Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dota 2 : The 4 Mistakes Frequently Carryed by Player

Hi buddy RevivaL! How many of you guys often play as a carry? This time we will tell you the 4 mistakes that are usually done by the player carry. Let us consider that we can learn as a good and true carry.

1. Spoiled

Sometimes when we play as role carry, the support players often whine and complain because some players carry always ask all kinds of warding to ask for lane he was kept free to do farming. However, we sometimes do not realize if we are too spoiled. Our support will be angry or even choose to leave our lane and consequently we will be hard to farming in early game.

2. Share Creeps

As a carry, there is nothing wrong to share creeps with support because they also need gold that will help you in the future. The first priority of support in the early game is to get enough gold in order to buy wards to make it easier for you to see opponents who will do the gang or harass enemies that will prevent you from doing farming. Do not get angry because your support is accidentally taking 1 creep from your lane. Think of it as an investment for your team in order to win the game.

3. EGO

As much as possible, do not let the ego control you because it will have a bad impact on the game you are playing. The average carry likes to blame support without being in the mirror of itself when making a bigger mistake. If you make a mistake that you do yourself then admit it, without having to blame the support. Surely your future cooperation will be better and more compact.

4. Overfarm

This is the most fatal mistake often done by the player carry. They tend to continue to do farming regardless of the difficulties experienced by his own team. This is obviously very harmful because when the enemy attacks you, they must have 5 people to fight while your team can only hold with 4 people just because you guys again cool farming. So there is no harm if you feel your farm is enough and have enough items, you plunge help in team fight.

So, how buddy? Do not be a greedy carry! Remember, DotA 2 is a team game and not an individual. So you guys should help your friends as well and make sure you guys to carry your team to win instead of carry your team to lose ~ XD See you next time guys and greetings +25 MMR!


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