Saturday, November 4, 2017

Here's the Teleporting Tips in DotA 2

Fundamental Things That Probably Not Everyone Knows

Playing DotA 2 can indeed spend a lot of time. You can even spend hours in front of a computer just trying to destroy the enemy's ancient. But, have you used Town Scroll Portal or what Indonesian people call TP correctly? Let's discuss these basic things that may be very useful for our new players.

Always Bring TP

This is DOTA, not League of Legends who can to recall whenever he wants. Repeatedly Valve cut TP prices until today only 50 gold only. If you are still lazy to bring TP, maybe DotA 2 is not the right place for you guys. So, keep buying TP at every opportunity yes!

Stop by Side Shop

Side shop is not complete, but the side shop is a complement. You can complete the items by buying goods in the side shop. Like TP, it is not a complementary item but by buying TP in the side shop especially in the early phases of the game, you might be able to make your midlaner avoid the gank because you will TP right into the mid.

Double Click TP

Feeling dizzy when trying to escape from a war that is not possible to win the team or need to quickly go home to the fountain when there is a gang? Do not worry yourself with click TP then click Fountain yes, because you can double click your TP to go home.

TP is Completely Shareable

What does it mean? You can give TP that you have to your friends when urgent. If you support and at the same time there is a clash that is sure to make you dead and carry you do not have TP, you can give TP for the carry, so hopefully he can come home safely later is not it? Do not forget to be kind enough to drop TP in fountain, who knows core you really need it later.

Discard Your TP If There's Been Boots of Travel

Yes, you do not need to be stylish like the rich people who keep TP when you already have Boots of Travel because if you use one of them, then the other will cooldown. What a waste! You may even better give it to your support for example who will obviously appreciate the "mail time" is.

Invisible If Allows

This can only be practiced by heroes with invisible skills or with anyone who buys invisible items. You can ensure your safety not only through home TP that maybe your enemy can still give you a disable, but if you are invisible? At least the possibility of surviving is greater while hoping there is no detection from the enemy.

Reduce TP in Front Tower

Actually, this depends on the situation. However, most people are less careful when teleporting with TP right in front of the tower for example when the enemy is comfortable to push. From the intention to maintain the tower even be fruitful to "feed +1" and lose tower. The solution? Take the safest place to teleport, and be sure not to come alone.

TP Provides Flying Vision

So the point? YOU CAN USE THE TP FOR COUNTER MONKEY KING! Yep, not a powerful 100% counter, but in the urgent moment, you can do teleport fake just to look for his flying vision just to get to know the position of Monkey King at the top of the tree. But remember, the resulting vision is only 200 range.

Teleport Duration Can Increase

Normally, teleport duration is only 3 seconds. However, it can get longer. Yes, if there is more than one person teleported in one place with a radius of 1150 then the second teleport will be 5 seconds, then it will increase by 0.5 seconds. This is called check time. So, if you five teleport in one place, eating the last person doing the TP will teleport it will take 7 seconds! Ever felt teleport you old? Yes this is the reason.

Sometimes, Need to Fake Teleport

Fake teleport is usually used when someone from your team is digged. Some players are supposed to fake teleleport as if it will help the gang's hero, if the enemy is finally scared and backed off, you can cancel your teleport. But if the enemy does a dive, just prepare for the battle!

How about you? Have you known about the things described above? If so, hopefully you can practice it well yes. If not, it's time for you to try to be more advanced again in the matter of teleporting.


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