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How to Fix "Unfortunately Has Been Stopped" Process on OPPO Smartphones

Troubleshooting Has Stopped on OPPO Smartphone. UI system has a very important role in setting the User Interface on the OPPO Screen. User Interface I mean here can be directly related to themes, wallpapers, icons, fonts, and more. As if the UI System encountered problems such as raises an error message, usually the screen will be blank or stuck or can not be moved at all. And even other cases UI systems continue to appear and make the user can not do multitasking activity at all.

Overcome Process Has Stopped

On this occasion I will share the method to you all on How to Overcome "Unfortunately Has Been Stopped" process on OPPO Smartphone. And to overcome these problems, there are several methods you can try to do, one of them is to clean up all the temporary files and do virus scanning. More details, you can see the following method.

1. Clean & Speed ​​up

For the first way, you can try to take advantage of the security applications available on all OPPO devices. The app I mean this time is called "Security Center". Well, with the application, try clearing your cache files and scanning your smartphone. You can see the steps - steps below.

  •     Go to Security Center »tap" Clean & Speed ​​up "to clean up temporary files. Next, tap "Scan Virus" to remove viruses on apps and media stored on your OPPO smartphone.

NOTE: The above method I did on Smartphone with Android operating system Lollipop v5.1.1. If you use a different Smartphone system, you can customize its own method.

2. Delete System UI Cache

And for the second one, you can try to clear the cache file in System UI. This way you can do if you can still access the menu on your OPPO Smartphone. In addition, make sure you can still access Settings on your OPPO Smartphone. And to delete the cache file, please see the following steps.

  •     Go to Settings menu »Additional Settings» Application Management »All» Search "UI System" »Then tap" Clear Cache ".

NOTE: The above method I did on Smartphone with Android operating system Lollipop v5.1.1. If you use a different Smartphone system, you can customize its own method.

3. Hard Reset Via Recovery Mode

And for the third one, you can try to do Hard Reset / Wipe Data via OPPO Recovery Mode Menu. This method is quite risky, because all the data stored on your Android Internal will be lost, only the default application that will remain intact. And to Do Hard Reset Smartphone OPPO, please see the following steps.

  1.     First, enter the Recovery Mode or ColorOS OPPO feature by pressing the "Power + Volume Up" button simultaneously for a few moments until you will later be presented to the OPPO Recovery Mode menu.
  2.     If there is a language option, you can select "English".
  3.     To perform Hard Reset / Wipe Data Smartphone OPPO, you can select "Wipe Data / Factory Reset". Then do the confirmation by selecting "YES".
  4.     Wait until Hard Reset process finishes and succeeds. If so, you can Reboot or restart on your OPPO smartphone. Follow the next gmail login instructions so you can use your smartphone again.
  5.     Done.

4. Flashing ...

And for the fourth one, you can try to do Flashing or Reinstall the System. To do so, you must download the Firmware or ROM from the OPPO device you own, according to its type. To do Flashing Smartphone OPPO, you can see the following steps.

  1.     The first step you can do is to download Stock ROM OPPO Smartphone here
  2.     Copy Stock ROM or OPPO Firmware to External Memory (SD Card)
  3.     Go to the OPPO recovery menu by press and hold down the "Volume Down + Power" button simultaneously until it appears in the bottom corner of the RECOVERY MODE screen and release both volume and power buttons. Wait a few moments Oppo will enter Recovery Mode menu.
  4.     Pilh "Bahasa English".
  5.     Select "Wipe Data And Cache" »" Wipe Data And Cache "» confirm select "Yes".
  6.     Select "Install from SD".
  7.     Choose "From SD".
  8.     Click OPPO Stock ROM that you have input into SD Card and Confirm choose YES.
  9.     OS Oppo Update Process will take place akam Updating, Please wait wait for OS OPPO update process to complete.
  10.     After the system upgrade process is complete, you will be shown with the Reboot option. Tap the option, then confirm by selecting Yes.
  11.     And furthermore, OPPO will restart and log on to the new OPPO window. Quite easy is not it!
  12.     Done.

With the above flashing method, hopefully your OPPO Smartphone does not bring up the UI System error message again. For additional, before flashing, make sure the battery power is sufficient for the later Flashing process can be maximized and does not stop halfway because the battery runs out.

5. Take the Service Center

If you feel confused in overcoming the problems that occur, then you should bring your OPPO smartphone to the nearest Service Center in your city. That is the only way to get your OPPO Smartphone back to normal. Or you can take it to Counter Smartphone that can handle the problem.

The above methods you can try on all OPPO devices like Oppo A37, Oppo A59, Oppo R9 Plus, Oppo F1 Plus, Oppo A53, Oppo A33, Oppo Neo 7, Oppo R7s, Oppo R7 Lite, Oppo R5s, Oppo Mirror 5s, Oppo Mirror 5, Oppo Joy 3, Oppo R7 Plus, Oppo Neo 5 2015, Oppo Neo 5s, Oppo Mirror 3, Oppo Joy Plus, Oppo Find 5 Mini, Oppo Yoyo, Oppo N3, Oppo N1 Mini, and other OPPO devices.


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