Saturday, November 11, 2017

Gwen Item Guide Vainglory : Kill the Enemy With Deadly Shot!

Gwen is a hero range and also hero laner in Vainglory's excellent game. He has the ability to attack single targets and multiple targets with very high damage. With these capabilities, he can survive while keeping the lane very well. Actually, Gwen's hero can buy WP or CP items, but this time I will share WP build items on Gwen's hero. Immediately, here are the items that will be used by Gwen hero.


The first item is enough to help Gwen to compete with the enemy hero lane at the beginning of the game. This item can also help you to farming as well as installing HP hero opponent. With the ability of Boomstick Gwen and also Sorrowblade items, you will do last hitting very easily on the lane.

Journey Boots

As a carry range hero, you need good positioning when fighting with enemy teams. So one of the most needed things is the speed of moving, therefore you need the Journey Boots item. With this item you can run fast, moreover, this item has a short cooldown.

Gwen also has the ability to run fast while eliminating the bad effects of Skedaddle. If played correctly, Gwen is a very hard hero to be caught and also killed.

Breaking Point

How to get the stack effect of this item is to generate damage. Well, you can very quickly generate massive damage to activate the effects of this item using Gwen's Buckshot Bonanza capabilities. Damage burst area from Buckshot Bonanza capability will be counted to activate the effect of this item stack, then it is very good to buy this one item.


This item can help Gwen to destroy the armor of his opponents. This item works very well with Buckshot Bonanza Gwen's ability. Damage area of ​​the ability can reduce the armor of all enemies. In addition to helping you to kill enemies, you also help your team to more easily kill enemies by reducing their armor.

This item also increases the speed of Gwen's attack which will be useful to reduce the cooldown Boomstick, Heroic Perk Gwen. It is very helpful for Gwen to be able to do a continuous burst damage to the enemy.

Defense Item

Defense items that can greatly help Gwen are Atlas Pauldron. This item is very useful to prevent melee heroes like Rona, Krul, and so finish you off. These items can slow down their attacks, so you can beat them easily.

One of Gwen's weaknesses is exposure to high burst damage. For that, you should buy defense items like Aegis. With this item you can withstand deadly attacks and do not immediately die when exposed to such attacks.


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