Friday, November 10, 2017

Guide Item Reim Vainglory : Old Grandfather Who Has Eternal Life!

Reim is one of the unique heroes in the Vainglory game. This hero has a very strong self-defense capability and can give a slow effect to his enemies. If used correctly and also has the right items, this hero can withstand three enemy hero attacks at once! Even in the late game though, carry the enemy will trouble to kill this one hero. Reim itself is a hero-role jungler, he has a very suitable ability to survive and farming in the jungle.

This time I will share the selection of items used by hero Reim in build CP. To find out what items are used, just take a look at the items below.

Eve of Harvest

A very important item is used for Reim hero. This item can make Reim hero a very hard hero, because he will be able to absorb HP with all the capabilities that Reim has. The effect of this item itself is a 25% lifesteal of 600-1200 damage (level 1 - level 12) that recharge every 40 seconds. This item is perfect for use at the beginning of the game or becomes your first item for Reim hero.

Broken Myth

This item can help Reim to restore his HP even faster with the help of Eve of Harvest items and the ability of Heroic Perk Reim of course. Because Reim is a very loud hero and able to last longer in battle with the opposing team, then this item is perfect for his use. This is because, the longer you fight, the stack of this item will be more and make Reim become stronger of course.

Alternating Current

This item is useful for generating more damage crystal at basic Reim attacks. This item also increases the attack speed of Reim for slow restack and chill effect from its basic attack. This item will greatly help your team to pursue or ganking enemy heroes.

Journey Boots

The purpose of using this shoe item is to be able to chase and give slow to your enemies. You can also escape if your HP is dying, but with a record of spamming your skills. You can hit and run with your ability while giving slow to the enemy while restoring your phone.

Defense Item

Since hero Reim is a semi tank hero, you should buy two defense items. You must know the build of the enemy first to plan the defense items you want to buy. If the enemy has a high CP, then you should create a defense item that has a large shield like Aegis. If the enemy has a large WP, you should create a defense item that has a large Armor like Metal Jacket. If the enemy has a large attack speed, you'd better make Atlas Pauldron to deny it.


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