Saturday, November 4, 2017

DOTA 2 : Mental Preparing Tips To Increase MMR!

Hello buddy! Ex-player professional Complexity Dota 2, Chessie, has given some tips to raise the MMR. The tips he gave are useful for preparing mentally in the MMR, where you will meet unexpected situations. Here are the tips:

Picking Stage

A very important stage in a game is picking. The selected Hero can decide if the game will be easy or hard to play. Imagine a person with the lowest MMR choosing to play a role carry or mid, this will decrease the chances of winning significantly; just as if the whole team chose hero carry or support. A person's ego can be a problem if not demeaned.

For example, if the required role is support and the remaining 2 people who just want to play the role carry, as a result their team will be difficult to find a place to farm and no one bought ward, smoke, dust, and others.

It's good if you adapt to the condition of your team pick and choose the hero that is necessary for the game does not automatically bring defeat.

Give support

Everyone must have experienced a bad game. When you realize that someone is playing badly, instead of berating and lowering his spirits, give him the support to let him know such a thing is natural. If someone is misbehaving because he is constantly dying, a support you give will prevent the person from AFK (stay in place) or feed intentionally.


Everyone can deal with emotions in a game that involves a team. Do not let your emotions control you, though it will be hard to do. Wear mute features if anyone wants to knock you off. Constantly emotions will never bring victory, but lower the chances of winning.


Sometimes a person may experience disconnect and can not reconnect, this can not be fixed. Many will be disappointed, but what can make, keep focused and keep playing.

Give up

This is a bit annoying and not easy to decipher. There must be times where you know that game is over and there is no way out, always remember there is a chance the enemy team will throw and give you a victory. With opportunities that may be small but still there, never give up because of errors from the enemy team at any time can play back state.

If you follow the tips above, without sharpening your skills, will help to improve your win rate; and make Dota 2 community more friendly and fun for everyone!


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