Saturday, November 11, 2017

CP Kestrel Guide Vainglory : EZ Kill with One Shot One Kill!

Play Kestrel with CP can ez kill enemies with One Shot One Kill!

When choosing a build item for a hero in Vainglory, one thing that may always be the question is, CP (Crystal Power) or WP (Weapon Power). The selection is certainly felt after you play it, and feel which is more effective in the game.

One of them Kestrel, although it can actually be used with WP build, but this hero proved more effective if using build CP. Curious how to play Kestrel with build CP? Here's the Kestrel CP guide!

Build Skill

Because you use build CP, Glimmershot can be said to be the main skill to be maximized. This is certainly because Glimmershot becomes the main source of damage Kestrel. But because Glimmershot is your main source of damage, make sure you can hit the enemy with your skill.

Another thing to keep in mind, the damage from Glimmershot is greater at the end of the cast range of the arrow. Therefore, be sure not to fire the enemy up close, position your hero a little bit further from the target to maximize the damage output.

While the second skill, you can use when entering the late game to menghliang forever. In addition, the mist effect that comes out after you use Active Camo can also be used to generate maximum damage.

Then for the ulti, One Shot One Kill, you can use whenever you see the enemy position. Do not force waiting for the dying enemy to use this skill, because this ability has a fast cooldown. So cooldown seems not a big deal for you who play Kestrel with build CP.

Item Build

For Item Build, two Shatterglass can be said to be the main item of this hero. The reason for choosing the item, of course for Kestrel can directly give a big impact in the game. With two Shatterglasses, your enemies are guaranteed to be half-blooded right away when you take out the Glimmershot on target.

In addition, you also do not have to think too much about defensive items when using this hero. Thanks to the Active Camo's ability, you can infiltrate silently and instantly generate massive damage without having to contact the enemy you are facing. But again, you have to be careful if you choose not to make defensive items, because your hero will be very soft and easy to kill.


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