Sunday, November 12, 2017

Krul CP Vainglory Guide : Easily Capture Enemies With Hard Damage!

Maybe during this Krul in general build using WP items. But what if Krul uses CP items? Here's the guideline!

One of Vainglory's free heroes this week is Krul, the very tanky undead when confronted one on one. The hero jungle this one is indeed deadly, especially if it has been assisted by the right item.

He can dash in the direction of the enemy with Dead Man's Rush which gives him a little HP Barrier, especially with Spectral Smite he can lifesteal and heal after he hit his enemy several times. Your enemy ran away? Throw a sword stuck in your chest with Hell's Heart skill, your enemies will be stunned and will regret having run away from you.

So how to play the right Krul? Here's his guide for you who are trying this free hero!

Build Skill

Can not be denied Spectral Smite arguably the most important skill of this hero. One reason is that this skill is the core of Krul's heroic way of playing. Without Spectral Smite Krul may not as tough as usual and can only be assassin that tends to hit 'n run.

Therefore Spectral Smite is the first skill to be maximized, so you can survive in a 1v1 verbal shoot scenario. Another thing that can be used as a note as well, you can delay taking skills if you really want to improve Smite first. For example on level 4 you already have lvl 3 Smite with Level 1 Dead Man, when reaching level 5 do not take anything first. When you reach level 6 you just grab the ulti along with the Smite upgrade to level 4.

Item Build

For this one hero build item, there are actually two paths you can choose, that is Weapon Power or Crystal Power. In this one guide Krul rely more on Crystal Power items. One of the reasons for using Crystal Power for this Krul guide is that your skill-skill can be more effective at damaging the enemy.

But of course the selected item is not just any Crystal Weapon item to increase his skill-skill damage alone. Alternating Current and Frostburn so two items are required to build this one. Alternating Current is the main item for one of them because of additional attack speed, crystal point and also passive this item which adds bonus crystal power damage at basic attack every time you expend skill. It can help Krul to be able to generate consistent damage after you've made a substantial Crystal Power.

The next CP item is Frostburn. One of the reasons for choosing this item is because Krul who tends to have no skill disable except ulti hers. Using this item, you can catch your blurred enemies with the slow effects of passive Frostburn items. So just the capital of Dead Man's Rush alone you can catch the enemies of the poor guard.

In addition to these two items, Storm Crown is also a must for other items to have. Reduction of cooldown, addition of regeneration, and extra blood are some important reasons for having this item. In addition the effect of damage bonus to the objective of the turret or main objective building. This item is so important because with CP build, of course you can not give big damage to objective building.


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