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Infinix Note 4 X572 Review - Not For The Search Specification

Judging from the history of Infinix product series ever distributed in the World, one brand has its own characteristics in optimizing design and build quality, rather than thinking about hardware performance. Also, Infinix is ​​one brand that seriously study the desires of the World market. No wonder, every new product release, we see got a pretty good response from lovers of smartphone gadgets, especially those based on Android. And this time, weblumia is allowed to try one of its newest series, Infinix Note 4 X572.

Featured Features Infinix Note 4 X572

  • Advance Design and Finishing Elegant Chassis
  • Quality LCD Premium Smartphone Class
  • Large Battery Capacity with Fast Charging (X-Charge)
  • The latest Android Nougat Operating System with lightweight but feature-packed UX

Design, Handling & Build Quality

We are not the expert-expert really design smartphone. You may already have pocketed conclusion from various other reviewers about this Infinix Note 4. But if you guys force, ok deh. We will try to convey the opinion of weblumia (pretentious fashion: ON)

At first glance, the design of the face like the Galaxy Note 5, but with full black color that makes it less eye-catchy in our opinion. Yep, for the unit we received this accidental black color. There is no Infinix brand identity on the face, which we still think makes it look exclusive. But the home button is designed more rounded, appear without chrome ex. The truth is, it can give him the hallmark of a premium product. When touched and lifted for the first time, what struck us was a heavy image. Hmm .., but considering it is a phablet series, plus again it offers a large battery capacity, it seems this can still be tolerated. But for its thickness, this smartphone is classified as "great".

Look more closely, just look more clearly a modern touch on Infinix Note 4 X572 this. Especially from the 2.5 curved design on the edge of its touchscreen. Plus the right and left chassis frame is shaped like a split in the middle, making it look sleek and in line with the curve of its LCD glass. It also makes him more comfortable in the handheld. Although for some people, it is still a difficult thing. Although the power button and volume are placed on the right side in an easy to reach position. For the difficulty, can enable mode One-Handed operation through quick togle. One thing that may reduce the modern impression is, he has not applied the concept of uni-body. But it is not a bad thing, because you can still easily access the sim card area by opening the back cover.

Still around the back cover. At first glance, we thought the material was made of metal material. But it still uses plastic on the bright side, given a finishing that gives the impression like porcelain ceramic, or more like glass anyway. For information, when out of packaging, the back cover is coated with scratch resistant. Infinix also provide anti-scratch for the LCD that you must install yourself. To the top, there is a headphone jack that is placed slightly to the left. While the bottom there are two holes such as speakers speaker holes that indicate, he like have dual speakers or stereo. But apparently, his guess is wrong. Because the hole on the right side is a mic hole that is made to resemble a speaker hole. But a little annoying, the placement of speakers and mic is reversed. So when used to play the game landscape position, our hands will cover the speaker holes. Meanwhile, if the screen is in play, often the power button is pressed accidentally. Where else, the button on the Infonix Note 4 is, really clicky.


Infinix Note 4 X572 uses SoC Octa core Mediatek middle class. A processor with two ARM A53 cluster architecture each cluster contains four cores. One cluster, its core runs at a frequency of 1.5GHz, and another cluster runs at a lower frequency of 1.3GHz.

Concerning efficiency, the SoC is still using the 28nm fabrication that goes in grade B. Although some cores run at fairly low frequencies, the required power consumption of a 28nm fabrication wafer is one of the reasons it is extravagant.

Screen = Light + Sharp

Infinix seems very confident with the ability of the battery in their Note 4 X572. We know together, IPS screen especially with the level of brightness up to 500 Nits, very much in need of energy. But the results display is obtained is worth it. The images presented in our opinion are very brilliant. Not only bright to make it friendly under the sun exposure, the colors are produced-even crispy. Make your eyes relax for long looking at the landscape photos on the screen X572.

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out Infinix using Sharp-made LCD. This is the answer to why the color of the screen above the average product class. For the price range of 2 million, taste-it seems, it's a Note type smartphone that most cling the quality of its LCD.

X-OS - Clean, Lightweight and Abundant Features

Another advantage, Infinix note 4 is using a lightweight OS, almost similar to Stock Nougat in Google's smartphone. By default, X-OS will rotate the screenlock with a cool selection of cool images. Not only that, in addition to the changing image, there are pearl words that can menginsipirasi. But for those who like customize, Infinix also provides many choices of theme packages and widgets that you are ready to download for free.

Another interesting thing for us is the various features in X-OS. The most common ones we use are multi-accounts to move to personal or work profiles, then Freezer to disable temporary applications that we do not need, as well as multiple windows that allow the screen to display two applications simultaneously. But similar to the next brand, not all applications that we install, can use in this mode.

Camera - Manual Features The Wow

Frankly, when you first open the camera menu, sempet confused. Because of the menu access arrangement and some naming that are not familiar to us. But over time after getting used to it, feels easier. Stay swipe to the left for configuration mode, and swipe to the right to set the camera settings.

The most interesting thing for us is the feature manual setting or in Infinix this professional mode. When used, will appear a widget resembles a manual ring in the SLR camera, Unique! You can manage all sensor needs manually starting from ISO, lens opening, exposure and of course its focus. But in result, for us still less satisfactory. We still find a lot of noise for taking objects in low light areas. The color accuracy of the photo captured when compared to the original object, somewhat less natural, tends to overtune.


Immediately wrote, for the needs of gaming as we mention in the title, let's see how far Infinix Note 4 X572 is reliable. From the Mediatek, Mali-T760MP2 GPU is included into the category of middle-class GPU. But through the benchmarks we do, it seems that he is only able to align themselves with the Adreno 400 series. For the performance in this class, running game-style MMORPG ala android, such as Arena of Valor (AoV), Mobile Legend or Clash of Clan (CoC) that demands screen on time throughout the game, it can be very fun using this X572. Even for the famous Vainglory is quite heavy in terms of graphic detail. Special for this one game, we must lower to auto settings.

For you, big fan games like Asphalt 8, MC5: Blackout, or Assassin Creed, GPU is not the right choice. Even though, the quality of the images in the heavy games, looks beautiful emblazoned on the LCD. Make us feel at home for long. Unfortunately, it does not offer the default bluelight filter feature. So, you should look for third party applications if you still love the health of your eyes.


Infinix Note 4 X572 is an android smartphone that offers a 'almost' complete package if you are exploring to become a gamers MMORPG gamer who is rising lately. Relief screens, large batteries, as well as flagship grade LCD quality, greatly enhance your chances of winning the legendary 7M legendary game tournament. And do not forget, Quick Charge feature will you need if you often move places.

Accesories complete, until the earphones are rarely included in other manufacturers.

Some of the improvements we would like to share as input for later versions include hardware configuration, material usage and improved camera sensors. If these three things happen, there will be a significant increase in X Fans (References for Infinix Fans Club), including the author.


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