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LG G6 Review : Tough Smartphone with Full Vision Screen

LG has never been afraid to crash into the popular conventions about the definition of luxury smartphones with its G-series. LG G3 comes with an extra large screen in its time, then LG G4 comes with a genuine leather bandage. When all smartphone vendors move to glass and metal design, LG G5 comes with a modular design and a two-lens camera.

LG smartphone fans of course await what uniqueness will be carried by the G6. The wait is not without end, because LG finally adopted the design of glass and waterproof metal like other top smartphones, but with a few unique touches typical of LG.

Minimalist design is tough

LG G6 is one smartphone that comes with a large screen and the smallest bezel ratio after Xiaomi Mi Mix before Samsung Galaxy S8 comes a month later. The presence of the G6 is quite appalling smartphone world because LG presents a large screen solution in a fairly small form factor. Compared with Samsung Galaxy A7 2017, LG G6, with the same thickness, has a smaller dimension despite carrying the same large screen size of 5.7 inches.

The secret behind this large screen size is the aspect ratio of the 18: 9 screen that it carries. By trimming the top and bottom bezel, LG uses a higher screen compared to other smartphones that generally use a 16: 9 screen ratio. The result, an ideal blend of two square-sided screens on both sides to show two apps simultaneously of the same size.

If observed more carefully not only large screen sizes and bezel thin, LG G6 also comes with a curved screen angle. This feature we believe will make people ask, for what and why. The first question, for what, because physically, there is no curved angle of the screen. Even can be spelled geometrically this angle is a waste of screen resolution because it must be cut. For this question, LG replied aloud, namely for the robustness of the screen.

With a screen that extends from corner to corner of the frame, the risk of a ruptured screen increases as a collision to the frame is instantly forwarded to the screen. The curved display provides little distance and increases the robustness of the screen. On top of that, LG G6 like his sister V20 also has brought the certification of milder toughness of the militant MIL STD 810G. With 14 tests including extreme temperatures, immersion in water, and dropped from a height of 1.2 meters.

Outside the large screen, nothing special from LG G6 design. With the design of the LG G6 square body though included in the thinnest smartphone category, even thinner 1 mm than Samsung Galaxy S8, was thick in the hand. However, the ergonomics of the LG G6 are very good, with the volume keys on the left side and the fingerprint sensor as well as the power button on the back side that is easy to reach. For connectivity, LG G6 brings USB Type C and 3.5 mm audio jack with Quad DAC technology that provides a touch of high quality audio for devices that support it.

Screen with Dolby Vision HDR support

Under the banner of Full Vision Display, LG G6 screen measuring 5.7 inches not only offers the uniqueness aspect ratio of 18: 9 only, but also features Dolby Vision HDR. Indeed, Dolby Vision HDR video content is still quite rare, but the feature is not too necessary to enjoy the quality of IPS LCD G6 screen is very good for consuming multimedia content. At first glance, the G6's LCD screen almost looks like an AMOLED screen with contrasting reproduction and excellent image color, with deep black concentration.

New interface

LG includes the latest interface of LG UX 6.0 for G6, which specifically supports the 18: 9 aspect ratio and with built-in optimized apps. The calendar application in the example. With a 18: 9 or 2: 1 aspect ratio, the calendar screen content is split in two with an equilateral square, with a left-hand rectangle filled with monthly calendar views and a right-hand column filled with calendar schedule detail displays.

This calendar view is not a new thing, but the view symmetrically gives the impression neatly comfortable to see. Unfortunately, in addition to the default application of LG, there are still few applications that support this 18: 9 aspect ratio.

All average apps are developed with a 16: 9 aspect ratio thus giving a blank or black look at the top and bottom of the screen. LG gives app scaling capability on UX 6.0, to force the app to appear with an 18: 9 aspect ratio, but this solution is less than ideal with the control button and the display being cut off on the side of the screen. Google has already announced support for the 18: 9 aspect ratio, but it takes time for application developers to support this aspect ratio.

The camera is quite satisfactory

LG again presents a two-sensor camera solution and lens on the G6, it seems a feature that will be the uniqueness of LG smartphones top. In the G5, LG tested the concept of two sensor cameras and lens, wide and tele which was then adopted on the V20. For G6, LG does addition and feature reduction.

In addition to features, the G6 dual camera comes with a Sony IMX258 13 Megapixel sensor for both sensors, compared to 16 Megapixel and 8 Megapixel solutions on G5 cameras. In terms of feature reduction, LG G6 does not have an autofocus laser, a feature that has been absent since LG G3.

A glimpse of the G6 camera features a decline from the G5, with the absence of an autofocus laser and a Megapixel drop from the main sensor. However, the G6 camera captures provide images with excellent detail and color. Thanks to the use of the same sensor, the tele and wide lens captures of the G6 are consistent in ideal light conditions.

Bright colors with long-range object details are excellent, especially with wide lenses, the photos taken look dramatic. For nature lovers who love to take outdoor photos, LG G6 is the ideal solution. Another issue when the light conditions are dim. Whether the LG G6 software we tested is not final, however, taking photos with less than ideal light conditions such as indoors delivers images with high noise levels.

Manual control features should be utilized to take good photos with less than ideal light levels. Although the catch is better, the purpose of the smartphone camera is the ability to capture candid moments quickly, which can not be accomplished by setting the camera manually.

5 Megapixel front camera on LG G6 share the same story with the main camera. In ideal lighting conditions, the image quality is quite good, coupled with a wide lens feature that can take photos with a wider area for the selfie / wefie group. Unfortunately, when light is reduced, the effect of noise combined with over sharpening gives artifacts that interfere with the images.

For photos from LG G6 camera without editing process can be seen in the following official FLICKR account

Performance toned

LG G6 comes with a Snapdragon 821 old processor, 4GB ram, and 64GB intenal memory with microSD support. Compared to Snapdragon 820 which became the top smartphone choice last year, Snapdragon 821 claimed by Qualcomm offers a 10% increase.

In everyday use, LG G6 works like other top smartphones, with a very high response rate. In the Antutu and PCmark synthetic tests, the LG G6 scores 141449 and 5624, placing them the same as smartphone devices with Snapdragon 821 like the Xiaomi Mi5s. In 3D testing, LG G6 gets the highest score for Ice Storm testing, and gets the Sling Shot and Sling Shot Extreme grades of 2891 and 2109 each, placing it in the top category.
Efficient battery with fast charging feature

LG G6 comes with an integrated 3300 mAh battery. The replaceable battery era for G-series is closed already with G6. Luckily LG G6 battery life goes into either category. In PCmark battery testing, this smartphone lasted for 6 hours 54 minutes, with daily use cases getting screen on time for about 5 hours. Although it can not replace the battery, thanks to Quick Charge 3.0 technology, battery charging is fast enough, with a 50% claim in 30 minutes. We tried it and got similar results in smartphone condition turned off. Under active conditions, from 1% to 100% takes up to one and a half hours.


LG G6 is an appropriate redemption story for LG G line in Indonesia. LG G5 SE is definitely not a top smartphone, with a middle board processor and modular features that are very rarely used by users. LG V20 seems to be a successor to the G series as LG's top smartphone in the world.

However, with the G6, LG managed to restore the prestige of the G series as an ideal smartphone solution on board. Luxury features such as waterproof, metal construction, dual cameras and 18: 9 aspect ratio screens provide a positive value for the G6. Unfortunately, these features are not accompanied by a quality camera that although very good at ideal lighting conditions, resulting in less images in low light conditions.


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