Saturday, November 4, 2017

DOTA 2 : Magic Damage Ember Spirit

Talent Tree on patch 7 DotA 2 must be recognized many change the existing meta. And, one of the things that interests is how Ember Spirit can be maximized for magical damage rather than physical damage. Which is the question, to what extent?

Ember Spirit is famous for its capability to deliver physical damage, which also makes many Ember Spirit players use Divine Rapier as their last choice as an item of damage in the late game.

In 7.00 patch or at least up to 7.01, many players are starting to shift their game style to better play on magical damage. Surely this new meta which is not originally made, but did see the potential of this hero.

By combining existing talents with the right items, of course, the magical damage will be maximized. At level 10, + 15% Spell Amplification is the right choice to start playing as "nuker" Ember Spirit. At level 15 there are +6 All Stats which may be more effective than +20 Movement Speed ​​because most Ember Spirit players directly buy Boots of Travel, right?

Moving to level 20, 15% Cooldown Reduction makes strengthen the position of Buckets by increasingly allowing himself to cast his skill-skills. Especially at level 25, there are + 2s Searing Chains that will certainly be taken when available.

With all the talents chosen above, then Ember Spirit can be said as a nuker. However, in order to maximize its potential, there are some "obligatory" items purchased such as Veil of Discord which provide additional magical damage. While the rework of his Drum of Endurance, could be one of the other options for you who might be troubled by which later in the early-mid game. Nevertheless, Ring of Aquilla also still can be selected of course with consideration of cheaper price.

Furthermore, Blade Mail is a prima donna in many heroes, and Blade Mail in Ember Spirit is not something wrong but it is not a mandatory thing of course. We can call Blade Mail as optional mid game, maybe. Especially if the enemies that exist is a hero hitter. The problem of magical damage from enemies, maybe a bit more will be denied by the Flame Guard. BKB? With Ember Spirit's more nuker-playing status, there will certainly be a lot of clash with Ember Spirit present. And BKB, obviously a mandatory item if indeed the enemies that there is more to play with skills-skills that they have. Is Linken Sphere a compulsory item? If necessary, let's say it is a mandatory item let alone where there is regeneration there. Seems Good.

Last one, Octarine Core. This item will make this one Ember Spirit very annoying. In addition to its lifesteal that will make the Ember Spirit much more durable than before, this item will also make you more able to maximize the talent that was taken earlier. Assuming the level 4 Searing Chain is 3s + talent, it will be 5s. Not to mention the cooldown reduction, with a 15% cooldown reduction of the talent plus 25% also from Octarine Core then this skill will only have a 5.1s cooldown from the original 8s. Forever rooted! Shiva's Guard is quite an alternative item later on, but it's pretty reliable because this item has regeneration and provides a slow that allows Ember Spirit later to better lock the enemy's movement. Radiance? If you want and indeed the heroes of many enemies who use Blink Dagger, could be a pretty good choice. Burn damage plus skill-existing skills, it seems will complicate the movement of the enemy.

Possible but not recommended items for magical damage are items like Ethereal Blade and Dagon. Indeed the item is the source of magical damage, but with the ability of crowd control and the area of ​​damage from the Ember Spirit, whether the item with a single target is a wise choice?

Finally, all options are in the players themselves whether they still want to maximize existing Physical Damage or Magical Damage from Ember Spirit at this time.


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