Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How to Alternate USB Eject in Windows Using Keyboard Button

Alternate Tips Eject / Safely Remove USB in Windows Using Keyboard Keys. Decide Connection between USB with Computer or Laptop usually called Eject, more cool can also be called "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media". The eject feature exists when you plug the USB into a Computer or Laptop Port. The function of Eject itself is intended as a security so that no data is damaged or corrupted when released.

Doing Eject may already be a common thing for those of you who like to send or transfer files from Flashdisk / Memory Card to Computer or laptop. This is already a habit, but unfortunately many users often ignore it because lazy to do Eject that must right click and can just click Eject.

Such a thing is less interesting and makes people feel lazy to do it. But take it easy, there are other alternatives that you can try in Eject or Safely Remove Hardware that you have plugged into the computer. There is one cool software called USB Disk Ejector that you can use to Eject media using the Shortcut Button feature. Curious as to what the steps - steps? Check out the brief review and tutorial below.

How to Eject USB Flashdisk Using Keyboard Shortcuts

USB Disk Ejector is a free Windows Software that you can use To Safety Remove Flashdisk or other USB easily and quickly. You can set your own keyboard combinations to your liking. With the combination that you created, you can eject the USB stuck without having to right click. Interested to try, see the steps - steps below.

  • The first step, download and install USB Disk Ejector application on your computer or laptop.
  • Next, open the app. Then click "More", then select "Options". In the Options window, select the Hotkeys section »Eject a drive - by drive letter.
  • After that, select the drive letter of the USB device embedded in your computer, for example like G :, F :, E :, etc. Next enter the keybord key combination on the side column as an alternative to eject USB with Keyboard Shortcut. After you've created a combination, just click Add.
  • Try to practice by pressing the Keyboard combination key as an example. If the USB that you plug a notification message reads "The Disk Was Ejected Successfully!" Then the application you installed it can work.
  • Done.

By following the steps - steps above, then the application is guaranteed to work very well. To get USB Disk Ejector Software, you can search on Google and you can download for free.

So a brief review on How to Safely Remove USB In Windows / Computers, hopefully can be helpful and useful. If there is something you want to ask or submit, write it through the comment field below. Thanks and good luck !!


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