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How to Fix Flashdisk Can not Format Damaged and Error

Flashdisk Not Formatted? It's a Solution to Overcome it. Flashdisk is one tool or important storage media that aims in storing data that is of course Portable and can be taken anywhere. Flahdisk is very important to us - we are IT or Laptop users and #Computers, whether it is businessmen, office employees, students, students, etc.

But unfortunately, Flasdisk often suffered damage. Lots of programs from Flashdisk error, corrupted, corrupted, and so forth. What's more, many hardware parts are crooked, twisted, broken, and so on. Why Flashd Can Not Be Formatted? This is a problem that is often faced by the owners and users of Flashdisk. The reason for the flash can not be formatted probably because partition programs are error, corrupted, and so forth. Not only partition, Virus can also be the cause of flahsdisk can not be formatted.

Format means to delete the entire contents of Flashdisk. This means that all the important data in your Flashdisk will disappear in total and can not be restored again. If you want to format flahdisk but not formatted, there are some tips you can do so that flash can be formatted. Curious with what kind of Tips? Check out the steps - steps below.

How To Format Flashdisk That Can Not Formatted

There are several methods that I will give about the most accurate and guaranteed flasdisk format. Your first method does not require additional software at all, while the second method you can use free format software. Intrigued by the methods - what methods I give like? Check out the steps - steps below.

Method 1: Flashdisk Format With Computer Management

The first way you can do that is with the features of Computer Management on the Windows Computer. This method is very easy for you to do, do not need special skills to do it. For more details, just follow the steps - the steps below.

  •     First, Plug a Flashdisk into your computer's USB port or laptop you have.
  •     Click Start »Run» then type "compmgmt.msc" (without quotes), then hit enter key.
  •     Click Programs compmgmt »Select Storage» Select Disk Management. Wait a moment until the flash is detected, right click on the detected Flashdisk, then select "Format". If any Notification Message appears, just click "Yes".
  •     Done.

Method 2: Fix Flashdisk That Can Not Be Format Write Protected

When you flash plug in the computer, then the error message reads "The Disk Is Write-Protected" and then you can not open any data, then you are forced to format the flash. And it turns out when formatted-any, Flashdisk also will not be formatted. Regarding the problem, of course you must be confused and dizzy seven round. There are ways you can do so that the flash can be normal again. More details, just follow the steps - the steps below.

  •     The first step, plug your Flashdisk into your computer's USB port or Laptop.
  •     Click Start »Run» then type "regedit" (without quotes), then hit enter key. Then the dialog box will appear "Registry Editor".
  •     Next you press "Ctrl + F" »Type" Write Protected "» Click "Find Next". When it has found "Write Protected" »Right Click» Select "Delete" »Select" YES ".
  •     Close the "Registry Editor" Program. Then Eject and your Flashdisk. Restart your computer or laptop.
  •     Done.

Method 3: Flashdisk Format With HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is a free Windows application that is enabled to format Flahdisk errors that can not be formatted. To get this app, you can search on Google. For the tutorial, please follow the steps - steps below.

  •     First, Plug your Flashdisk into Computer. Then open the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool application that you have downloaded.
  •     Select FAT32, then check "Quick Format" »And click" Start ". Wait until the formatting process is complete.
  •     Done.

Method 4: Flashdisk Format With HDDGURU Low Level Format

HDDGURU Low Level Format is an application that can help you in formatting any kind of flash which is already error or can not be formatted. Actually this application is paid, but you just relax, because you can easily search and get this application for free from Google. For the tutorial, please follow the steps - steps below.

  •     First, install the program on your computer or laptop that you have. Next open the application and select Flashdisk that you have plug. Click "Continue" to continue.
  •     Click on the "Low-Level-Format" tab then just click "Format This Device". Wait until Flashdisk format is complete.
  •     Done.

That's some of the methods you can do in Overcoming And Fixing Flashdisk That Can Not Format. For other ways, you can set and fix Flashdisk with Linux OS. Linux might be the best way to fix damaged flash and errors.


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