the mechanics will depend on the online mode that it offers, especially the existing Match. There, you'll meet the creativity of other users around the world who have a combination strategy of characters and a combination of attacks that sometimes end up leaving you no room for breathing. But it must be admitted, most of it did end with an attack that will bring juggling on the air as a focus. An experience ready to make you "humble" instantly. Can not believe it? Just look how we were battered by one of our online opponents via video above. We do not even have room to fight.

One of the new mechanics injected outside of the "Easy" attack for newcomers, is the Ultimate attack variant that is also now reinforced with more advanced versions. So no longer limited to 1-2 attacks that require you to spend 1 Power bar alone, each character now has a special cinematic attack that will be able to generate super large damage, however, demanding 3 Power bar to be executed. Almost most of these ultimate attacks require you to be in close proximity to the enemy (1 stroke distance), with animated eye pampering that will automatically run automatically when entering.

So in the end, apart from the mechanical injection that allows newcomers to enjoy MvC: Infinite through the "Easy" mode, it still leaves a vast space to be studied, studied, and mastered. From learning effective combinations of characters and attacks, determining the right timing, trying to ensure the same combination does not end up making you look "stupid" when fighting online. For those of you who are not interested in online mode, you can always fight against your friend or CPU in Arcade mode to unlock the character color costume alternatives.

The Power of Infinity Stones

One of the new mechanics (which has actually been offered in Marvel Super Heroes), is the presence of Infinity Stones as a new basic mechanic that allows you to set and execute specific strategies beyond the limitations of each character. So like the existing story mode, it is divided into six types, each of which will offer different effects on the fight. Although not very significant role in Story mode, but you will be asked to choose which Infinity Stone you want to use before tasting other different modes - from online to offline though. Here, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, as the name suggests, finds its identity.

Before the game, you will be asked to choose one of the 6 Infinity Stones available. The ability of each stone can be accessed by using only one button, without limit, can be done anytime. Reality will issue a red projectile attack, Time will allow you to do a short teleport, Space can make you pull enemies closer, Soul can make you steal a little portion of HP from your enemy, Mind can create stun effect for a short time, and Power for knockback attack effect.

Not only that, every Infinity Stone will also have a power bar that will be filled in line with the progress of the fight, as well as the damage you receive and produce. If you've reached a certain limit, you can use this Infinity Stone to produce an even more powerful Infinity Storm effect. Soul when entered in Infinity Storm for example, will make your behind-the-scenes characters who may die, come back to life, and come to attack you together until this Storm period is over. If you activate Infinity Storm for Space for example, then your opponent will be locked in motion in an energy box that makes them not swing free. Of course, the decision to when to turn on Infinity Storm will depend heavily on your game strategy.

Like a mechanic that closes the gap for the absence of a third character, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite does encourage you to choose Infinity Stone and then build a strategy out of it. You who prefer to use characters with short range of attack for example, can use Time to do a short teleport and minimize the distance for the combination you need. You who like to use a combination of attacks can repeatedly adapt one or two frame gaps for Mind, to allow you to open or even, resume any combination of attacks you need. Setting timings for when to save or activate Infinity Storm will also be essential.

But unfortunately, we ourselves are not too "comfortable" when the concept is under the competitive realm, especially online mode. Why? Because for the reason being questioned, you are required to choose which Infinity Stone you used to use, then the characters. And in our eyes, Capcom can actually make this Infinity Stone a "counter" tool that even has a more essential role if the decision to choose it actually happens after us and the opponent has chosen the character, and we know what each of us will use. Imagine how good and fun the game is if you look at the lineup of enemy characters who seem to rely on projectile attacks and then we choose Time to balance it. Or conversely, the enemy knows we use characters with great damage, and then adapt by choosing Soul. For now, making the choice of characters and Infinity Stone "secret" while playing competitively makes the role of this special, questionable rock.

But still, as a gamer who had tasted Marvel Super Heroes in the past, the significance of the role of Infinity Stones in this strategy of play is indeed worthy of thumbs up.

Play safe!

If there is a strong impression that flows every time talking about the roster of characters injected Capcom in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite this, then "play safe" seems a phrase that simply describes what we feel. Because such as mengamini what was rumored before release, unlike previous MVC series, Capcom did not bring the characters of the universe X-Men at all. Is this a conscious decision? Or is it because of the X-Men licensing issue that is now held and controlled by Fox? Or is it, solely to exploit the hype and popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Only Capcom knows. One is for sure, he made the line up of his fighter character is a bit disappointing.

There's no Wolverine, no Magneto, and no Juggernaut for you to use, Capcom then fills the void in a very safe way. They again bring the characters that have actually been offered in the previous series before, although some of them, get animated attacks and new combinations. This of course becomes a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there is a strong sense of familiarity for you who had tasted the previous version. But on the other hand, there is the disappointment that Capcom and Marvel are not enough "crazy" to bring in more new innovative characters. There are many potential characters in our eyes: Baker Family from Resident Evil 7, Yondu from Guardians of Galaxy, Black Widow, Akuma from Street Fighter, to Capcom's own old franchise.

But does that mean Capcom does not inject new characters here? Of course, there are many new characters that you can taste. Capcom has made sure that characters such as Black Panther, Sigma, and Monster Hunter characters will join in the epic battle between the two worlds. The bad news? They are all paid DLCs. True, in the midst of criticism that their character is minimal in terms of quantity and quality, Capcom decided to offer "the rest" as a paid DLC for a high price too.

If there is one positive side to take from Capcom's strategy, at least they do not flood Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite with a variety of microtransactions for cosmetics and lootbox that seems to be the trend of the gaming industry today.


An innovation full of questions seems like the right sentence to explain the experience we got with Marvel vs Capcom: The Infinite. For a franchise that has existed for a long time, Capcom still have the ability to present something new and different from this one franchise. Through the change of battle system 2 vs 2 and Infinity Stones, you who are already veterans will get a new experience with a layer of mechanics deep enough to be explored and mastered. In fact, through the Easy mode offered for the two basic functions that exist, newcomers gamers can directly jump and enjoy the variety of content offered. Moreover, he was peppered with a tutorial mode that is also worth to thumbs up.

Perfect? Unfortunately no. There are several design options, from mere presentation problems, gameplay mechanics, to merely the roster content that we think is worth questioning. Among the weaknesses, finding that you still have to pour back extra money to get new characters to be enjoyed and used is indeed the most fatal blow. Capcom was desperate to "squeeze" the potential of the actual Marvel vs. Capcom, still this potential.

And therefore, we're likely to recommend you to postpone purchasing this game for at least another year. Why? Because it seems clear, with all season passes for characters like this one, Capcom will eventually release a version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite with all the characters available. A version that will make its roster, more attractive in terms of quality or quantity. For now, he may feel tempting just for gamers who are dedicated to the genre of this one.


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