Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dell Inspiron 5675 R7 Review – The Right Formula For Multitasking and Gaming

This time Dell re-launched its newest unit is the Dell Inspiron 5675. Armed with AMD Ryzen processor, with a choice of Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 combined with a choice of several graphics cards up to GTX 1060. What kind of performance and features? Check out the reviews!


Design, Build Quality & Handling

Present while maintaining a "look" that really dell. Of course, with some of the more modern design renewal and quite eye catchy. Plus the glow of blue lights that illuminate from inside the case and its logo when this PC is turned on, raising the modern aura of this Dell Inspiron 5675. Everything is packed with a fairly hard plastic body and good quality. Finishing neatly in every corner and indentation, without leaving a sharp cut marks. Everything is perfectly installed, with no defects at all.

For the two-tone concept he offers, it looks like Dell wants to give the feel of Open Skin. But in our opinion, so a little less synergy. Still in our opinion, its brushed aluminum color features a solid impression. But it gets so dim when it looks its black grille lattice. Especially when viewed from the left side view. If you have any other opinions, please share in the comment field, we really want to hear it.

Unfortunately, this case has not been tool-less so it's a bit inconvenient to open the side panel. However, for PC Build-up like this, which is designed to be directly used, in our opinion what is the case open ?. After all, could have an effect on the warranty. Dell Inspiron is equipped with some desktop features in general, such as optical disk drives. On the front panel, there is an audio jack for headphones, two USB 3.1 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, and an SD card reader.

For the back panel there are two PS / 2 ports for the keyboard and mouse, four USB 3.1 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit LAN rj45 port, and 5 audio jack plugs for 7.1 channel audio setup. For display-out business, there are DVI-D output, HDMI port, and Display Port. On the back of the chassis-also provided a hook for the grounding cable and there is a small indentation that is quite helpful when lifting this case.

Cooling System & Upgrade Option

In this case, there is an All in One Watercooling from Dell with a radiator and a 12CM fan. As we know, AMD Ryzen is less friendly in terms of heat dissipation. And using water cooling is a very appropriate step. Not to mention, if you want a little play with CPU clock. No need to fear for this type of cooling maintenance.

As long as you used to disassemble pairs of heatsink water cooling type, you should also be able to disassemble pairs of water cooling AiO like this. If still afraid, please contact team after sales pemmz, and let us do it all for you. To help with airflow, a 12CM fan intake is placed in front.

For upgrade options, there are enough components that we can add or enhance. Starting from ODD bay 5.25 which is still empty, HDD bays that can still be filled type 3.5-inch or 2.5 inch, and the option to upgrade the PSU to a larger capacity, also add VGA to make the SLI configuration. You can also use faster M2 type SSDs. Unfortunately, the m.2 slot only supports the PCIe SSD type.

There are several PSU capacity options for this Dell Inspiron 5675. For the unit that we review, he is equipped with 460 Watt powered PSU. For the specifications he was carrying is enough. But if you later want to add components, it seems, should consider the PSU with more power. Oia, for those of you who are interested in upgrading for Dell Inspiron 5675 units purchased at Pemmz, we will provide free cabling management service for maximum water-flow quality.

Performance & Temperature

On the performance side, the ability of AMD Ryzen 7 1700X is quite good in multi-tasking and gaming. With a considerable number of cores totaling eight, AMD Ryzen 7 1700X is famous for doing multicore computing that is much better than Intel CPU class. Turbo boost feature of its own processor can improve performance significantly for either gaming or editing.

In game trials can also be seen that the performance is still very qualified for games this century, with an average fps is still above 60 except The Division. All benchmark tests are performed with the highest standard presets and for games use the highest graphics settings at Full-HD resolution.

In the graphics sector there is a GTX 1060 6GB which is quite qualified for the game today. This VGA can still be overclocked just a little because the capacity of the cooler is still a reference, but the performance increase is enough to add some fps in the game. In this trial we performed some benchmark tests with 3DMark 11, Fire Strike, Time Spy, Unigine Heaven, Unigine Valley and Cinebench 15. For the game we used RE 6 benchmarks and some games like The Division, GTA V, Battlefield 4, The Witcher 3, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Power consumption on the desktop is arguably quite economical though using Ryzen 7 and GTX 1060. Only 50 watts alone at idle and 280 watts at full load. The boot-up time of this desktop only draws about 110watt power. Irit is not it? The heat generated is also quite normal where the processor is in the range of 40'C idle and 74'C full load. For VGA is a bit hot compared to non-reference cooler, ranging from 30 ° C in idle position and 83'C in full load position.


Dell Inspiron 5675 is one of the first PC Build-up that uses AMD Ryzen platform. With competitive specifications and prices, this product offers standard desktop features in general. But the presence of watercooling, which is more quiet and cool, a sales point as well as a solution to get the optimal performance of an AMD Ryzen. The choice of GTX 1060 GPU is also very appropriate to offset the CPU for current gaming needs.

Finally, the casing is enough to present a brand of Dell. But it is better to give finishing better for the inside, also maximize the arrangement of components as well as its cable management. For cosmetics, Black and orange alloys may be more attractive, where orange represents CI from AMD Ryzen. For those of you who crave a branded PC desktop for almost any computing needs, Dell Inspiron 5675 7 is highly recommended.


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