Sunday, November 19, 2017

Microsoft Office Online, Alternative to Google Docs?

Activities in different places and different PCs will often use Google Docs, as an easily accessible Office program, without having to install it first on the PC being used, just sign-in and directly do your documents online. Well, not to be outdone by Google Docs, Microsoft who has dominated Office programs on almost every computer is also open Office Online services. Unlike the usually paid Microsoft Office programs, Office Online is provided for free.

1. Free!

With the presence of Microsoft Office Online is certainly very profitable because you no longer need to buy a license, no longer need to subscribe Office 365, or buy more additional CDs for various PCs that you use. Just like the way Google Docs works, Office Online runs in your browser, so it can also be accessed via Linux OS, gadgets like iPad or Android tablets and Chromebooks.

2. OneDrive support

This Office Online web application will store any documents that PemmzHolics creates into Microsoft OneDrive (cloud storage), so if you have installed OneDrive on your PC then your document files will be available locally in your computer folder in Microsoft Office format. The Office 2013 program itself also by default uses storage in the OneDrive folder, so this Office Online application can be an efficient and fast helper to access all Office documents from your main PC, wherever and whenever.

3. Collaboration of multiple real-time editing

This web-based office turns out to have better collaboration features than its desktop version. For example, when we're enabling the collaboration feature on desktop version in Word 2013, only one person can edit a paragraph. While in Word Online, you can edit a paragraph with several users at once in real-time.

Unfortunately, if you usually require Office on an application such as Microsoft Access, Office Online does not include it. Office Online is limited to Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online.

Office Online that can only be accessed when you have internet connection has also been cut its appearance to be more simple than the desktop version. But Office Online still has a similar look, so it is very easy to use for those accustomed using Microsoft Office. Some heavy features are removed from this online version, moreover most people only need the standard features of Office 'right?

Office Online apps that are much more similar to and familiar than Google Docs will certainly make your work in various documents more compatible, because Office Online will store your files in the same format as Microsoft Office desktop version (.docx, .xlsx , and .pptx). While Google Docs sometimes still less perfect when the file was reopened in Office on the desktop.

Confused choose which Office web app? Both Office Online and Google Docs have advantages and disadvantages of each, choose according to the needs of users for this free Office becomes more useful.


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