Sunday, November 19, 2017

Art Wards in Dota 2 That Probably Not Much Known to Noob Players

The art of installing wards in Dota 2. Hearing the sentence may seem a bit awkward to you guys who are used to buying and installing ward when playing as support. Yes, the Observer and Sentry ward are simple items, but have a very crucial function to the game in Dota 2.

Useful observer wards give visions around the area, and a useful Sentry ward gives visibility to invisible objects, surely you have often seen its application in games for so long. But if examined further, there are many things you must understand to be able to maximize the function of these two wards. Here are some of them!

Ward the Ward on the Cliff

The most common location for installing a ward is a place that has a higher position than the surrounding area. That way, the vision given will be wider and harder to reach by the enemy. Good indeed, but such positions must be very easy to read and anticipated by the enemy. So installing a ward on high ground (cliff) is more advisable if you are in a position to control the map.

Quelling Blade, Important Items for Support

It may seem a bit strange to see a support buy Quelling Blade. Item that has the main function of cutting down this tree when it can also be used to destroy the opponent's ward instantly. Imagine how many seconds are wasted if you deward ward your opponent using a normal attack. Not to mention you can create a new spot ward by cutting down some trees.

Installing Ward Must Be Followed Objectively

This is a common mistake made by the lay support players. Most of them install wards only limited to a support obligation. Each time there is a stock of ward directly purchased, spent, but unfortunately impressed origin is installed. Ideally, installing a ward should be followed by a certain objective. For example installing ward in the forest itself, that means we give space on the carry for farm with more safe and quiet.

Forest is a Playground for Ward

Most of the maps from Dota 2 are filled by forests. It can be said that the forest is the most neutral place to clash. This is where ward placement becomes very crucial. Whoever is able to put the ward in vital and unique positions will help one team as a whole to start a good fight team initiation, then take over the dominance of the map.

Do not Forget Vision in Runes

Runes are meant here are unique runes that appear in the river. Runes can change the tempo of the game if obtained by the right hero. For example when the Storm Spirit gets runes regen, Tiny gets invisible, or Phantom Assassin gets double damage. Always provide a ward on one side of the river runes. It does not take two sides with wards, as this will reduce the number of wards you can use for other purposes such as defending or attacking.

That was the guys of some of the techniques and art of installing wards in Dota 2 that may be rarely understood by a layman. If you guys have suggestions and other feedback, just pass it down yes! Do not forget to follow weblumia for more interesting info about Dota 2!


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