Monday, November 13, 2017

Here's the Five Evolution of Media Storage of PC Games from Time to Time!

Since Personal Computer (PC) technology was first introduced to the public, we realize that storage media (storage) becomes one thing that can not be separated. The function of this storage itself is nothing but to store and reload various data. Similarly, games that are part of a variety of PC device usage. The data created by the game manufacturers, packaged in such a way before finally installed and reloaded by its users via media storage.

Well, the history of this storage media has been going on for quite a while and continue to evolve. Starting from a very small capacity, to a very large capacity and much easier to access. Instead of curiosity, just check the following direct discussion below!

5. Floppy Disk

The initial era of PC storage starts from the development of disks or floppy disks are often called the floppy disk. Initially the floppy disk has a size large and flat. But over time the size began to be scaled related to the size of the PC is also getting smaller and more practical. The capacity of the floppy disk ranges from 720KB - 1.44MB. This storage media triumphed around 1970-1990.

4. CD / DVD

The development of compact disk storage media (CD) began in the 1980s, but was officially marketed in the late 1990s. A significant increase in capacity became one of the factors why many people began to switch from the floppy disk. Just imagine, from a maximum capacity of 1.44MB can be increased up to 500MB! Do not stop there, the compact disc continues to be developed into a digital video disc (DVD) that the ability to store it to 4.7GB!

3. USB Flash Drive

One of the weaknesses of CDs and DVDs is its fragile durability when its disc is over-exposed to friction. Experts began to create new technologies that are far more practical and sophisticated. USB Flash drives finally came in the 2000s. Ease of access and large storage capacity, making this storage media so very popular and booming in the market. The size also varies, ranging from 1GB to 256GB. Until now the USB Flash drive is still a favorite storage for some people.

2. External Hard Disk

Unlike USB Flash Drive, External Hard Disk can be likened to a hard disk that has been on the inside of the PC, but can be installed and unplugged easily. The stability and capacity is very large, became one of the reasons gamers choose the External Hard Disk as storage media; considering the current PC games are really greedy for data!

1. Cloud

The faster and easier the PC user access to the Internet network, significantly changing the mechanism of this storage medium. Now all the data processed started to be processed in an online server that can be accessed anytime anywhere while connected to the internet. Such systems are often referred to as the cloud. Already many paid games that you can buy the license and directly downloaded at that time thanks to this technology.

That was the guys evolution of five PC game storage media from time to time. What do you think is the most memorable one? Give your comments and opinions below ya! Do not forget to follow the World Games for other interesting info about Gadget & Tech!


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