Thursday, November 9, 2017

Guide Blackfeather Vainglory : The Assassin Carry is Vile!

Want to know what items can be given to strengthen Blackfeather in Vainglory? Read the reviews here!

Blackfeather is Vainglory's hero who has a close attack distance to stab his opponent's heart using a sword weapon. He is a hero assassin that you can put on the lane. If you manage to accumulate a lot of money on the lane and buy the right items for him, he will be very fierce and carry very strong. This time I will give WP build item on Blackfeather hero, following the WP items.

Serpent Mask

You can restore your dying HP by using this item and attack the creeps that are in the lane or forest. By using this item as well, you will be very strong against the enemy carry in one on one. In addition, Blackfeather has the ability to add a barrier to himself after performing a capability called On Point. With these abilities and items, I am sure you will be hard to kill if only one on one with the enemy.


This item can add more weapon power to you. You will very easily do farming in lane and in the forest using this item. In addition, you will also be able to attack more painful enemies using basic attacks or Blackfeather ability.

Tyrant's Monocle

It's a mandatory item you should use to get fantastic damage. This item can give you 40% critical chance and if you buy these two items, the effect will double to 80%. But I suggest you buy a second Tyrant's Monocle item on the last slot item or after purchasing a defense item. Please note, you not only get 80% ciritical chance but also 40% critical damage!

Defense Item

You can customize build enemies to plan your build defense items. Defense items that are usually to ward off carry enemies that have WP build are Metal Jacket or Atlas Pauldron.

Journey Boots

To be able to chase and finish off your enemies with ease, you need shoes that can run fast. The right shoe item for that is Journey Boots. This item has the fastest cooldown among other shoes. Therefore this item is very suitable for use by hero carry melee like Blackfeather.


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