Saturday, November 11, 2017

Flicker Vainglory Guide Item : No Enemy Will Pass Away From You!

With his position as Hero Roam, Flicker is a Hero with stealth / disappearing ability that can disrupt the enemy's defenses suddenly through a combination of Willys Whisper's passive skills and Binding Light attacks. While his Ulti, Mooncloak, can help offensive strategy by giving a stealth bonus to a team then together prepare an ambush attack on a careless enemy.

Attack: Close distance
Role: Roam
Status Level 1 - 12
HP 807 - 1654
EP: 295 - 757
Armor: 25 - 85
Shield: 25 - 85
Damage: 77 - 155
DPS: 1.00 - 1.36

Flicker is a ganker hero and also a very deadly tanker. He can easily catch and trap his enemies until he can barely move. It is very helpful or easier for members on your team to kill enemy heroes, especially when targeting lively heroes like Gwen, Koshka, and so on. This time I will give tips build on Flicker hero to become hero ganker and also semi carry hero. Immediately, here are the items that will be used by him.

Defense Item

First of all you should immediately buy a defense item that can help your team survive during a battle with the opposing team. The first suitable item defensi bought is Fountain of Renewal, an item that can give a little heal HP to team members near you. Your goal of using Flicker hero is to ensnare your enemies and to protect your team members to freeen the damage to the enemy.

As a tanker hero, you'll want to buy three defense items. You can buy defense items that ward off enemy team builds. For example the enemy buys many CP items, then you will buy Aegis as your item defense item. If the enemy buys many WP items, then you should buy Metal Jacket. Lastly, if the enemy buys an attack speed build item, then you should buy the Atlas Pauldron item.


This item is very useful for heroes who do not have any damage items at all. With this item, you can generate true damage, damage that can not be reduced by the opponent's armor. That's why this item is very suitable to use hero ganker, tanker, and so on. This item also makes Flicker hero a semi carry hero in the team.

Journey Boots

The ability of Flicker's heroine is a close-range attack, so you must have a high speed of movement to get close to your enemies. The matching shoes are Journey Boots, the shoes that have the lowest cooldown of the other shoes. Even though you can have the ability to disappear and increase your self-pace, you still need it when the fight with the opposing team is in progress.


One more item that can make Flicker hero a semi carry hero. This item can infect enemies 15% of HP's maximum enemy. That way, you will still carry a large amount of damage even attacking enemy tankers though. You can even easily lock your opponent's carry because you have very high armor and sufficient damage.


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