Saturday, November 11, 2017

Catherine Guide Item Vainglory: Tumble Carry Enemy with Ease!

Catherine is a tanker and ganker hero that is very easy to use by new Vainglory players. How to play it is quite simple and has the ability to survive and attack very well. Catherine's Stormguard ability can reflect the damage it receives to the surrounding area to attack back the enemy. If used at the right time, such rebound attacks will be very dangerous for the enemy, especially in the late game.

Because Catherine has a balanced ability of attack and defense, then I will recommend the items that are suitable for her to be hero tankers, semi-carry, and also ganker. Here are the six items that will be used by him.

Journey Boots

As a ganker hero, walking speed is very important and mandatory to be improved. Therefore, suitable shoes are Journey Boots. With these shoes, you can catch enemies and do ganking. In addition, Catherine's ability to reflect the damage received, so you should continue to stick to the hero carry your opponent and try to finish him off, without fear of damage from him. Therefore, Journey Boots is one of the reasons to be able to exceed run speed carry opponent.

Defense Item

The most suitable item defenses used by ganker and tanker heroes like Catherine are Fountain of Renewal. This item can support your team to be able to survive longer during the battle. Also, with this item, I'm sure you have a better chance of winning than a team that does not have a Fountain of Renewal item.

As a tanker hero you need two defense items. You can buy Crucible to become the second defense item. The use of Crucible at the right time will greatly help your team to win the battle with the opposing team.


Catherine's abilities are excellent but have a pretty high cooldown time. Therefore, you also need items that can shorten the cooldown time, such as Clockwork. With this item, you will also always be able to activate Stormguard, where you can always reflect the damage received from the enemy. You can also spam stun and also silince to enemy every time. In addition you will also get additional armor every time you use these capabilities.

Eve Of Harvest

If you use this one item, all the capabilities you wear to the enemy can absorb HP. Stormguard will also absorb HP by simply pasting your character into enemy heroes. This item will really help you to be a pretty hard hero.

After Shock

The only item that makes hero Catherine a semi-carry hero. With this item, you will become a tanker hero who can generate considerable damage to the opponent's hero. Damage generated by HP opponent, the greater the HP opponent then the damage that you produce will also be greater. So this item really helps you to generate damage, even if you have very little or no damage items.

That's the sixth item that Catherine is good at, good luck!


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