Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Intel Prepares Prosesor Core i 8th Gen with IGP AMD Radeon

This news still makes it hard for us to believe it. Had been a rumor, who would have thought if the collaboration of two giants PC processor manufacturers will become a reality. Intel officially announced its newest collaboration with AMD, especially with RTG (Radeon Technology Graphics) division. Interestingly this collaboration seems to be soon to be enjoyed in the near future considering Intel will make it happen in the line of Core i 8th Gen H-Series (HQ / HK) processor for laptop devices.

In the Core i 8th Gen H-Series, the AMD Radeon GPU will not be placed on the same die as the CPU but separately. Even so die CPU and GPU remain placed in a package same processor.

To connect AMD Radeon's die CPU and GPU, Intel employs EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge) technology that ensures super-fast communications between components. Interestingly EMIB also connects 2nd Gen HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) chip where this indicates the use of VEGA GPU chip. Of course this makes us so curious about the performance of Radeon graphics "VEGA" when combined with Intel's concoction processor. By bringing the three chips together into a single package makes the motherboard simpler with a more compact dimension.

Manufacturers can also create high-performance laptops like gaming laptops or workstations while maintaining dimensions as small as possible and as light as possible.


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