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How To Make Android As A Computer or Laptop Mouse

How to Make HP Android Become a PC Mouse / Computer / Laptop. For those of you who have a laptop or computer must have a Mouse as a tool to run / move the kurson on the screen. There is a Mouse that uses Bluetooth and some are using a USB cable. But the most simple is better to use Bluetooth because the range is also better and more practical.

But you know that now you can use Android as a Mouse for Laptop / PC. With the development of technology was a lot of developers who make mouse applications by utilizing Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. One of the advantages of using this method would be much more practical and easier to carry everywhere.

On the other hand you can save Battery in Mouse, most of all times Laptop mouse is damaged. With Android you can reduce the use of the original mouse, especially the features provided are also complete ranging from Scrooling, Right click and left, Double click, and others. For more details about using Mouse with Android, please follow the steps - steps below.

Method 1: Make Android As Mouse Via Wifi

Wifi Mouse is a free android app that you can use to make Android screen as Mouse. With this app, you do not need ribet carry Mouse everywhere. This application can also be a solution for those of you who are experiencing damage to the original Mouse that you have purchased. There are 2 options you should do, first you have to install Wifi Mouse application on Android smartphone, and second you must install Mouse Server to connect between Android Application with computer. More details, see the steps - steps below.

  •     Download the Wifi Mouse App through Google Play Store. Click on the following link to download: Download Wifi Mouse Via Google Play Store
  •     Furthermore, you should also download the Mouse Server Application to install on your computer.
  •     After successfully downloading and installing, run the Mouse Server on the Desktop computer. In the System Tray Icon section right-click it will automatically get your computer's IP Address to connect to your Androi.
  •     Run Wifi Mouse on your Android, then enter the IP Address address you have got.
  •     Now you can move Kurson on Desktop With that app.
  •     Done.

IMPORTANT: Before following the steps above, make sure you are connected to the same Wifi network. If you are not in the Wifi area, you can take advantage of Tethering Hotspot on your Android (Create Hotspot Alone).

Method 2: Make Android As Mouse Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Remote PC is an android application that you can use to control the computer / laptop from Android smartphone. Some computer functions you can control with Android starting from the presentation, power system, keyboard, and Mouse (kurson on Desktop). Interested in trying, please follow the steps - steps below.

  •     First, download the Remote PC Bluetooth app via Google Play Store. Click on the following link to download: Download Bluetooth Remote PC Via Google Play Store
  •     Next download also Server Host to connect Remote Application on Android with computer. The download link is available after you install the Remote PC Bluetooth app on your Android.
  •     After you download the application server, you can extract and run the application. The application format is generally Remote PC Server.jar.
  •     Enable Bluetooth on Android and your PC / Laptop. Then search and connect with Remote PC Server application.
  •     Pairing to connect and connect. And if successfully connected then you can run Mouse with android that you have.
  •     Done.

Just Share:

In addition, this time I will also share about some android applications that you can use as an Android Mouse. Take a quick look at the following Android Mouse apps.

  •     Remote Mouse is an Android application that you can use to make Android as a mouse. This application is very simple, lightweight, and easy to use. In addition to the mouse, this application can also be used as a keyboard, Shut Down / Sleep / Restart / Log Off Remotely, and others. Interested in trying, free download through the Google Play Store.
  •     WiFi Mouse | keyboard is a remote application to control the Mouse and keyboard wirelessly / wirelessly. By utilizing Wifi connection, you can use Android as Mouse just by moving your hand only. In addition to Windows, is also available for Linuk (Ubuntu) and MAC OS.
  •     Mouse Kit (Keyboard + Presenter) is an android application that you can make as Mouse and Keyboard. By utilizing Wifi connection or Hotspot (tethering) then you can make Android as Mouse. Interested in trying, download the Mouse Kit App through the Google Play Store.
  •     USB Remote is a free Android app that works as Mouse and Keyboard with USB cable. There are many functions of this application ranging from Keyboard, Mouse, keyboard number, presentation, Scanning QR Code, and more. Interested in trying, download free via google Play Store.
  •     Remote Link (Remote PC) is an Android controller application that you can use for remote touchpad, remote keyboard, remote presentations, remote media and more.

So a brief review on How to Make Android As Mouse And Keyboard, hopefully can be helpful and useful. If anyone wants to ask or want to add something, write through the comment field below. Thank you and good luck !!!


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