Thursday, November 9, 2017

Guide Item Koshka Vainglory : Fast, Slippery, and Shut Down!

Koshka is one of the assassin heroes in Vainglory who can kill quickly and instantly escape easily. This hero has an excellent ability to hit and run. This is because the Heroic Perk of Koshka is every time he generates damage with his ability, he gets a pretty big moving speed. If it is played correctly, your enemies will have the greatest difficulty to capture and kill this one hero.

There are some tips I can give to play this hero correctly. First, your role here as a jungler and ganker, it helps you use scout traps to monitor the enemy. Second, your ability is very good to lock the enemy, use the ability to lock carry enemy or hero the most dangerous enemy. Lastly, you can kill the forest creep quickly, you can steal your enemy's enemy's creep to increase the level.

To build items on Koshka hero, the most suitable is build CP. To find out what items are suitable used by this hero, just see the following items.


With your high running speed, it would be nice to slow down the enemy's path. This makes the enemy has absolutely no chance to chase or kill you. Therefore, the frostburn item is very good for this one hero.


The more you can often expend the ability of Koshka's hero, the more often you can walk very quickly. For that, you must have an item that can accelerate the cooldown of all Koshka's abilities. The right item for that is Clockwork.

Journey Boots

No long explanation about this shoe. Cooldown from these shoes is very low, making hero that wear them can run faster at any time.


In addition to decreasing cooldown time, this item can result in more damage to the basic attack when attacked using its capabilities. Suitable for use by spamable heroes like Koshka.


This item can boost the Crystal Power even more, in order to generate massive damage when attacked using Koshka's capabilities.

Defense Item / Alternating Current

You can choose a defense item or also choose Alternating Current. Depending on your style of play, if you want to add more damage, then the item that suits you is Alternating Current. But if you think you need a defense item, then the matching item is Crucible or Aegis. These two defense items can counteract the adverse effects of all heroic abilities in Vainglory. It will help you to escape from a critical or fatal condition.


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