Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Super Mario Odyssey Preview: Refusing Old!

32 years old, older than most of you who are reading this article. Believe it or not, that's the age of Mario as a franchise since its inaugural existence. An icon that has surpassed the big name of Nintendo and represents the whole gaming industry continues to exist, generation after generation, refuses to end up old, irrelevant, and eventually die. One of the main reasons of course is Nintendo's commitment to continue to make it a flagship title for every product they racik, console or handheld. As is also the case with the Nintendo Switch. No need to wait too long, gamers can finally enjoy the Super Mario Odyssey directly. Games that are ready to steal your heart from the first sight.

First impression

One fantastic thing from Mario? Despite the fact that he is 30 years old and existed since the first generation platform Nintendo, he always comes with innovations that make it never feel old, monotonous, or boring. Various genres already he jajal, but the combination of the concept of platformer always accompany it. This is also the case with the latest title - Super Mario Odyssey which can now be enjoyed by Nintendo Switch gamers directly. Back with the classic plot to save Peach from Bowser's abduction, he injected so many different things that made him, ending up a fantastic adventure game. One of them? Of course the ability of the Mario to penetrate a variety of enemy characters or objects that he met.

In addition to the diverse worlds that offer so many different themes and challenges, this is the attraction of Super Mario Odyssey. That with his new hat capability, Mario can possess and use the power of the objects he enters for not only the platforming process, but also solving the puzzles. Its own gameplay system is geared to prioritize the exploration process, because as with Breath of the Wild, there will not be as many clues as you can get to get what you need. Its own mission is simple, look for a moon-shaped resource that is the source of power from your aircraft - the Odyssey. But of course, every month it will have its own challenges to be conquered, with a variety of puzzles, platforming, to boss that must be faced.

With a system like this, you will get an adventure game so far, it does not feel boring at all. Puzzles are always present fresh and different, with your gaming brain that will actively keep trying to find a location for the next Moon. More cool? With the various worlds on offer, you also have the opportunity to collect other resources for dressing Mario. Although some of it contains cosmetic items, but not a few conditions where these clothes are needed to finish or get Moon in one particular location.

We ourselves have actually finished this game from the side of the story, but quite surprised because the "finish story" turned out to be only half of Super Mario Odyssey's journey itself. It turns out to contain post-ending content with more puzzles and action that can be done, something we are currently testing. While we are optimistic that we can complete the review process before this week ends, let us throw a load of fresh screenshots from the oven below to help you get a little idea of ​​what Super Mario Odyssey is all about. So far? Apparently indeed, a strong candidate for Game of the Year.


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