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DOTA 2 TIPS - Ruler of Death, Underlord!

Underlord is the most recent hero entry into the world dota 2. This hero is also the last hero in transition by Valve from Dota 1 to Dota 2. Underlord itself has a unique skill-skill because the skill of the Underlord can be categorized in role support lock the opponent), carry (passive that adds damage) and also offlane (can farming and keep distance from the opponent as well as disturbing the opponent to not be farm).

In this article we will discuss the item and skill build of Underlord in the 2 above mentioned roles (Carry and Offlane) based on personal opinion as well as personal experience. If there is a friend RevivaL who have other ideas, can directly pour his idea in the comment field.

1. Carry

A carry is a role that is concerned with farming in order to win the game in the end. These roles are identical to damage and have important item items. When the Underlord is in this position, the Underlord will rely more heavily on the right-click of the hero because of the limited extent of this hero.

Many variations for skill build in this role, but generally Underlord will take the first skill (Firestorm) and also the third skill (Atrophy Aura) which increases the right-click damage from the Underlord and also makes the hero is quite thick. Skill 1 and skill 3 take precedence because in general the support of the team already has the skills to lockdown its own opponent hero like stun, sleep or disrupt but all can be adjusted based on the composition of the team in the game. If both support do not have a lockdown at all, it is better to Underlord take skill 2 (Pit of Malice) and also skill 3 (Atrophy Aura) in order to get kill in phase laning.

Force Staff - This item is actually optional but very useful for mobility from Underlord itself because it can be used to escape from enemy gank or to start a team fight / gank.

Echo Saber - This item is used to slow down the enemy which is a passive effect of echo sabre itself and also 2x attack that adds damage in quick time.

Assault Cuirass - This item is used to reinforce the armor of the Underlord itself and also reduce the enemy armor so that the underlord attack is already painful because of Atura Aura can more quickly kill the enemy.

Black King Bar - This item is a situational item which means this item does not have to be owned by a carry, but this item can be very useful in team fight where the hero of the enemy team has many lockdown skills.

Desolator - Again to reduce enemy armor. Assault Cuirass is aura but desolator will work if the enemy has been hit from our hero. Assault Cuirass with a desolator is a good enough combination to reduce the opponent's armor and generate massive damage to the opponent's hero.

Power Treads-Shoes that are used are power treads because they can switch over to agi or int where the underlord can be a bit where to escape or get more attackspeed. Shoes that can be used as an alternative to role carry are Phase Boots with higher base attack functions and can also pursue enemies.

2. Offlane

There are 2 variations for Underlord build skill in this role. First is the maximum skill of Firestorm and Atrophy Aura in order to disturb the farm of the hero of the opponent. This build is used to fight the hero carry melee. The second is maximum skill 1 and skill 2 is Firestorm and Pit of Malices. This build drives mobility from hero so it can be blurred and not easy to die while the farm will be slightly slowed down.

Force Staff - This item is actually optional but very useful for the mobility of the Underlord itself because it can be used to escape from enemy gank or to start a team fight / gank and also to save the carry from enemy hero raid in mid game.

Guardian Greaves - This item is very useful for underlords because in addition to making the Underlord getting thicker, this item can save friends and also yourself. This item can also eliminate silence on Underlord so it can change the tempo of team fight itself.

Pipe of Insight - Increases the Magic resistance of the team so that the team fight damage generated by the heroes who use magic as their damage source is not too big to destroy the team of friends.

Lotus Orb - Protects the carry in the middle and the end of the game so that the enemy will think twice to use a burst damage skill or stun that must click-on-hero like Dagon, Finger of Death and also Laguna Blade.

Crimson Guard - Increases the physical resistance so that the enemy's carry attacks will decrease on the team and also make the Underlord thick.

Black King Bar / Linken Sphere - Situational items that should not be purchased / can be replaced by other items. This item will make the Underlord easier in teamfight to do its job, which is to save a friend or catch the opponent's hero.


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