Monday, November 6, 2017

Need for Speed Payback : PC Specs

A tough task that is not easy, it's probably the right sentence to explain the position of Ghost Games under the current giant EA banner. This one developer is kept busy with efforts to "revive" the popularity of Need for Speed ​​- a super popular racing game that is to be recognized, increasingly dimmed in every series that appears. For the 2015 series last year for example, the decision to adapt the always-online system ended up injuring existing play experiences, over the story's concept and weak gameplay. Rest for at least a year, Ghost Games is now back with the latest series ready to welcome you in the near future - Need for Speed: Payback.

Comes with stories and action sides that remind you of Hollywood movies like Fast & Furious for example, Payback is reinforced with Frostbite Engine does look stunning. Released on a multiplatform platform with no more always-online system, this is certainly a series that may have been missed by fans of the game that has existed for a dozen years this one. Like Frostbite-based games in general, PC gamers will probably enjoy this game in the best visual format. Of course, you must prepare the minimum specifications required. Like what? This is it:



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