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HP 14 BW002AX Review – Performance Entry Level In Packaging and Luxury

If you can not find a satisfactory entry-level notebook in terms of design and quality of material, try to look at HP 14 BW002AX which we review the following. A 14-inch notebook powered AMD APU A9 Dual core, which promises to be quite capable computing for office and multimedia light.

Design, Handling, & Build Quality

If you first look at this notebook, we believe you would agree if HP 14 offers cosmetic quality above the average notebook at the same price level. Starting from the selection of color combinations chassis with gold and dark brown alloys resemble wood panel, shades of chrome on the logo and cover hinge, and texture similar dust-dust on the LCD frame. Keep away from the material side that is dominated by plastic materials. Dimensions of thickness may be less attractive to those of you who used to use ultrabook. But the light weight, increase the value of handling this notebook, especially for those of you who often mobile to the office or campus.

Despite the plastics, we did not find any areas with significant flex. Despite being in the essential category, Cover LCD and upper case, have a solid quality. Except for the power of the hings, which is less than the maximum until it takes a little time until it stiffens motionless when opened. For those of you who are less pleased with the gold color, this series is also available in metallic silver color with SKU HP 14 BW001AX.


HP 14 BW002AX offers dual core SoC (System-on-Chip) from AMD APU family of 7th generation Excavator architecture with code name Stoney-Ridge. Similar to its high-end brothers, the Bristol-Ridge, AMD APU A9-9420 has a higher clockspeed benefit than previous generations, Carrizo. Thanks to the new architecture that allows it to consume the same power that is TDP 10-25W, but can run in clockspeed ranging from 3GHz up to 3.6GHz. It also integrates Radeon R5 GPU with 192 shaders and 800 MHz clock GPU. Unfortunately, it only supports single-channel DDR4-2133 MHz. RAM capacity by default, already equipped 4GB DDR4 which you can still increase up to 16GB with two RAM slots that exist.

He is also equipped with a dedicated GPU AMD Radeon 520. It allows him to take advantage of hybrid crossfire. A technology that allows two shoulder GPUs to execute commands from a supportive application. For storage, the HP 14 BW002AX only offers a 2.5 "SATA slot that has a 1TB 5400rpm HDD attached. For those of you who want a dual storage option, would not have to use Caddy HDD solution. Because he does not offer M.2 slot.


As the type name, HP 14 BW002AX equipped with 14-inch panel with HD 768p resolution. Although not yet offering anti-glare also features IPS. The picture quality is enough to impress us. LCD that he used in the category of bright color with accuracy and range of colors that are suitable for office productivity, light photo editing and multimedia. Black level and contrast is not a prominent point. Fortunately, for those of you who like casual games with many dark scenes, the level of brightness offered is quite helpful.

It does not include screen quality optimization features such as those offered by ASUS with its Splendid Technology or ASUS Tru2life. But the overalls, we are quite satisfied will the quality of the display provided.

I / O Port & Connectivity

For completeness I / O port also placement, this laptop is our value is good enough. Almost all important ports like D-Sub, HDMI, RJ45, 2 USB 3.0 are on the left that will not interfere with your hand motion when operating the mouse. Exhaust and Charging port also on the left. While on the right somewhat down, placed a longer USB 2.0 port and SD card reader. On top of that, placed Optical Disc Drive (ODD) type DVD Burner. For wireless connection, it has wifi adapter b / g / n and bluetooth 4.0.


The cross section of the workstation, in addition to an eye-catchy finishing, is also cleanly styled with a wood-paneled silky texture. The only thing that is somewhat less pleased when we review is the dimensions and responsiveness of the power button. Sometimes, it takes more than 2 times to press this button until the laptop can turn on.

Working on the HP 14 keyboard is pretty fun, the proportional key-cap dimension, and the material made of plastic, makes the feedback we feel right for office work to gaming though. It's in the middle of it, hard guns, soft also guns. The layout layout also still includes dedicated buttons for paging scroll events such as page-up, page-down, and home in a line on the far right.

The touchpad has a rectangular dimension, perfect for the often dragging pointers splitting the screen. Only, Responsiveness and accuracy sometimes miss the target. Two left and right click button, not at all disappointing. Empty, minimal noise and rigid during our use.

Cooling System

Once the bottom case is open, you can immediately see the motherboard, cooling area and supporting parts like HDD, also 2 pieces of RAM slot one of which is installed a piece of 4GB DDR4 RAM. The cooling part in our opinion is nothing special. Just rely on a heatpipe ditandem with heatsinks that we think, quite small. But it should be a combination of cooling system is already qualified considering the active components used in the category of Ultra Low Voltage. Pores as a fresh air entry hole in the bottom cover area, quite minimal. Apparently, this is what makes the temperature rise fast and somewhat difficult to get down. A little advice, USB vacuum cooler could be a fitting combination for those who need extra performance of this laptop in the long term.


With a higher clockspeed setting than its predecessor, the AMD A9 9420 is targeted to be even more hurried when executing commands. But consequently, the power that he suction also tend to be larger. The term, a typical CPU like this less can be taken casually. The solution may be, you have to create a power management profile, which when enabled, limits the percentage of CPUs to keep the CPU from excessive. Of course, just enable that mode for a computation type that does not require full CPU performance.

For gaming, HP 14 BW002AX is absolutely not a great choice. Except casual gaming or web based gaming to fill your spare time. We try to run the game CS: GO, the average FPS that he can spew out only about 10 to 16 FPS in the lowest setting.

Battery & Power Management

HP 14 BW002AX offers 42Wh battery runs out in less than 2 hours with BatteryEatPro classic benchmark application. Which if converted to an app type, is the same as playing a 720p HD movie type with 100% brightness. That is, this laptop is less in favor of those who demand the side of mobility. Apparently, AMD should research more of their processor products, especially in terms of efficiency. Battery and power management applications that HP also gave us value, can not do much.

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