Thursday, November 23, 2017

How to Fix "Unfortunately Has Stopped" on Android Smartphone

Fix "Unfortunately Has Stopped" on Android Smartphone. Error problems in the Settings feature or settings on Android smartphones and tablets sometimes make users feel confused and upset. An error message that reads "Unfortunately Has Stopped" makes the user unable to perform multitasking activities at all, even to open the screen-it was very difficult.

How to Fix Has Stopped on Android

Causes of problems with Android settings may vary, either because of junk or cache files that accumulate, Full Android RAM, Viruses, Android System Breakage, and more.

On this occasion I will share brief tips to you all on How to Fix "Unfortunately, Has Stopped on Android Smartphone. The method I give this time you can apply on all Android devices, but of course you have to adjust itself according to the type of device you have. Immediately, check out some of the following troubleshooting methods for the Android settings feature.

1. Reboot Mobile ...

For the first method, you can try to turn off your Android smartphone. After you die, you can remove the battery, SIM Card, and also MicroSD (SD Card). Let stand for 10 seconds for no resources flowing on the smartphone. Then restart your Android Smartphone, hopefully it will be normal again.

2. Hard Reset (Recovery Mode)

Next, for the second, you can try to do Hard Reset or Wipe Data through the Recovery Mode menu. Hard Reset is practically the same as Factory Reset (returning the smartphone at the manufacturer or initial position) For example, I try to do a Hard Reset on the OPPO Smartphone Please refer to the steps below.

  1.     First, make sure your OPPO smartphone battery is sufficient to perform Hard Reset. At a minimum, provide 50% to do Hard Reset for the process of resetting can run smoothly and the maximum.
  2.     Enter the ColorOS Recovery Mode OPPO menu by pressing the "Power + Volume Up" button simultaneously for a few moments until later you will be presented to the OPPO Recovery Mode menu.
  3.     If there is a language option, you can select "English".
  4.     And to do Hard Reset Smartphone OPPO, you can select "Wipe Data / Factory Reset". Then do the confirmation by selecting "YES".
  5.     Wait until Hard Reset process finishes and succeeds. If so, you can Reboot or restart on your OPPO smartphone. Follow the next gmail login instructions so you can use your smartphone again.
  6.     Done.

NOTE: The above method I did on Smartphone with Android operating system Lollipop v5.1.1. If you use a different Smartphone system, you can customize its own method.

3. Flashing

For the third, you can try to do Flashing or Reinstall the Android system. This method will be quite complicated, because you must download the Operating System in accordance with the type of device you have. For simplicity, you can search Flashing tutorials in Google Search according to the type of device you have. Type "How To Flashing Android Smartphone In accordance with your Android Device Type".


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