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DOTA 2 TIPS - Get to know more about Invoker

Invoker is one of the heroes that can be considered quite difficult to learn but this hero is an important hero in the world dota 2. This hero can increase the attribute that can be selected by the player according to the situation of the opponent lineup as well as his own team. Attributes are Quas, Wex and Exort.

The attribute of this itself has its own effect. Quas can add health regeneration attribute that HP adds every second. Wex add attack speed and movement speed Invoker. Exort adds damage from any right-click attacks or regular attacks from Invoker.

Attribute of these balls can be stack or combined. The meaning of the stack is the effect of having 3 Quas with 2 different Quas. 3 Quas will have more health regeneration, apply also to Wex and Exort balls. The attributes can be combined like 2 Wex and 1 Exort to have attack speed and movement speed and a little extra damage per hit from Invoker itself.

Invoker itself is categorized by the developer as one of the complex hero in dota. But with dedication and practice, this hero can be mastered and become one of the winning factors in a game. Here will be discussed more about Invoker.

Invoker itself has 10 skills formed from a combination of Quas, Wex, Exort itself. Some skills can be used in multiple situations (can be used to attack or to escape from the enemy).

Here are all the skills that are owned by Invoker along with its effects:

  • EMP (3 Wex) - Eliminates which enemies in the area correspond to the existing Wex level
  • Tornado (2 Wex and 1 Quas) - Fly the enemy. The distance of the tornado is determined by the Wex level and the enemy's length is flown over by Quas level
  • Alacrity (2 Wex and 1 Exort) - Increase attack speed from friends or yourself based on level of Wex and also damage based on level of Exort
  • Ghost walk (2 Quas and 1 Wex) - Disappear and slow enemies around Invoker. Slow depends on the Quas level and movement speed during disappearing is determined from the Wex level.
  • Deafening Blast (1 Wex, 1 Ball and 1 Exort) - Knock back the enemy and also make the enemy unable to attack. The duration of the non-attacking enemy is determined from the existing Wex level. The enemy knockback distance is determined from the Quas level and also the damage is determined from the Exort level.
  • Chaos Meteor (2 Exort and 1 Wex) - Drop the meteor at 1 point then the meteor will roll towards the front of Invoker. Damage will be obtained from the Exort level and the rolled meteor distance will be determined from the Wex level
  • Cold Snap (3 Quas) - Mini stun to enemies that will appear if attacked. The distance between mini stun will be narrower based on the level of Quas.
  • Ice Wall (2 Quas and 1 Exort) - Create an ice wall that can slow down enemy movements based on the level of Quas and also considerable damage based on Exort level.
  • Forged Spirit (2 Exort and 1 Quas) - Summon spirit that damagenya based on the level of exort and also life based on the level of Quas.
  • Sunstrike (3 Exort) - Drops the light from the sky whose damage is calculated from the Exort level. The more units that exist in the sunstrike area, the less damage is generated.

Tips for playing Invoker are just exercises and exercises. Without practice, forever will not be able to play this hero because this hero is quite complicated. Like sports, Invoker is like that because it will not be played if not exercise. When you have practice, you will be satisfied by itself because it can play this hero.

Here are the early items that are targeted by Invoker in the current dota patch. Hand of midas will add gold and exp quickly. Invoker desperately needs a level to increase its attribute. The figure on the picture shows the sequence of early game items from Invoker.

That was an introduction to Invoker, RevivaL's friend. Are you ready to explore the Invoker? Hopefully this article can be useful. In the future will be made guide item build and guide for Invoker combo. See you next time guys!


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