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HP Pavilion Power 15 Review - Affordable Professional Notebook with Aura the Green Snake

Currently, many professionals are previously desktop PC users, looking for a more mobile workstation alternative. The choice is of course a laptop with CPU and GPU, which is its performance, not too far away with a desktop PC. However, the most frequently offered thing is usually a gaming category notebook. Which of course, packed with a futuristic design. For those of you who object to the design of the gaming really, Try to look at HP Pavilion Power 15 that we review this time.

Design, Handling & Build Quality

When we first removed from the packaging, the impression that comes to mind is simple and elegant. Peered from the side, he gave a slim silhouette like Ultrabook. Dimensionally dimensionally reaching 2.4 cm, do not allow him to participate in ultrabook gaming competition. With a length of 37.8 cm and a width of 25.2 cm, it is still much more compact than most 15.6 inch notebook with GTX series GPU. The most interesting and possibly exciting aspect of Pavilion Power 15 is the LID Cover concept that works as a "jack". When open, the back will be taller until it forms a gap, allowing more fresh air to be inhaled.

Unfortunately, in terms of handling there that makes us less comfortable when interacting with this laptop. Namely, the edges of the chassis are shaped too pointed. Not to hurt for sure, but every time you open the LID, or lift this laptop, it feels sharp part of the chassis. Then, still we think, the weight tends to be heavy compared to its competitors. But the benefits, making this HP Pavilion Power 15 chassis, feels solid. This is what makes us, recommend this product for you who prioritizes finishing and material quality.

Although the plastic material still dominates, the finishing provided by HP on Pavilion Power 15 is really good quality. With the addition of dark colors and texture doff, which appears visible is, this laptop has a material that resembles a Razer Blade chassis. Speaking of Razer Blade, it seems that HP does have a mecca in that direction. This is also evident from the design of HP Power 15 power adapter that comes compact. Just like Razer Blade's.


Using the 1080p 10.6p resolution panel made by Chinmei, with the CMN15D3 series, Pavilion Power 15 is sure to offer the same AHVA standard as IPS. From any angle you see the image on this type of matte screen, will not be visible change color let alone to be silhouette. The brightness distribution is very good, although we still find a bit of bleeding in almost every corner of the screen.

Color accuracy is not the selling value of this panel, also the level of brightness. It looks very good when it comes to light colors let alone white. The one who has good enough value is its black level which is a benefit for game activities. Somewhat unfortunate because in fact he would be preferred among professionals who need color accuracy. One more thing, the frame is still thick making the overall size of this notebook can not compete with some professional notebooks that are currently starting to apply the concept of bezel-less.


The surface design of his workstaion appears without any accent. At the top there is a line formed from a row of holes underneath which is added a green mesh-hole, which seems to be created to support the premium image of Bang & Olufsen which he uses as sound hardware. There is a possibility, this elongated hole is also used as a fresh air entry from the top. The power button is made separately from the keyboard and comes backlit with matching green color. Not a lot of frills stickers we found here, there is only signature pavilions in the lower left are also given a matching green color.


The HP Pavilion Power 15 review unit that came into us has a green backlit on its keyboard. HP itself, giving option 2 color backlit, green and white. What we like, every edge of the keys is made transparent, to maximum backlit luminescence. Add another dominant black workstation area, making it look brightly lit. But unfortunately, you can not set the level of illumination. So just on and off course.

We make sure that the keyboard of this HP Pavilion is made of plastic that is made of rubber texture. Making this keyboard very minimal click voice when operated. For those of you who like to work with a quiet state, would love a typical HP Pavilion Power 15 keyboard. But for gamers, it seems to be the opposite. Feedback forcena category is not hard, not too soft. As usual, the layout of the keyboard layout is nothing strange. Especially if you have previously used an HP laptop.


Still faithful to the characteristic of HP with rectangular design, where design like this is very good for you who often do draging split screen monitor. HP adds a chrome ornament around it, which makes it look beautiful while reflecting the rays from the backlit keyboard. Left and right click buttons are made together with the touchpad surface. No noise that sounds disturbing, the response is also very good. Related features, seems to touchpad with hardware made eLAN Tech does not support Windows Precission Driver. Features of microsoft in Windows 10, which allows advanced multitouch gesture operations.

Upgrade Option

For those of you who want to maximize the ability of this product, available 2 SoDimm DDR4 slot that supports 2 pieces of RAM up to 32GB pc 2400MHz. There is also a slot m.2 which also supports PCIe SSD. Because it does not offer ODD, it automatically offers only two storage options. So, for those of you who have not fulfilled the subject of storage, it is still possible to replace 1TB HDD into 2TB.

Cooling Performance and System

For a laptop with an elegant look, as well as a fairly thin dimension, there is no HP performance trimming on Power 15. The processor and GPU capabilities are similar to gaming-labeled products in general. Intel core i7 7700HQ and Geforce GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 it works very maximum. The only thing that may not support the optimal performance of Power 15 is probably the use of standard HDD. Because it offers m2 slot, we recommend that you use SSD from the beginning.

Offering dual fan with copper heatpipe that has material quality is quite OK, making you should not worry. The only thing that might be a little worried, maybe the exhaust design is placed just below the LID LCD. But if noted, the chassis design is tapered ditepiannya, making the exhaust area has two (2) the disposal side, upwards, and downwards. So, the blowing hot air from inside the chassis still has access to a qualified person. Plus, the mesh-hole above the keyboard, certainly able to help more fresh air absorption.

This we prove with In-game trial that we do. Power 15 can survive in hot air invasion for long period of time without throtling indicated. Detected via HWMonitor, the maximum temperature for the CPU is at a rate of 86 degrees, while its GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 GPU is at 73 degrees. Noise generated by two fans in our opinion is still practically normal. For the palm rest area, HP is smart enough to design Power 15 layouts. A warm area is on the right where our hands will seldom be there especially when playing games.

Battery & Power Management

HP Pavilion Power 15 is equipped with a battery capacity of 70 Wh from lithium polymer material. Capacity large enough to power this notebook work outdoors. We have tested using our subscription benchmark BatteryEatPro, it can last 127 minutes. Which means, proved to have a duration of use 2x longer than some competitors who only use 42 Whot battery.


Masculine design with exotic green aura, supported by material and build quality above the average of its competitors, making HP Pavilion Power 15 can be a choice of 2 categories of users, professionals and gamers.




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