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Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 Keyboard Review : "White Shark" Dense Function!

How important is a mechanical keyboard for PC gamers? Opinions are often divided into two different camps. But most gamers who menjajalnya, usually will end up enjoying it, especially if the first impression comes from a variant of the switch that feels comfortable in the hand. The mechanical keyboard is identical as the "product" of gaming considering not only the facts about the convenience and accuracy of the responses that it offers, but also the variety of designs and features that make the price is often, ending up more expensive than conventional keyboards in general. Gamers who have productive activities with the same computer set will also be able to use it. One of them is offered by Sharkoon via their keyboard product - Skiller MECH SKG1.

Design and Features

As a brand born on German soil, the "holy city" of manufacturing process with super high precision, Sharkoon's name is quite unique in the competition of gaming peripherals for PC. He is not as popular as other giant brands, but able to survive in the middle of so many products through the choice of targeted design. They understand what the gamers need specifically, then struggle to find and determine the design that remains tempting, but on the other hand, at a reasonable price. This is what seems to be reflected through Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 this.

Solid function seems to be the right word to explain this one keyboard. From the design side, he looks fierce. Although the overall layout looks ordinary, but the stroke is pinned Sharkoon at the top of the keyboard does produce a unique cosmetic side. The good news? It does not look tacky because the actual line pattern is more geared to produce a futuristic impression.

Comes with a number of conventional buttons, you will also easily get used to since the beginning. Some extra functions, especially for multimedia and LED lighting settings are done using a combination of Sharkoon + buttons. Fortunately, there are icons that are clear enough to give clue visual what functions you can access with this combination.

The rest? You are dealing with a keyboard design that does not offer much new and different things. A gaming keyboard that seems to have one clear message - that functionality and convenience are what he wants to pursue. Meet what a new PC gamer may be thinking about reaching to the mechanical keyboard itself.

So what exactly does he offer? What specifications are he stretcher? Here is the official specification for:

  • Type: Gaming Keyboard
  • Illumination: White
  • Switch Technology: Mechanical (Kailh Red)
  • Poling Rate: 1.000Hz
  • Block: 3-Block Layout
  • Palm Rest: Integrated
  • Onboard Memory for Game Profiles: Yes
  • Capacity of Onboard Memory: 16 kB
  • Weight (incl. cable): 1,32 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 458 x 220 x 44 mm
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10
  • Operating Life Cycles of Keys: 50 million keystrokes

Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1, How Convenient?

There are two main things that of course deserve to be noticed from a gaming keyboard, and often indeed, their main attraction. The first? Is about comfort. The second? Of course, the features that make it different from conventional keyboards in general, and make the higher prices that he stretcher does look and sound appropriately. For convenience, Shechoon Skiller MECH SGK1 is doing a good job. For functions and features? He does not offer much to talk about.

Comes with the conventional design and the number of similar buttons, you will easily directly use and master it, especially with the distance and size of each key is also calculated standard. No attempt to look crazy or cool and end up injuring a typing experience that should really be the main focus here. The implementation of Kailh's various color switches (we happen to get red) certainly ensures fantastic typing accuracy. Although there is an impression that Kailh's durability can end lower than Cherry MX, but the implementation of this technology can indeed make Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 is presented with a fairly affordable price. This is an inevitable reciprocity.

So just like a gaming keyboard in general anyway, a variety of additional features to minimize the risk of you end up pressing the wrong button and lose in the gaming session because of technical problems like this, Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 also provides anti-ghosting feature here. With a selection of switches that color it, switch preferences will of course be returned to your individual person. Unique indeed, but each color does represent a different sensation at your fingertips, making it possibly end up suitable for one gamer, but ending up is not suitable for other types of PC gamers.

With a simple design, the size of this keyboard is large and makes it not too optimal to serve as your "mobile" keyboard. In that sense, a keyboard that you can carry when you're having a gaming session outside the home for example. The reason? Because the palm rest that does help your hand end up relaxed that he stretcher can not be revoked pairs, making him more bongsor. But again, it's clear that Sharkoon is designing a gaming keyboard on this one, to stick firmly on your gaming table, no matter what happens, not to carry around.

Although there is not much to complain about the overall design of the keyboard, on the contrary, especially from the design of high keys that make it easier to clean and more comfortable to press, there is one thing that we are worried about, of course. With the PC configuration that we put on the bottom right of the workbench, Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 keyboard wire is always interested to the right. Using it for almost 2 weeks has already begun to trigger concerns about the durability of the cable itself, especially those coming out of the keyboard. You can see a pretty obvious bump there. Although our table configuration does not represent the configuration of many PC gamers, but for gamers who have the same PC position, the quality of this cable certainly provokes its own question mark. The good news? As far as we tasted it, even when this review was written, no significant technical issues arose from it.

Bad news for those of you who are also happy with LED-based cosmetic modifications or macro functions for example, Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 does not offer that. The LEDs you can enjoy are just the default white color LED illumination levels and the effect you can set with the key combination instantly. In dark areas, this white LED does look pretty sweet. It does not hurt in the eyes while reinforcing the futuristic identity he is about to offer. Present without software support, Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 also does not provide macro functionality for you to enjoy. Slightly cured by the fact that conventional design still provides many buttons for you to change its function through in-game menus and the like.

One is certain, the combination of features that he offers does make Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 is no longer need to doubt. Although we did not taste it in the tough competitive games, but tried it out in games like Cuphead (we did not use the controller at the beginning) until Divinity - Original Sin 2 made it feel like a reliable keyboard. Both of these games do not need a lot of macro function and we are also not the type of gamer who feels that the RGB LED does help the convenience of playing. So far, with the illumination settings offered, Shechoon Skiller MECH SGK1 performs its job well as a gaming keyboard.

The Ultimate Points: Simplicity!

Like the keyboard that we had a review before, simplicity seems to be the main attraction of Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 this. That you do not need to use software and the like to "harvest" the actual abilities that it offers. This is a keyboard that carries the concept of plug and play, without further ado. Something that suits you who really wants a quality keyboard with similar appeal.

Instant functions that he can offer are all presented in the right capacity. They even provide a "cheat sheet" in the sales package that is directed to make you a hard time remembering to be able to take advantage of the various functions that exist by simply relying on the existing Sharkoon button. But of course, for you who are familiar with functions like this, you just see what is presented by every icons that exist for a glimpse of information, than just set the effects of LEDs are quite diverse to the multimedia player control functions.

One other function that he also offers, although we ourselves do not think there will be many players who use it, is the ability to instantly change the direction of motion functions in the game - W-A-S-D with arrow keys. So if you are more accustomed to using the d-pad button to move for example, you do not have to bother to change the configuration through the in-game option. You just press the Sharkoon + WASD, and both will automatically switch roles. We see it interesting, though never once felt compelled to use it.

So what you find is a product that does not position itself as an "ultimate" keyboard and the like, but more for seductive alternatives for gamers who want to feel a mechanical keyboard that does not have much to say and comes with optimal functionality. That's the attraction of Shechoon Skiller MECH SGK1.


Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 is a simple gaming keyboard, but solid function. Although it is not supported with software or macro support, but the conventional design that it offers will provide more than enough of what you want. Kailh as a switch promises the correct accuracy of the commands, combined with other features such as anti-ghosting, for example, to ensure you will not end up frustrated just because of technical neglect when tasting your flagship game on PC.

High design keys make it easier to clean, complete with aluminum base material that makes it feel more solid. However, this keyboard is of course not perfect. But of all the things that can be noted, Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK1 it will be quite difficult to compete in the price level. With fairly limited features, it is offered at a fairly high price compared to other competitors' products.


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