Saturday, November 4, 2017

Omniknight or Dazzle? Select On Demand

If we talk about role support in DOTA 2, then support is one of them. In charge of helping the team, what they do is how to arrange gold so that items for the needs of the team remain fulfilled. Where at the same time, the support also must install the items he has. In fact, items that have later is a utility item that is expected to be used also for their cores.

For the current patch (patch 7.06f), of course we see some hero support to be excellent. Call it Lich, Earthshaker, and Night Stalker who routinely dipick many teams in the competitive. But do not forget also that DOTA 2 is blessed with two best support heroes, Omniknight and Dazzle.

If we talk about both, of course each has advantages and disadvantages of each. And let's discuss it now.

Omniknight was created as a hero melee, inversely proportional to Dazzle which is a hero range. In addition, Omniknight has the potential to become an offlaner or midlaner hero. At the time of Dazzle, can be tried to become hero carry.

If back talk about support, Omniknight player must have management which is good considering at the beginning of this hero game is very wasteful where. That is the reason why the Soul Ring becomes an obligatory item at the beginning of the game. However, entering the mid-late game, which problem is not a big thing again considering the growth of intellegence hero is quite good. Coupled with the talent level 20, you can take +6 where the regen there.

What about gold? Looks like this hero also do not have to worry about income problems because at level 10 you can choose to take +60 gold / min. This is also the reason Omniknight can be installed in offlaner, because good progress gold so fast for him to get the item.

For the duo, Phantom Assassins is one of the many hero who became his death partner. Phantom Assassins which is a weak hero at the beginning, would be very lucky to have an Omniknight who can give it free Black King Bar. Yes, Repel is very helpful. Do not forget also about Guardian Angel that support your team fighting team ability.

For Dazzle, he can be a little more relaxed. But it has more responsibility than the beginning of the game considering he has Shallow Grave. The most important skill of a Dazzle. He must be wise to decide when he should take this skill.

Somehow, this hero is equipped with talent-talent that can make it a carry like + 60 damage, + 25 poison Touch DPS, also -6s Poison Touch Cooldown. Make it so broken. Just add the Desolator, also Octarine Core, this hero will be so imperfect though with a mediocre damage.

Eits, do not forget also this hero become a duet idel from Huskar. Shallow Grave who can mendelay death, of course will make Huskar comfortable when teamfight. In addition, Weave can be one of the most influential skills. Additional armor to a team mate, or minus armor to the enemy so one that makes the enemy choose to keep distance. Especially if your team has a hitter hero.

When to pick two heroes this?

Obviously if you fight against Invoker, be careful if using Omniknight because Guardian Angel will disappear immediately when exposed to Tornado. But Repel will be very helpful because the skill-skill Invoker will be directly useless.

Dazzle with his Weave will help hero-hitters like Sniper. Or a hero tanker with physical damage like Bristleback. Wow, that would be so annoying.

Actually there will be many scenarios, just the needs of the team that will take you to take the hero between them. In addition, item selection and talent should also be considered.

Finally, they are also better equipped with Aghanim Scepter. Omniknight will have global Guardian Angel and Dazzle with its Shallow Grave Area.

So, have you become more wise to choose between the two?


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