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In-Ear Monitor HP H2310 Hands-On Review

HP is certainly well known as a world-renowned manufacturer that presents a variety of PC products, ranging from desktops and laptops. But did you know that the American manufacturer is also present in the audio market to enliven the release of some products such as HP H300 gaming headset. On this occasion, we returned the arrival of one of the audio products from HP that seems to be aimed at gadget users like smartphones, which are named HP H2310. Portable audio devices designed with in-ear models of this monitor are ready to target mobile users who want to listen to music while on the move. Before discussing more about the sound quality of the HP H2310, it helps us to get to know the in-ear unit first.


The HP H2310 unit is neatly packaged with transparent plastic packaging showing in-ear units. Although it looks simple but pretty neat. At the time we were "unloaded", it contained an in-ear monitor unit and several documents regarding product introduction, warranty, quick setup and silicon eartips of S and L size. No additional accessories were found. This unit itself is mounted in a plastic container with a solid position.


Currently in-ear model is more desirable than the earbud model, because it generally provides isolation or soundproof to the outside. The outer construction of the in-ear must have a protruding part or bore, this part of which is eartips fitted. HP does not provide complete information about the driver system in use. For a product worth USD 20 or approximately Rp 260,000, HP H2310 can be sure it uses dynamic drivers with high sensitivity level.

Housing on HP H2310 is dikelir with white milk as a whole plus blue list edged and HP label on the back. Finishing from in-ear monitor is quite neat and feels solid. Housing units are square with rounded edges, comfortable enough to be attached to the ear. Flat blue type cable and 4-pole mini plug, with microphone control unit and shear volume. In-ear does not include other features and can be fairly simple.


In accordance with the above definition, mini plug with 3.5 mm size design has a 4-pole one of the pole functioned as a microphone regulator. The microphone settings are in the in-line control unit while loading the volume control and receiving calls. For those who are accustomed to pressing a button when receiving a phone call, you should now be familiar with the sliding system in this control unit. In addition to smarphone, H2310 is very easily paired with MP3 players, notebooks, or console. This in-ear does not require any advanced player devices or additional amplifiers.

The use of fun, because the in-ear model to make the outside sound insulation passively thanks to the eartips silicon is quite comfortable. You will get two additional pairs of size S and M. If you do not like eartips, you can do the replacement easily because it is universal. The H2310 has the right wavelength difference for tidier use, even though for now many users want the use of the front because it's easier.

Voice Characters

The first response given when using in-ear is usually impermeable, and then starts to analyze sounds like lower, medium and high notes. The HP H2310 includes in-ear which gives the impression of fun and fit sounds for relaxed rhythmic music like pop. The sound is quite smooth, especially for the vocal sector of the singer coupled with a low tone that slightly dominate the sound. Users can use the HP H2310 in a long time because there is no sharp sound.

The main part of pop music is usually the power of the lyrics where the vocals become the mainstay. HP H2310 is able to present the vocals clearly with the position of the right stereo image. But to get the level of clarity is more, in-ear is not able to make it happen. For in-ear with a price range of USD 20, it's not feasible if you want a resolution that is too dramatic.

The low tone or bass sector is also a factor that makes people love music. On the packaging, HP claims that this product has a booming boom. If described further, the bass on the HP H2310 is large enough and able to fill the atmosphere to accompany the strains of vocals without overly dominating. However, the bass does not provide solid quality so it seems less focused. Bass tone also can not be too low like a subwoofer. High tone slightly less uplifted to make the sound impression that presented less open. The good with the high tone is reduced, almost all the music becomes comfortable heard. Lacking, you will find it difficult to distinguish the sound of instruments more clearly.

Reproduced music will become more akin to recording if the device being played has high resolution, no in-ear exceptions. We still have difficulty listening to the separation or differentiation of the instrument, the location of the sound source to the stereo image. You could say H2310 still does not have a resolution that is good enough to describe the music. It is seen from the specifications and design, H2310 is not intended for those who want precision recording like in-ear professional monitor, but music lovers practically played through mobile devices, especially smartphones.


HP is quite careful in issuing audio products, including in-ear H2310 this. Entering as in-ear with entry-level segment, does not make HP leave in terms of sound quality, proven H2310 can enter for several genres of music and popular tastes in Indonesia. With a price tag of USD 20, this in-ear although it does not have a myriad features, but appropriate to be used as a friend on the way, especially for Android and iOS smartphone users.

In quality, in-ear has its own advantages over the earbud, which is able to block the sound from the outside naturally. The sound produced is easy to enjoy because it has a soft bass and vocals are quite obvious. You can pair with any player like a smartphone to listen to online music sources like Spotify or an offline player with MP3 320khz music files. We do not recommend for those who want in-ear with super detail.


  • The in-ear design effectively isolates outer noise
  • Flat cables are not easily wrinkled
  • Available volume control and microphone
  • Character of bass and vocal sound
  • Available eartips S, M, L


  • Treble sound less


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