Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ardan Guide Item Vainglory : Support as well as the Best Tanker in Vainglory!

Now let us discuss Ardan who is a support hero as well as a tanker in Vainglory. What are the ideal items for her?

Ardan is a tanker hero in Vainglory which is also very well used to support team members. Ardan's ability named Vanguard can add a barrier to his friend as well as damage and slow down the enemies around him. In addition, he has an ultimate named Gauntlet which is great for locking enemies inside a cage.

Ardan's Heroic Perk is also very good, whenever he is attacked, he can heal his HP by 1% missing HP. That means, when he is dying and has a little HP, he can heal his HP even bigger when attacked by the enemy. You can also give yourself a barrier when dying by using Vanguard's ability to himself. The large barrier he receives depends on the maximum size of HP he owns.

To find out what items are suitable to use, let's see the items along with the following explanation.

Fountain of Renewal

It's a mandatory item you should buy as a tanker and support team. Now you can keep your team members better. Because in addition to having Vanguard support capabilities, you also still have Fountain of Renewal items to heal your team members. This item can also harden your shield, so you do not receive too much crystal damage from enemies. This item also adds a minimum of HP, which the maximum HP can add to the barrier effect of Vanguard capability.

War Treads

Shoes that can increase your HP maximum by 500 points! You will be able to give the barrier to your team members even greater! No other shoes suitable for use by Ardan other than this War Treads item.

Atlas Pauldron

To keep your team members alive, it's good you can slow down the speed of running and also at the same time the speed of enemy attacks. Where you can reduce the speed of running by using the ability Vanguard and attack speed you can reduce by using Atlas Pauldron items.


A suitable damage item once used by a hero who does not have a WP or CP build at all like the Ardan hero. This item can help you generate true damage to your enemies. In addition, the status of this item also increases HP's maximum by 200 points.


One more item that can help and keep your team members. This item also adds a huge HP maximum of 600 points! You will be able to provide a very large barrier to your team members after having this item.

Bonesaw / Aftershock

You can choose one item from both of these items. Everything has its own advantages. Bonesaw can help your team members to destroy the armor of your enemies, so that your team members can kill the enemy quickly.

Aftershock can reduce the cooldown time of all your abilities, it really helps your team because of the ability of Vanguard and Ardan's ultimate ability is Gauntlet.


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