Monday, November 6, 2017

Advan A8 Review : Rely on Dual Cameras and Securities

Advan re-launch their latest product is Advan A8. Honest to see the price targeted by Advan A8 is quite doubtful. By mengandalakan dual camera and his security system Advan try to compete with two names that are currently being discussed are Xiaomi MiA1 and also Moto G5S Plus. Is Advan A8 really can compete with the two names, consider the following reviews.


Advan A8 has a fairly standard. Nothing special in design from Advan A8. Somehow the design of Advan A8 actually even look tailed from two selfie smartphone brand that is currently a trend. Yes, at a glance Advan A8 looks similar to Oppo F1s or Vivo V5. Looks like a local brand this one should be more daring again in concept design, in order to compete with other brands. Their previous flagship product Advan G1, did not yet have a design that looks original.

Visible from the front section, with a white bezel, and A8 does have a fairly slim dimensions. The home button on the front that also functions as a fingerprint sensor, which has an oval shape makes it more similar to the duo smartphone selfie we have mentioned above.

But if you look at the back, Advan A8 looks quite different. Especially because this smartphone has been using dual camera sensor on the back. The camera module is mounted vertically, with a size that looks great. Unfortunately the camera module looks very prominent, so when the smartphone is placed on the back on, then the camera module will directly touch the surface. Among the two sensors, there are dual-tone LED flash lights.

Advan A8 has a unibody metal design, where on the device that we review this is a gold colored variant. In addition to the camera sensor that looks prominently on the back, Advan A8 also has a dividing line that is at the top and bottom. In the upper and lower back cover is made of polycarbonate material of course as a gap for cellular signals.

The power and volume keys have a standard placement, which is on the right side. While the SIMCard and Mciro SD slots are on the left side. On the top side there is a 3.5 mm jack slot, while the bottom side there are USB type C connectors and grill speakers. Yes, Advan A8 has been using USB Type C for cable connectivity.

What is unique is the capacitive buttons for back and recent buttons that can be customized. Advan A8 only displays a capacitive button in the form of a small dot, where the user can set whether the app's recent button is on the right and the back button on the left, or with the opposite placement. Users can set it through the settings menu. Unfortunately there is no backlit light for the key.


In terms of specifications, Advan A8 can be said to still have specifications that can not be said special, especially for the kitchen pacunya. Namely with 5.5 inch screen with Full HD resolution, SoC MediaTek MT6750T (Octa-Core Arm Cortex A53 1.5GHz + GPU Mali T860), 4GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage.

While from the side of the camera is quite curious. Dual camera which became the main camera of Advan A8 is using Sony IMX258 sensor resolution of 13 MP and Omnivision OV5675 5MP resolution. As for the front camera, this smartphone is equipped with 8 MP resolution camera.

In terms of connectivity Advan A8 certainly already supports 4G networks in all providers in the country. It also supports Wi-Fi network at 5GHz frequency. In addition Advan A8 can be regarded as the most affordable smartphone that has been using USB Type C at this time. Unfortunately, Advan A8 has not been equipped with NFC connectivity, one of the more sought after features in the latest smartphone today.

The sensor is also quite complete from the Accelerometer, Proximity, Ambience Light, Compass, to Gyroscope. It also has been equipped with a fingerprint on the front, with a response speed of up to 0.3 seconds.

SIMCard slot available Hybrid, where users can use two SIM Card, or one SIM Card in slot 1 and MicroSD in second slot.

Advan A8 equipped with battery capacity of 3000mAh, and runs using the Android operating system Nougat 7.0 with UI made by Advan itself is IDOS. The superior features are added such as XLocker, Anti Theft, and Privacy System.

The sales package of Advan A8 is quite complete. Among them are warranty card, charger adapter, USB Type C cable, headset, and also jelly case. Available headsets also have good quality, unlike the standard headsets that exist in other smartphone sales packages.


The camera capability of Advan A8 is quite good. Using two 13 MP camera sensor Sony IMX 258 and 5 MP Omnivision, the resulting image detail is quite good. The image looks sharp with the maximum visible color. Only, the color contrast looks a bit too high, so in the dark shadow on an object will look very dark while the highlights will look very bright.

For bokeh feature with two sensors owned also looks pretty good, although the croping between the blur and focus still looks less perfect. But well, the blur section tends to cut into the part that should focus, and not vice versa. So it does not look like a photoshop edition that failed. Fine again, after the picture is taken the user can rearrange the aperture to blur level and focus on the object at will.

Front camera with 8MP resolution is also sufficient for selfie needs and also has a fairly wide angle. For dark conditions, users can also use flash lights available to add light. Here are some photos that are immortalized using the front camera A8.


Advan A8 equipped with a battery capacity of 3000mAh. Battery capacity is fairly standard for smartphones today. We tested with a looping video test and also a browsing test.

In testing the test video with HD resolution, Advan A8 can last for 7 hours 32 minutes. This figure is somewhat less qualified as most smartphones today also have the ability to battery with a minimum of 10 hours of endurance during HD video playback.


Just rely on dual cameras just seems not enough to make Advan A8 able to compete in the price class 3 millions. Especially with the ability of the camera that also can not be said to be special. While at the same price, Advan has to compete with higher-performing brand smartphones with a more adequate SoC, as well as more qualified kaemra qualities.

Another thing that seems try to be attempted by Advan is with the securities features it has. This feature is quite interesting, and may be a special advantage for Advan A8. But of course this is just the software, which basically all the smartphones can be added to various features depending on the custom made.

The only thing that Advan can hope for for this A8 product is to re-cut prices as it did on the Advan G1 product. Evan proved successful to sell the product is more successful than the official price when it was first launched. Is this indeed an Advan strategy? I have no idea.

Or bring improvements in terms of specifications and features as done on Advan G1 Pro. For example adding NFC features on the device, because these features are increasingly in demand right now.


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