Monday, November 6, 2017

MediaTek Cooperate With Google, Presenting SoC "Special" Android

MediaTek announces a special partnership with Google, where the Taiwanese SoC company will create a special SoC Android device. Specific Android device in question is SoC is really made to be compatible with all Android operating system ecosystem. Perhaps you could say this will be similar to Apple's "A" series of so-called "A" special optimized for iOS.

As for the program, MediaTek will work with Google Mobile Express and Google Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) which will be distributed to OEM and ODM (Original Design Manufacure) in need.

"We are excited about MediaTek's leadership with respect to the GMS Express program, and allow the OEM ecosystem to develop high-quality devices faster, cheaper and easier," said Jim Kolotouros, VP, Global Android Partnerships at Google.

This program will produce a SoC that not only has high performance and quality, but also has an affordable price. It will also enhance the user experience on smartphones with Android platform.

With the program, OEMs and ODMs will be able to speed up the production process of products that typically last more than four months. Because by using this MediaTek and Google SoC SoC, the certification process and pre-tersted will be trimmed.

Not only that, in this SoC security system will also be supported update patch with more frequent frequency, to close the gaps of security commonly used by criminals siber will also be minimal.


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