Thursday, November 23, 2017

How to Fix Unfortunately Process Has Stopped in Xiaomi Smartphone

Overcome "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped" in Xiaomi. UI system or if the Xiaomi is the UI System is one of the most important part that maximizes User Interface running on an Android device. Usually UI System greatly affect the look or interface of Xiaomi devices. And if this part raises an error message that reads "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped" then the user can not do multitasking activity at all.

Overcome "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped"

Regarding the problems experienced by the users of Xiaomi devices that appear error message reads "Unfortunately Process Has Stopped" then I will help you overcome. Problems with these error messages are usually due to bugs or damage that occur in the System, can be corrupted, Full RAM, Virus, Temporary files, and others. There are some simple methods that I think work in overcoming the problem, and of course the risk is that the data stored will usually be lost. Or if you do not want erased, can perform backups. And here are some methods you can try to do.

1. Use Cleaner If Still Possible

For the first method, you can try to clean up your Xiaomi device. Use to clean junk files, cache, viruses, and more. Total scanning on your internal and external Xiaomi. After doing so, try to restart it, hopefully later the error message does not reappear.

This method you can try to do if your HP Xiaomi still a little normal, but if you can not do multitasking activity at all, then can try the second way.

2. Hard Reset Via Recovery Mode

For the second one, you can try to do a Hard Reset via the Recovery Mode Menu. Hard Reset On Xiaomi Device is very easy for you to do, but you must backup first so that all data stored on Internal and external can be restored. And if you are interested to do Hard Reset Xiaomi, please see the following steps.

  1.     The first step, you should be able to enter the menu Recovery Mode Xiaomi, you can press the "Power + Volume Up" simultaneously for a few moments until the later appears MI Logo. And automatically, you will be faced with the Xiaomi Recovery Mode menu.
  2.     For language options, you can select "English".
  3.     And to do a Hard Reset, you can select "Wipe Data / Factory Reset". Then continue by selecting "Wipe All Data". If a confirmation message appears, you can select "YES". (Use the Power button to select and Volume Up / Down button for Navigation.
  4.     Just wait until the process of Hard Reset / Wipe Data is completed and succeed 100%. If so, you can try to Reboot or Restart your Xiaomi smartphone. Follow the email login instructions and password until later you can use your Xiaomi smartphone back.
  5.     Done.

3. Flashing ...

And for the third one, you can try Flashing or Reinstall the System. This method is arguably more complicated, because you have to download the Firmware or ROM according to your Xiaomi device. In addition, you also need other tools - tools if necessary.

For simplicity, you can find a way of flashing through Google searching according to your Xiaomi device type. Or you can also ask - Ask via Xiaomi forum or MIUI.

4. Bring to the Service Center

And for the latter, because the problem is quite complicated and confusing, then you can take your Xiaomi device to the Service Center. But unfortunately, Service Center Xiaomi this time is not so much, so please be advised if in your city there is no Service Center Xiaomi.

Ask friends who really understand your Xiaomi device problem. Or you can take it to HP Service Service Android, of course with the cost for your HP can recover from the problem.

Tips - tips that I give is simple, and of course you can do it yourself. Implementation can be on all Xiaomi devices such as Xiaomi Redmi Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Note 2 Pro, Redmi 1S, Mi3, Mi4, Xiaomi Redmi 3, 3s, 3 Pro, Redmi 4 Prime, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, 4 Pro, 4 Snapdragon , Xiaomi Mi2A, Mi2S, Mi2, Mi1S, Mi Pad 2, Xiaomi Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Mi Note 2, Mi Note 3, Xiaomi Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, and others.


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