Monday, November 6, 2017

GoPro Ready to Present Affordable Action Cam

Since it was first present, GoPro managed to amaze the world with a tiny and formidable camera that is capable of producing high quality video. Until now, GoPro continues to innovate by presenting a variety of generations of its flagship cam action to the market and has recently been launched in Indonesia, the GoPro HERO 6.

Along the competition cam action on the market that is now enlivened by several leading manufacturers make GoPro must remain innovative in presenting its products. Nick Woodman as CEO of GoPro had stated that the competition in the realm of cam action today is very crowded.

"To anticipate that in the midst of cam cam rivalry, GoPro has to expand in the cam action market especially to reach the cam action market at affordable price range", Nick said as quoted by Next Power Up. He also stated that most likely GoPro ready to present the cam action with affordable price in 2018. Unfortunately Nick has not been able to give further details about the presence and ability of the entry-level action cam that GoPro prepares later.

GoPro's intention to bring affordable cam action also seems to be considered part of its business strategy. As we know, GoPro was rumored to have financial difficulties and then in the third quarter of this year, GoPro reportedly managed to gain a profit of USD 15 million thanks to the sale of GoPro HERO 6 and Karma Drone. Therefore, GoPro believes that there is still another space in the cam action market that GoPro can take advantage of.


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