Friday, November 10, 2017

Guide Item Taka Vainglory : The Fastest Killer Without Traces!

Guide Vainglory this time will discuss the assassin Taka. If he is the hero of your choice, then you must listen to the following reviews.

Hero Taka is a hero assassin with hit and run playstyle. His ability to kill enemy heroes quickly and disappear without a trace. To maximize its potential, then you have to make the right item. This time I will share Taka build CP, so your Taka hero becomes a very deadly hero assassin as well as a very slick hero. Immediately, here's the sixth item build CP Taka this time.

Tension Bow

With the Tension Bow item, in 6 seconds you can generate additional damage from your basic attack. It is a very suitable item used by Taka's hero in the beginning of the game and considering hero Taka is hero with hit and run playstyle. Oh yes, Tension Bow is perfect for use by Taka's hero though this time it is a CP build guide.

After Shock

You can generate 15% damage to your enemy's HP with your basic attack after removing your ability. Very suitable to be combined with Tension Bow items. After purchasing these two items, you will be able to generate tremendous damage when doing basic attack. Due to the damage generated from HP's percentage of enemies, then you will generate tremendous damage even though the enemy is a tanker.

Journey Boots

The most suitable item is used by Hero Taka. With these shoes, Taka will be more agile and make the enemy hard to catch this one hero. In addition, with these shoes you can do ganking very easily.


Crystal Power adder items are very high. With high Crystal Power, then Taka will be able to regenerate HP with high as well. It makes Taka more durable in the fight with the opposing team. In addition, surely the damage from all the capabilities of Taka will increase too.

Alternating Current

After a substantial increase in Crystal Power, then it's time you bought this item. With this item, you can generate 70% Crystal Power damage from your basic attack attack. Making Taka basic attack attack even more terrible.

Defense Item

For defense items, you can use Aegis when enemies have CP build items. But when the enemy has a lot of build WP, ​​you can use Metal Jacket. If the enemy has build attack speed, then you need a defense item called Atlas Pauldron.


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